Participation of Civil Society Organizations in the Monitoring of OSCE Chairmanship
What are the political commitments of Serbian OSCE Chairmanship with respect to the OSCE human
dimension? Which topics did Serbia select for the self-assessment report? What is the role of civil society
organizations in this process?
The following representatives of CSO Coordination group for the monitoring of the OSCE Chairmanship
will report on what has been achieved so far and what are the key elements of agenda for 2015:
Izabela Kisić, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
Katarina Golubović, Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM
Svetlana Đurđević-Lukić, Public Policy Research Centre
Nenad Đurđević, Forum for Ethnic Relations
Jelena Krstić, Humanitarian Law Center
Media Center (Belgrade), Thursday, April 16th 2015, 1 pm, conference hall on the 2nd floor

Agenda, April 16