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Markéta Křížová
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History of Latin America and North America – colonial period; Pre-Colombian cultures of America and their
transformations in colonial and modern period; Christian missions on the American continent; problem of modern slavery;
problem of Central America in international politics of the 19th century
Courses: see SIS
Courses in English: The Old World and the New: Understanding Civilisation (within the frame of the program „Erasmus
Mundus – TEMA“ ( )
Completed Projects:
2005-2010 participation in the project CLIOHRES (Creating Links and Innovative Overviews for a New History Research
Agenda for the Citizens of a Growing Europe), Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union Network of
Excellence (Project no.006164)
Membership in internation projects
Member of steering committee of the European Network in Universal and Global History ( )
Selected publications
Křížová, M., La ciudad ideal en el desierto: Proyectos misionales de la Compaňía de Jesús y la Iglesia Morava en la
América colonial, Karolinum, Praha 2004 (Ibero-Americana Pragensia Supplementum 12/2004)
Křížová, M., “The strength and sinews of this western world...“ (African slavery, American colonies and the effort
for reform of European society in the Early Modern Era), Karolinum, Praha 2008 (Ibero-Americana Pragensia
Supplementum 21/2007)
Křížová, M., Herrnhut: City Upon a Hill in Turbulent Times, Urbanistyka 5 (2000), special edition Peripheries or
Crossroads of Cultures? (Towns of East-Central and South-Eastern Europe), session papers for the Fifth International
Conference on Urban History, ed. Slawomir Gzell, Luďa Klusáková, Warszawa 2000, pp. 59-64
Křížová, M., „En tiempo tan tempestuoso y turbulento para nosotros“: Los misioneros jesuitas en la frontera septentrional
de Nueva Espaňa antes de la expulsión. In Los jesuitas espa?oles expulsos: Su imagen y su contribución al saber sobre
el mundo hispánico en la Europa del siglo XVIII (Actas del coloquio internacional de Berlin, 7-10 de abril de 1999), ed.
Manfred Tietz, Vervuert/Iberoamericana: Frankfurt a.M./Madrid 2001, pp. 413-421 (ISBN 84-8489-031-7, 3-89354-576X)
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Křížová, M., The Ideal City and Lost Paradise: The Society of Jesus and the Moravian Church in the New World, Acta
Comeniana 15-16 (2002), Filozofický ústav AV ČR, Praha 2002, pp. 141-168 [ISBN 80-7007-171-0, ISSN 0231-5955]
Křížová, M., Resistance through cooperation: Christian mission in colonial America seen through the eyes of the Indian
converts, Cycnos 19:1 (Faculté des Lettres de Nice, 2002), pp. 127-144 [ISBN 2-914561-19-9] (
cycnos/document.html?id=1272 )
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[ISSN 0137-4079]
Křížová, M., Frontiers of race, frontiers of freedom: Fabrication of „Negro slave“ in European discourse of the Early
Modern Era, in Imagining Frontiers, Contesting Identities, ed. Steven G. Ellis, Luďa Klusáková, Pisa: Pisa University
Press, 2007, pp. 109-123 ( Publications: Thematic Work Group 5, Frontiers and Identities II) [ISBN
Křížová, M., El sue?o del Nuevo Mundo: El esfuerzo reformador de la misión jesuita americana, in Karl Kohut, Ma.
Cristina Torales Pacheco (eds.), Desde los confines de los imperios ibéricos: Los jesuitas de habla alemana en
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Křížová, M., Christian churches and slavery in the New World: a comparative perspective, in Acta Comeniana 20-21
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Křížová, M., Formation of ethnic identities in the colonial period: Case study of the missions in northern New Spain,
in Lighting the Bonfire, Rebuilding the Pyramid: Case Studies in Identity, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in Indigenous
Communities in Mexico, ed. Přemysl Mácha, Ostrava: Ostravská univerzita v Ostravě, 2009, 18-50
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2009, s. 31-44
Křížová, M., Gender, colonization of America and European self-fashioning during the Early Modern Era, in Paths to
gender: European Historical Perspectives on Women and Men, eds. Carla Salvaterra, Berteke Waaldijk, Pisa: Pisa
University Press, 2009, 225-237
Křížová, M. – Mareci Sabol, H. – Massé, A., Multiple and Hybrid Identities: Inspirations for Further Research into Cultural
Contact and Cultural Change, in Crossing Frontiers and Resisting Identities, ed. Luďa Klusáková, Martin Moll, Pisa: Pisa
University Press, 2010, s. 33-55
Křížová, M., Utopías esclavistas de América colonial, Ibero-americana pragensia XLII (2008), Praha 2010, 107-131
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Markéta Křížová_engl