Report: Aerospace & ITS Cooperation Platform III, Bratislava 17th. May 2011
Topic: Promotion of the German research and industrial competencies and
capacities in the field of space, aerospace and telematics. Bridging these with the
corresponding scientific and commercial needs of the Slovak industry and academia.
Establishing the basis for the future bilateral cooperation between German and
Slovak institutional and industrial partners.
Activity reference: The seminars are organised with the support of the German
Federal Ministry of Education by the industrial consortium including TelematicsPro
e.V. (telematics) Aeroplacement GmbH (Aerospace) and Astrium Czech Republic
s.r.o. (Space), the contract reference: MOE 1o/F31 – resp. MOE 10/F11
Overview: In total of 5 seminars divided between the above mentioned topics; 1x
Telematics (seminar held in Prague on 16th. December 2010), 1x Aerospace
(seminar held in Prague on 24th. February 2011), 1x space (seminar held in
Bratislava on 17th. May 2011), 1x space to be organised in Czech Republic in
summer 2011 and last event combining all of the 3 topics to take place at German
embassy in Prague on the 27th. September.
Background information: Slovak Republic likewise other central and eastern
European countries from the former eastern block is undergoing many political,
economical and social reforms. It is the high added value/highly innovative activities
in particular in the field of the space and the aerospace which are placed into the
focal point of the Slovak national interest. Although Slovak Republic is Member of
EU and NATO it is only recently (since April 2010) when Slovak republic has signed
with ESA the cooperation agreement. As confirmed by Slovak officials, members of
industry and academia ESA full membership is viewed as a key element to develop
space activities in the Slovak republic. Consequently it is now the main goal to enter
ESA PECS programme followed by the full accession to ESA convention.
Slovak republic has a strong heritage in the field of space research and
experimentation which was gained during the Interkosmos programme in 70’s and
80’s of the last century. Furthermore for what concerns the human space flight
activities, Slovak republic had its astronaut, Ivan Bella flown on Sojuz mission in
As for the involvement in ongoing international high tech activities, Slovak
industry/academia have been successfully contributing to the CERN project, with the
national yearly contribution in the order of 4.8mil€ with the return factor between 2.0
and 2.5. over last three years.
Bratislava event summary: Prior to the main event organised in Bratislava on 17th.
May, the initial meeting took place in December 2010 aiming at identifying the Slovak
key players in the area of space and aerospace from Government, institutions and
industry. The task was also to prepare the grounds to ensure that the topics of
interest to Slovak representatives are addressed in the plenary sessions at the
Bratislava space venue.
Seminar in Bratislava was organised with the local support of Slovak Ministry of
Education, Science, Research and Sport, Slovak Academy of Science and Slovak
Organisation for Space Activities. The venue took place at the conference room
premises of the Slovak Ministry of Education. The meeting was chaired and
moderated by Mr. Klaus Peter Ludwig, CEO of Astrium Czech Republic s.r.o. and
Director Space Affairs in EADS.
Seminar was split into three topical sessions:
Session 1: Arguments for entering ESA
Session 2: German – Slovak Networking
Session 3: Recommendations to proceed
During the first session prof. Karel Kudela representing the SAS (Slovak Academy of
Science) gave in the key note speech an overview of the current space activities
centred around the themes including:
 Landscape monitoring at the national level eventuating in GMES (participation
in CORINE Land Cover, BIOPRESS & Urban Atlas)
 Space weather monitoring and effects (participation in Double Star, Rosetta,
Bepi Colombo, JEM-EUSO etc.)
 Electronic systems for experiments with stress overloads during
 Materials research in microgravity and hypergravity conditions (participation in
The presentation was concluded with SAS expectations/benefits arising from ESA
Promotion of the long-term lasting collaboration between industry and
academic sector through participation in common projects with the ESA,
Increased competitiveness of the industry in Slovakia by using space research
as a catalyst and driver of inventions and innovations,
Creation of the conditions for sustainable technology development and
transfer of technology to everyday life,
Promotion of the high-tech innovations through transfer of basic research
results from various nationally and internationally funded projects to the
industry conducted applied research and participating on the ESA projects,
Supporting participation of excellent research teams on the ESA research and
Profiting from the gained know-how knowledge and commercialize it through a
transfer office
Building up a national subsystem of the GMES in order to integrate national
particularities for the environment and security; part of this subsystem is space
weather effect research and monitoring using specific experience and
possibilities in Slovak institutions,
Supporting study of microgravity effects on animal organism –preparation of
long-term space flights.
More details about scientific activities in space done in Slovakia including the contact
point details can be found at
Slovak expectations were further elaborated on during the speech of Mr. Alexander
Kutka from SOSA (Slovak Organisation for Space Activities). Mr. Kutka presented the
Slovak industrial potential to cover the topic also from the industrial point of view.
First session was finished by Mr. Simcak, board member of the CSA (Czech Space
Alliance) who looked upon the last two years of the cooperation between ESA and
him represented organisation grouping 18 Czech companies, mainly SMEs, actively
involved in space and in particular ESA projects.
Second session (German Slovakian Networking) was kicked off with the presentation
of Mr. Georg Lieth from DLR (German Aerospace Centre) who gave a speech on the
German National Space program and its links to ESA and EU activities.
Followed by Nicole Thalhofer from BDLI (Association of German Space and
Aerospace industry) who gave a presentation on German industrial landscape and
the involvement of German space industry in the national planning process of DLR
and the German ESA contribution. Note BDLI has almost 200 members including all
of the German major players in the field of space and aerospace.
Session was concluded by Dr. Frank Jansen from DLR who gave an example of the
fruitful cooperation between DLR and SAS in the area of space weather. In later
discussions it was realized, that this Slovak-German cooperation may be an excellent
basis, which should be continued evtl. in ESA´s SSA-Program.
Third session was jointly managed by Mr. Klaus Peter Ludwig and Mr. Goetz
Anspach von Broecker (Head of Partnership & Relations Germany and ESA, Astrium
Space Transportation). Mr. von Broecker provided and overview of the possible
cooperation schemes and strongly encouraged Slovak companies who have
innovative products, services and ideas to contact him to discuss the ways on how to
engage in these with German companies.
Official part of the meeting was finalised by Mr. Ludwig who complemented in his
speech the potential of the cooperation between German and Slovak
industry/institutions/academia. Mr. Ludwig presented what are in his view the
conclusions of the seminar and which are the next steps to be taken with the regards
to the promotion of the space activities in Slovak republic.
At the evening reception dinner speeches of Mr. Georg Lieth (DLR) and Mr. Erich
Klock from European Space Policy Institute in Vienna were given. Mr. Klock spoke
about the European perspective for the Slovak Republic putting an emphasis on
Slovak potential in IAP (Integrated Applications Promotion) ESA programme (ESPI is
currently acting as ambassador for ESA in the area).
For additional information, please refer to the annex, containing the original booklet
which was handed over to the participants attending the meeting. These handovers
include also the contacts for the members of the team responsible for the seminar
organisation. The copies of the presentations given during the seminar will be made
available for the download at the
Conclusions: The following conclusions were drawn by the participants:
1. It is of utmost importance to enter and successfully complete the PECS
programme followed by the ESA full membership.
Beside bi-lateral
cooperation within the EU programmes, an ESA membership will push the
chances for german-slovak cooperation in the space area.
2. Current distribution of the core competencies amongst “old” ESA member
states has to be considered to aid the selection of those for the Slovak space
3. The biggest potential is seen in the GMES and AIP programmes, GNNS&
GMES, space weather applications and services (focussing on a profiled
participation in the SSA- activities of ESA)
Given recommendation, due to the Slovak extensive know how in the field of Space
weather and considering that this is a new field also for “old” ESA members there is a
potential for Slovak republic to build up the core competencies in this area for both
European and global markets. Slovak republic could become the key player in this
field. Likewise in future the newly formed European institution in charge of space
weather activities including also space debris etc. could be located in Slovak republic.
This could also apply to the parts of the ground segment supporting the Space
weather activities.
Gratitude: Organising team would like to thank German Federal Ministry of
Education and Research, Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport
in particular Mrs. Marta Cimbakova and Mrs. Lubica Pitlova both from Division of
Science and Technology for their support, our partners and speakers who
substantially contributed to the success of this seminar.
Annex: Official event leaflet
AeroSpace & ITS Cooperation Platform III
nemecký & slovenský priemysel, výskumné a univerzitné pracoviská
AeroPlacement GmbH
© 2011, ESA
TelematicsPRO e.V.
AeroSpace & ITS Cooperation Platform III
AeroSpace & ITS Cooperation Platform III
nemecký & slovenský priemysel, výskumné a univerzitné pracoviská
networking between german & slovakian industry, research and academia
Nemecké spolkové ministerstvo školstva a výskumu odštartovalo projekt
podpory a propagácie kompetencií nemeckých subjektov v oblasti letectva,
kozmonautiky a telematických aplikácií a rozvoja spolupráce na trhoch v Slovenskej a Českej Republike.
With kind support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
a project has been launched for the promotion of aerospace, space and telematics research & development marketing in the Slovakia and Czech Republic.
V sérii piatich úzko odborne a tematicky zameraných seminárov organizovaných v Prahe a Bratislave sú prezentované tieto oblasti: výskum a vývoj, rozvoj
trhu, medzinárodná kooperácia a výroba s dôrazom na spoluprácu vedeckovýskumných, technologických, priemyselných inštitúcií, podnikov a združení
a tiež na štátnu správu a politiku.
Cieľom tohoto, v poradí už tretieho semináru, je prezentovanie možností spolupráce medzi nemeckými a slovenskými organizáciami v oblasti kozmických
technológií a rozvoja nových možností vo vede, výskume a priemyselnej produkcii.
Vážení partneri, vážení účastníci,
je nám cťou privítať Vás na tomto seminári,
ďakujeme Vám, že ste prijali naše pozvanie.
Klaus-Peter Ludwig
Republic s.r.o.
Heinrich von Paulgerg
AeroPlacement GmbH
In a series of five high ranked seminars in Prague and Bratislava aspects
of R&D, market development and penetration, production and cooperation
will be addressed among institutes, enterprises, associations, politicians
and administration involved in Czech, Slovakian and German (aero)space /
telematics related activities.
The aim of this, already the third seminar, is presenting opportunities for cooperation between German and Slovak organizations within the scope of space
technologies as well as developing new opportunities in science, R&D and industrial production.
Dear partners, dear participants,
it is our pleasure to welcome you on this seminar,
we want to thank you for accepting our invitation.
Michael Sandrock
TelematicsPRO e.V.
Klaus-Peter Ludwig
Republic s.r.o.
Heinrich von Paulgerg
Michael Sandrock
AeroPlacement GmbH
17. máj 2011
may 17th 2011
Konferenčná miestnosť Centra vedecko-technologických informácií SR,
Lamačská cesta 8/A, 811 04 Bratislava 1, Slovenská Republika
Conference Hall, Centrum vedecko-technologických
Lamačská cesta 8/A, 811 04 Bratislava 1, Slovak Republic
TelematicsPRO e.V.
Organizačný tím
Akciu organizuje združenie AeroSpace & ITS Cluster (združenie nasledujúcih
troch organizácií) s podporou vlád Nemeckej a Slovenskej Republiky a s cennou podporou Ministerstva školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu SR.
The event is promoted by the German and Slovakian Governments with kind
on-site support of Ministry of education R&D and sport of Slovak Republic and
hosted by an Aerospace & ITS Cluster comprising of:
Je jedným z troch hlavných európskych dodávateľov kozmických projektov
pre komerčných zákazníkov a ESA. Usiluje o efektívnu a účinnú integráciu odborníkov z akademickej a priemyselnej sféry.
Is one of the three main European suppliers for European projects and the ESA.
Looking for effective and efficient integration of experts from academia and
vnútropodniková iniciatíva pre zapojenie slovenských a českých organizácií z oblasti mechaniky a elektrotechniky do národných nemeckých vedecko-výskumných projektov ako aj európskych projektov a projektov ESA.
in-house initiative for involvement of Czech and Slovak organizations in
the field of mechanical and electrical engineering into Germany‘s national scientific research projects as well as European projects and ESA’s one.
väzby na ministerstvá, univerzity, priemyslové združenia a štátne firmy
links to ministries, universities, industrial associations and state companies.
Poradenská spoločnosť zaoberajúca sa odborne sprostredkovateľskou a poradenskou činnosťou, hlavne, v oblasti letectva.
priame väzby na množstvo národných, federálnych, európskych leteckých a kozmických organizácií a združení
expertná skupina cca 800 špecializovaných pracovníkov
kontakty na slovenské podniky, najmä MSP prostredníctvom Českej
dcérskej spoločnosti so sídlom v Prahe
Consultancy and experts mediating for the aerospace industry.
direct links to many national, federal, European aviation and space organizations and associations
expert group of about 800 specialized workers
contacts for Czech companies, especially SMEs, through the Czech subsidiary based in Prague
TelematicsPRO e.V.
TelematicsPRO e.V.
D i e d e u t s c h e Te l e m a t i k g e s e l l s c h a f t
D i e d e u t s c h e Te l e m a t i k g e s e l l s c h a f t
Národná federácia nemeckých telematických organizácií.
Is the National Federation of German telematics organizations.
väzba na český a slovenský priemysel prostredníctvom združenia ITS&S
linkage on the Czech and Slovak industry through the association of ITS&S
prehľad o projektoch, produktoch a odbornosti nemeckých priemyselných organizácií v oblasti telematiky
an overview of projects, products and expertise of German telematics
industrial organizations
Program semináru
Seminar schedule
9:00 - 9:30
Registrácia účastníkov
10:00 - 10:30
Privítanie účastníkov za Ministerstvo školstva, vedy, výskumu a
športu, a za organizátorov AeroSpace & ITS Cluster
Welcome by the Ministry of education R&D and sport of Slovak Republic
Welcome by the AeroSpace & ITS Cluster
9:45 - 11:30
Sekcia 1:
Argumenty pre vstup do Európskej vesmírnej agentúry
Očakávané prínosy pre Slovensko z členstva v ESA z pohľadu Slovenskej
akadémie vied:
Karel Kudela SAV
prezentácia očakávaných prínosov z pohľadu SOSA (Slovenská organizácia pre Space aktivity)
príklady úspešných projektov v nových členských krajinách a ich celkový prínos
Marek Šimčák CSRC
9:45 - 12:00
Section 1: Arguments for entering ESA
Expected gains from Slovakia’s ESA membership in the view of Slovak
Academy of Science:
Karel Kudela SAV
SOSA (Slovak Organization for Space Activities) presentation of expectations
examples of successful projects realized in newcomer countries and
overall profit from them
Marek Šimčák CSRC
11:30 - 13:00
Obedňajšia prestávka
12:00 - 13:00
Lunch break
13:00 - 15:00
Sekcia 2:
Nadväzovanie spolupráce medzi Nemeckom a Slovenskom
Národný vesmírny program Nemecka vo vzťahu k ESA a EU aktivitám:
Georg Lieth DLR
Nemecké priemyselné pozadie a zapojenie nemeckého kozmického
priemyslu do národného plánovacieho procesu DLR a zapojenia do ESA:
Nicole Thalhofer BDLI - Berlín
Úspešná nemecko - slovenská spolupráca v oblasti kozmického počasia:
Karel Kudela SAV a Frank Jansen DLR
13:00 - 15:00
Section 2: German - Slovakian Networking
National space program of Germany and its links to ESA and EU activities:
Georg Lieth DLR
German industrial landscape and the involvement of German Space industry
in the national planning process of DLR and the German ESA contribution:
Nicole Thalhofer BDLI - Berlin
German - Slovakian fruitful cooperation in the area of space weather:
Karel Kudela SAS and Frank Jansen DLR
15:00 - 15:30
Prestávka na občerstvenie
15:00 - 15:30
Coffee break
15:30 - 17:30
Sekcia 3: Spolupráca s ASTRIUM
Astrium Space Transportation, Astrium Satellites, Astrium Services, Astri
Polska – ako medzinárodné konzorcium, Astrium Czech Republic s.r.o. –
ako vlastná dcérska pobočka:
Klaus-Peter Ludwig EADS a Götz Anspach von Broecker ASTRIUM
prezentácia zúčastnených slovenských subjektov
15:30 - 17:30
Section 3: Networking with ASTRIUM
Astrium Space Transportation, Astrium Satellites, Astrium Services,
Astri Poplska – as join venture, Astrium Czech Republic s.r.o. – as own
Klaus-Peter Ludwig EADS and Götz Anspach von Broecker ASTRIUM
stand up presentation of Slovak organizations (particpipants)
Koniec dennej časti
End of daytime seminar
Večerná recepcia
Evening part: Parliamentary reception
Večerná prezentácia
zhrnutie poobednej prednášky
Georg Lieth DLR
Európska perspektívna pre Slovenskú Republiku
Erich Klock EU inštitút pre kozmické politické záležitosti - Viedeň
Dinner speech
Summary of the afternoon speech
Georg Lieth DLR
A European perspective for the Slovak Republic:
Erich Klock European Space Policy Institute - Wien
Database of the participants
Rešpektujúc Zákon o ochrane osobných údajov uvádzame v nasledujúcej tabulke len názov pozvanej organizácie a osoby. Vyplnenie kontaktných údajov
necháme na Vašej individuálnej konzultácii.
Taking into consideration the Law on Personal Data Protection we are providing you with the table of all participants and organizations. Filling up the
contact information is up to your personal consultancy.
Organizácia /
Meno účastníka /
Name of Participant
Division of Science and
Technology of Ministry
of Education, Science,
Research and Sport of SR
- Director
RNDr. Marta Cimbáková
Division of Science and
Technology of Ministry
of Education, Science,
Research and Sport of SR
Ing. Ľubica Pitlová
Department of Air
Transport at the University
of Žilina
Ing. Benedikt Badánik, PhD.
Kontakt /
Institute of Geography,
Doc. RNDr. Ján Feranec, DrSc.
Slovak Academy of Science
Institute of Experimental
Physics, Slovak Academy
of Science
Prof. Ing. Karel Kudela, DrSc.
Institute of experimental
endocrinology of Slovak
Academy of Science
RNDr. Richard Kvetňanský
Vice dean faculty of
matematics physics and
informatics Comenius
Prof. RNDr. Josef Masarik DrSc.
Department of Air
Transport at the University
of Žilina
Ing. Sandra Krollová, PhD.
Department of Air
Transport at the University
of Žilina
doc. Ing. Andrej Novák, PhD.
Ministry of Transport,
Construction and Regional
Ing. Tibor Javor
State secretary of Ministry Ing. Ján Hudacký
of Transport, Construction
and Regional Development
Ministry of Agriculture of SR Ing. Michal Sviček, CSc.
Department of Trade and
Innovation of Ministry of
Economy of SR
Ing. Igor Tomašovič
Association of the
industrial, research
and development
Ing. Alexander Jurnečka
Chair of the Commision of Ing. Juraj Lapin, DrSc.
Slovak Academy of Science
for the space activities
Ministry of Defence of SR
doc. Ing. Ľubomír Uherík, CSc.
Government office of SR
Mgr. Daniel Straka
Rector’s conference of
prof. Ing. Ján Tuček, CSc.
ZTS VVÚ Košice
Ing. Peter Vasilko
Ministry of Environment of SR MA. Radovan Znášik
Department of Civil
Ing. Radmila Valíčková
aviation of Ministry of
Transport, Construction
and Regional Development
Director General of
Strategy Division of
Ministry of Economy,
department of trade and
Ing. Peter Ondrejka
Department of Road
Mag. Matej Kasanický
infrastructure of Ministry
of Transport, Construction
and Regional Development
SARIO (Slovak Agency for
international trade and
investment development)
- R&D division director
Ing. Vladimír Švač, PhD.
Slovak Environmental Agency Juraj Vall
KVANTUM Slovakia, s.r.o.
Ing. Bohuslav Chrenko
Chair of Slovak
Organisation for Space
Activities (SOSA)
Mgr. Alexander Kutka
Matúš Kocka
Jakub Kapuš
ARDACO, a.s.
Ing. Miroslav Konečný
Doc. Ing. Ľudovít
Medvecký, CSc.
Prvá zváračská a.s.
Ing. Peter Fodrek
Ing. František György
Siemens PSE s.r.o.
Dipl. Ing. Miroslav Uríček, M.B.A
Siemens PSE s.r.o.
Ing. Peter Juzl
Siemens PSE s.r.o.
Ing. Branislav Kiša
Solve Mechanics CAE Solution Ing. Juraj Záhradnik
Spinea s.r.o.
Ing. Matúš Duňa
Sylex s.r.o.
Ing. Dusan Synak
Inter-Informatics Group
Ing. Jozef TomaIa, PhD.
Techniserv s.r.o.
Ing. Svatopluk Deyl
VUS n.o.
Ing. Ivan Fraňo
Tempest, a.s.
Ing. Roman Kriško
IT asociacion of Slovakia
Gustáv Budinský
MICROCOMP ComputerSystem
Jozef Gál
KPMG Slovensko, spol. s.r.o. Ing. Rudolf Sedmina
CSRC on behalf of Czech
Space Alliance
Ing. Marek Šimčák, Ph.D.
German Ambasador
Dr. Axel Hertmann
Dr. Frank Jansen
Georg Lieth
Nicole Thalhofer
European Space Policy Institute Erich Klock
RDM s.r.o. on behalf of
AeroSpace&ITS Cluster
Ing. Tomáš Duša
ASTRIUM Czech Republic s.r.o. Ing. Roman Hlaváč
Klaus-Peter Ludwig
Götz Anspach von
Poznámky / Notes
Partners of the Project
Program podpory Nemeckých priemyselných a vedecko-výskumných kompetencií /
Promoting program of German industrial and R&D competencies:
Land of Ideas
Inicátor projektu a investor /
Project investor:
Realizátor / Realizator - AeroSpace&ITS Cluster:
TelematicsPRO e.V.
D i e d e u t s c h e Te l e m a t i k g e s e l l s c h a f t
Lokálna podpora na Slovensku /
Slovakian on-site support:
Kontaktný bod pre Slovensko:
Kontaktný bod projektu:
Ing. Tomáš Duša
RDM s.r.o.
Ing. Roman Hlaváč
ASTRIUM Czech Republic s.r.o.
[email protected]
[email protected]

Záverečná správa (v angličtine) (2 MB, pdf)