RWTH International Academy – Fellowship for Turkish Engineers
Supplementary Scholarship for Holders of the Joint Master Scholarship DAAD-TEV, Turkey
This scholarship intends to support highly qualified engineering students from Turkey to pursue a
master’s degree at the RWTH Aachen University via the organization of the RWTH International
Academy. It is intended to supplement scholarship holders of the DAAD-TEV scholarship programme
for Turkish students, and allows a waiver for the tuition fees charged by the RWTH International
Academy. For information about the DAAD-TEV scholarship, please visit the websites about TEV
scholarships and DAAD scholarships.
This fellowship applies to admitted students at the RWTH Aachen University in one of the following
master’s programmes:
(1) M. Sc. Production Systems Engineering,
(2) M. Sc. Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering,
(3) M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Production Systems,
(4) M. Sc. Textile Engineering.
§ 1 Principles
The scholarship covers the tuition fees for the respective master’s programme (within the
regular study duration) between 11,700.00 EUR and 20,000.00 EUR, depending on the
programme. An administrative fee of 500.00 EUR per semester will be charged from the
§ 2 Requirements
Admitted students of the programmes mentioned above, with a Turkish citizenship, who
have performed excellent in their bachelor studies and have been awarded already the
DAAD-TEV scholarship.
§ 3 Duration
The scholarship lasts three or four semesters (depending on the regular period of studies).
§ 4 Registration Process and Application Deadline
The application for the scholarship has to be handed in together with the regular application
for the master’s programme. Admitted students of one of the above mentioned programmes
who completed the application for the scholarship are eligible to receive funding. Application
deadline is 1 March of each year. The required documents are:
• Filled application sheet ‘Fellowship for Turkish Engineers’,
• Regular application for the M.Sc. programme,
• Copy of DAAD-TEV agreement.
§ 5 Escape clause
The awarding of this scholarship is dependent on the availability of the financial capital of the
RWTH International Academy student fund. There is no legal basis for students to demand
the scholarship.
Aachen, 24 January, 2014

RWTH International Academy – Fellowship for Turkish