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Erdem Büyüksağiş was born in Turkey (Ankara) in 1974.
He holds Swiss and Turkish citizenship. He is married and
has two children (2009, 2013).
Erdem speaks Turkish, English, French, and German.
He graduated from Ankara University in 1997, earned his
LL.M. from Georgetown University and Ph.D. from the
University of Fribourg. He received the “venia legendi” in
Law of Obligations and Comparative Law from the
University of Fribourg.
Erdem is a member of the Swiss Arbitration Association.
The Common Core of European Law: Lessons from the Untold Story of Transjudicial
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İçerik denetiminin müzakere edilmemiş sözleşme hükümleriyle sınırlanması üzerine: Mostaza
Claro’nun düşündürdükleri [Restricting the control of the content of contractual terms to nonnegotiated clauses: Reflections based on the Mostaza Claro case], Prof. Dr. Aydın Zevkliler’e
Armağan, Izmir 2013, p. 675-711.
References, Full List of Publications and of Conferences: available on demand