Date: December 11, 2014
Ref.: RFQ/15/029
Subject: Solicitation for Translation Services
The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) - Washington DC, invites your firm to
participate in this competitive solicitation for pricing, delivery and terms of potential sale on the
following services for IFES office in Kosovo.
IFES is an independent, non-governmental organization (NGO) with headquarters registered in the
United States. IFES promotes democratic stability by providing technical assistance to the electoral
cycle worldwide to enhance citizen participation and strengthen civil societies, governance and
With the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), IFES is
implementing the Kosovo election Support Program that is largely oriented towards providing
technical assistance to the Central Election Commission (CEC). IFES envisions the need for the
translation of materials, as well as interpretation, over the next 12 months.
The vendor must be able to provide professional Albanian to English/English to Albanian and Serbian
to English/English to Serbian translation.
The vendor must be able to provide:
 Translation of documents as needed throughout the entirety of the contract length (12
months). Vendors should list prices as price per word
 Proofreading services (Albanian or Serbian). Vendors should list prices as price per word.
 Vendors must state their potential to translate per day (i.e. maximum number of pages per
day). Please provide quotes per word for both regular and rush translation, if applicable
 Vendors must describe their quality assurance processes to ensure appropriate word usage,
correct grammar and approximate word count
 Recommendation letters from past work experience
 A translation of the sample text attached to this RFQ (Annex 1)
Service Type
Cost per Unit (EUR)
Translation of Documents (AL-EN/EN-AL)
1 word
Translation of Documents (SR-EN/EN-SR)
1 word
Proofreading Services (SR)
1 word
Proofreading Services (AL)
1 word
NOTE: Under the USAID agreement with the Government of Kosovo, IFES is exempt from Value Added
Tax (VAT). Vendors are therefore required to submit their quotas without VAT.
Delivery of Services
Translation services will need to be available for translation and proofreading of documents. At least
72 hours advance notice will be given for document translation.
Bidders must submit the following:
1. IFES requests bids for the above listed services on a price per word basis.
2. General information about the bidder history and experience.
3. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of three business references, and approval to
contact listed references.
4. Translation of Annex 1
IFES will evaluate bids based on the following criteria:
1. Quality of successful translation of Annex 1
2. Experience and References
3. Translation Capacity
(pages per day, previously translated documents)
5. Pricing
Release of RFQ
RFQ Closes – All Bids Due
December 11, 2014
December 29, 2014 at 17:00hrs (GMT + 1 or CET)
1. Prices quoted must be valid for calendar year 2015.
2. Unit prices are required and in the case of discrepancies between unit price and total price,
the unit price will be taken as reference basis in the evaluation.
3. All procurement will be subject to IFES contractual obligations and contingent on the
availability of donor funding.
4. IFES reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation or stop the procurement process at
any time, without assigning any reason or liability.
5. IFES reserves the right to accept all or part of the quotation when awarding the purchase
6. All information provided by IFES in this RFQ is offered in good faith. Individual items are
subject to change at any time. IFES makes no certification that any item is without error. IFES
is not responsible or liable for any use of the information or for any claims asserted there
7. IFES reserves the right to require any bidder to enter into a non-disclosure agreement.
8. The RFQ does not obligate IFES to pay for any costs, of any kind whatsoever, which may be
incurred by bidder or any third parties, in connection with the Response. All Responses and
supporting documentation shall become the property of IFES, subject to claims of
confidentiality in respect of the Response and supporting documentation.
Kosovo RFQ-15-029
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All quotations shall:
1. Be in the English language.
2. Contain detailed cost in Euros
3. Contain the translated sample text (Annex 1)
4. Include a contact name, email address, and telephone number to facilitate communication
between IFES and the Bidder.
5. A brief outline of the company and services offered, including:
 Full legal name and address of the company or individual;
 Full legal name of company’s President and / or Chief Executive Officer (not applicable
for individuals);
 Year business was started or established
6. All questions and responses must adhere to the schedule noted above and shall be to the
attention of Ms Elizabeth Durbin ([email protected]) and Ms Sadete Sylejmani
([email protected]).
End of RFQ
Kosovo RFQ-15-029
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Annex 1
Translate the following texts from English language to Albanian and Serbian languages:
Duties of the Presiding Officer
Presiding Officers are responsible for the conduct of the ballot in the polling station and they should
have a sound knowledge of the voting procedures.
The Presiding Officer’s main duties are to: a) comply with any instructions issued by the Returning
Officer; b) ensure the secrecy and security of the ballot; c) organise the layout of the polling station
and liaise, if required, with the key-holder of the Building; d) instruct and supervise the work of Poll
Clerks; e) open and close the polling station on time; e) maintain order in the polling station; f) be
polite and professional in dealing with electors, candidates and agents, and others entitled to be
present in the polling station; g) act impartially at all times; h) account and be responsible for all the
ballot papers, paperwork and ballot box(es); i) ask the prescribed questions of voters when
necessary, including when asked to do so by candidates or agents or before the issue of tendered
ballot papers; j) ensure that the proper procedure for voting is followed, ensuring that the
corresponding number list(s) are marked correctly; k) ensure that when either they or their Poll
Clerk issues ballot papers, they bear the official mark and are issued correctly to eligible electors; l)
deal with special voting procedures as required; m) receive any postal votes handed in by electors;
n) manage the attendance of those entitled to be present in the polling station, e.g. candidates and
agents, representatives of the Electoral Commission and accredited observers, and ensure that they
do not interfere with the voting process; o)monitor the activities of tellers outside polling places and
ensure that they do not interfere with the voting process; q) keep the polling station neat and tidy;
and s) ensure that all signs and notices are clear, visible and remain in place throughout the day.
The public generally associates international support to an electoral process with election
observation, or perhaps political party strengthening. Rarely is technical assistance (TA) to an EMB
considered. Given the sensitive nature of supporting an institution charged with organizing the
election event that ushers in the next government of a country, organizations offering technical
assistance keep a low profile. Holding elections increases the political temperature a few degrees in
most countries. In some countries, nationalistic rhetoric and memories of former colonizers form a
tangible backdrop to political campaigns. Foreign support and foreign national advisors to an EMB
can suddenly become an integral part of the campaign agenda if not managed with tact and
diplomacy. Organizations providing TA to EMBs never hold press conferences, talk to the media or
issue reports on the inner workings of host EMBs. Knowledge of this type of election support is not
always readily available in the public domain. However, technical assistance providers’ knowledge of
the unvarnished situation within an EMB, and the system’s strength and weaknesses, is often
Kosovo RFQ-15-029
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The technical assistance discussed in this paper refers to the situations in which EMBs are formally
and fully responsible for the electoral process, not when the international community is organizing
the poll or internationals are tasked with being EMB Commissioners. The TA discussed here
envisages a more traditional form of support involving a modest presence of election advisors to the
EMB and an election budget that is, at the most, partially funded by international donors. The two
main actors supplying this kind of assistance for the last 20 years have been UNDP and IFES; the
election assistance field is proliferating and now includes commercial American and European
Translate the following text from Albanian language to English language:
Hapja e Kutive të Votimit
Grupi i Numërimit të Votave (GNV) kryen veprimet e mëposhtme: a) Numëruesi i parë vendos mbi
tryezë kutinë e votimit me fletët e votimit dhe e hap atë, duke këputur vulat me kodet e sigurisë;
dhe b) Anëtaret e GNV-së, nxjerrin nga kutia Procesverbalin e Mbylljes së Votimit dhe verifikojnë
nëse ai është plotësuar saktë.
Nëse Procesverbali i Mbylljes së Votimit është plotësuar në mënyrë të saktë, Numëruesi i Parë dhe
anëtarët e Grupit të Numërimit: a) nxjerrin nga kutia fletët e votimit; b) shpalosin fletët e votimit;
dhe c) i vendosin ato mbi tryezë me anën e pasme të fletës nga ana e sipërme.
Fletët e votimit të stivuara numërohen nga Numëruesi i Parë, i cili ia bën të ditur shifrën anëtarëve
të grupit dhe vëzhguesve të subjekteve zgjedhore. Shifra e deklaruar verifikohet me shifrën për
pjesëmarrjen e zgjedhësve të shënuar në Procesverbalin e Mbylljes së Votimit. Nëse shifrat nuk
përputhen ose nëse kërkohet nga ndonjë prej anëtarëve të Grupit të Numërimit, numëruesi i parë
është i detyruar të rifillojë edhe një herë numërimin e fletëve të votimit.
Nëse sërish konstatohen mospërputhje, atëherë:
-GNV-ja ose cilido nga vëzhguesit e subjekteve zgjedhore që bën konstatimin, njofton menjëherë
KZAZ-në (Komisioni i Zonës së Administrimit Zgjedhor).
-Njoftimi bëhet me ngritjen e dorës dhe pa lëvizur nga vendi. Ngritja e dorës pezullon çdo veprim të
mëtejshëm të GNV-së, deri sa KZAZ-ja të njihet me çështjen dhe ta verifikojë atë.
Në rast se KZAZ-ja konfirmon parregullsinë, e pasqyron në Proceverbalin e Konstatimit. Vetëm pas
regjistrimit të pasaktësisë ose parregullsisë në Procesverbalin e Konstatimit, KZAZ-ja merr vendim
për vazhdimin e procedurave të numërimit të votave, nga GNV-ja. Vendimi i marrë nga KZAZ-ja nëse
do të vazhdojë procesi i numërimit i bëhet i ditur menjëherë Grupit të Numërimit
Translate the following text from Serbian language to English language:
Kosovo RFQ-15-029
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Kada birač dođe na biračko mesto, birački odbor je dužan da preduzme sledeće radnje: provera da li
je birač glasao na drugom biračkom mestu, utvrđivanje identiteta birača, provera da li je birač upisan
u neki od izvoda iz biračkog spiska, uručivanje glasačkog listića, obeležavanje birača sprejom i
poučavanje birača o načinu glasanja.
a) Provera da li je birač glasao na drugom biračkom mestu:
(1) Kada uđe na biračko mesto, birač prilazi članu biračkog odbora sa UV lampom, koji proverava da
li je kažiprst desne ruke birača već obeležen nevidljivim mastilom; (2) Za slučaj da birač nema
kažiprst desne ruke, proverava se da li su nevidljivim mastilom obeleženi ostali prsti desne ruke, a
ako birač nema desnu ruku, proverava se da li su nevidljivim mastilom obeleženi prsti leve ruke; (3)
Ako se nakon provere UV lampom utvrdi da je birač glasao na drugom biračkom mestu, on ne može
da glasa i dužan je da bez odlaganja napusti biračko mesto;
b) Utvrđivanje identiteta birača:
(1) Pošto se utvrdi da birač nije glasao, on prilazi sledećem članu biračkog odbora, saopštava mu
svoje ime i prezime, predaje mu obaveštenje o danu i vremenu održavanja izbora, ukoliko ga
poseduje, i dokazuje svoj identitet; (2) Birač koji je upisan u izvod iz biračkog spiska može da glasa i
bez obaveštenja o danu i vremenu održavanja izbora; (3) Birač ne može da glasa ako ne podnese
dokaz o svom identitetu; (4) Svoj identitet birač dokazuje važećom ličnom kartom.
(5) Važeća lična karta je: i) lična karta na starom obrascu izdata pre 27. januara 2007. godine, kojoj
nije istekao rok važenja naveden u ličnoj karti; ii) lična karta na starom obrascu izdata nakon 27.
januara 2007. godine, u kojoj je kao rok važenja upisan datum "27. juli 2011. godine"; iii) lična karta
izdata na novom obrascu, sa kontaktnim mikrokontrolerom-čipom, kojoj nije istekao rok važenja
naveden u ličnoj karti; iv)lična karta izdata na novom obrascu, bez kontaktnog mikrokontrolera-čipa,
kojoj nije istekao rok važenja naveden u ličnoj karti; v) Osim ličnom kartom, svoj identitet birač može
da dokaže i važećom putnom ispravom (pasošem), kao i važećom vozačkom dozvolom koja sadrži
jedinstveni matični broj građana.
Kosovo RFQ-15-029
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RFQ/15/029 Subject: Solicitation for Translation Services The