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APRIL 22, 2012
Photo by Romuald Gluch
Page Two Third Sunday of Easter Mass Intentions
MONDAY — April 23, 2012 6:30AM–MostForgottenSoulsinPurgatoryrq.Ann
TUESDAY — April 24, 2012 6:30AM–PaulCollettirq.Al&MaryEllen
April 22, 2012 The sanctuary lamps
this week are lit for:
Marriage Banns
First: Andrew Parada and Melissa Czyz Third: Doug Nagel and Natasha Przybylo WEDNESDAY — April 25, 2012 6:30AM–AnnSassonerq.Laura
THURSDAY — April 26, 2012 6:30AM–MassinEnglish
FRIDAY — April 27, 2012 6:30AM–MassinEnglish
SATURDAY — April 28, 2012 7:00AM–MassinPolish
SUNDAY — April 29, 2012 7:00AM–Ewa,JanKabat;Maria,JanBudziochoraz
Congratulations and best wishes to the couple married in our church last week: Ronald Rodriguez and Rebecca Amaro We Welcome in Baptism
Kayden, son of Dennis and Khristine (Dela Cruz) Hufana Adrian, son of Krzysztof and Sylwia (Wzorek) Sokol Jakub, son of Zbigniew and Marta (Szreniawa) Wilczynski Kaya, daughter of Mariusz and Ewa (Choroszczyk) Kaminski Tahron, son of Leszek and Dorota (Surmacz) Fil Klara, daughter of Zbigniew and Barbara (Walewicz) Zawadzka Hanna & Gabriela, daughters of Piotr and Aleksandra (Kopec) Adamusik Maximilian, son of Marcin and Joanna (Adaszczyk) Pilas Lydia, daughter of Serhiy and Monika (Gasperowicz) Pryymak Adam, son of Pawel and Joanna (Biedrzycka) Dziadkowiec Marcel, son of Krzysztof and Ewa (Szymczak) Przybylowicz Dominka, daughter of Marcin and Adriana (Farnik) Zycki Peter, son of Andriy and Lucyna (Zurek) Gavrylyuk April 22, 2012 Palm Sunday Remember in Prayer
As members of the parish faith community, it is our re‐
sponsibility to remember both in concrete and spiritual ways those who cannot celebrate with us each week because they are ill. Those who are sick in turn, remem‐
ber all of us daily in their prayers and in their sufferings. We experience many blessings because of their remembering us. And so...please remember in your prayers: Irene Rowe Agnes Groeper James Gruber Ed Cleary Stanislaw Cwieka Carl Varsolona Eleanor Loscuito Jean Biddlecom Mary Ayello Florence Magro Sharon Moody Peter Gruber Joseph Gruber Robert Andrews Vita Pratola Luigi Avenia Anthony R. Coco Veronica Signo Lottie Chrapla Violet Del Vacchio Rosalie & Tom Anastos Marie Lucas Edward Waytula Pat Ostrowski William Keleher Arlene Garcia Agnieszka Cwieka Diana Krzyzanowski Barbara Pasko Geraldine Spano Nick Paolino Theresa Duval Adam Shershen John Antos Domonic Caltagirone Bernice Lutke Jean Staniszewski Eileen Greco Jeff Keiser Walter Sublett Regina Ciucci Kiana Marconi Fred Brinskelle Aloysius Fitzgibbons Bogdan Bidas Sarafina Duran William Napier Josephine Coco Helen Knapp Laura Schofield Dolores Lewandowski Calvin Upton Julie D’Agostino Luna Family Margery Janz Baby Briana Jurczykowski Susan Milostan Robert Malek John Greco Michael F. Coco Maria Pratola Jody Panek Betty Hotcaveg A Prayer for the
Armed Forces
Almighty God, stretch forth Your mighty arm to strengthen and protect the men and women of our Armed Forces. As they face the myriad of challenges and decisions that each day is destined to bring, may they be anchored by their faith, protected by Your presence and comforted by the knowl‐
edge that they are loved by You and by this community of faith. Grant that, meeting danger with courage, and all occa‐
sions with discipline loyalty, they may truly serve the cause of justice and peace to the honor of your holy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Daniel Guziec SPC Jeffrey Foerster S/SGT David A. Domel Jr. Capt. Scott Helminski Page Three
Our Stewardship
of Treasure
EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 8, 2012 $34,260.00 Sunday, April 15, 2012 Envelopes: 5,721.00 Loose: 3,707.00 Total: 9,428.00 Thank you for sharing your „TREASURE” with St. Ferdinand Parish Bóg zapłać! PLEASE REMEMBER ST. FERDINAND PARISH IN YOUR WILL. Thank you!
The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. ~OscarWilde
It remains our sincere hope that through word and deed, edu‐
cation and example, we young and old one heritage or an‐
other, would all come to know that our care for Our Church. As a source of hope and inspiration it is our intention to pub‐
lish those names in print who have done outstanding work in the course of the week. The names are our thank you for your kindness and dedication: Józef Bachleda Karolina, Anna, Weronika Sobieski Vincent De Vito Jadwiga Maleszko Izabela Nowicki Maria Zachemska Tomasz Hare Sabina Marciniak Zofia Nicpoń Maria Sobota Urszula Skoczylas Carol Marino Marek, Janina Grabowski Małgorzata Bed‐
narczyk Irena Grodzik Alicja Kaczmarczyk Barbara Jagielska Danuta Jezuit Wanda Pikus Konrad, Marcel Wiecek Halina Pawełko Janina Sikora Bogdan Wrobel Stanisław Ciszek Krystyna Kar‐
mowska Kaz, Adam Boloz Maciej Krawiec Norbert Garczynski Vigil Lights: Jadwiga Walowski Anyone interested in helping to clean our church is welcome to join us: Mondays at 5:00 pm and/or Fridays at 10:00 am. April 22, 2012 Third Sunday of Easter Page Four New Health and Human Services Directives and Christian Moral Principles Part I: The History of the Issue For the next few weeks we will publish the series of four articles about the healthcare issues by Fr. Tim Fiala, STD current pastor of St Domitilla parish in Hillside, IL and the moral theology instructor at St. Joseph College Seminary. T he universal healthcare legislation signed into law on March 23, 2010 under the formal name, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” was designed to provide affordable health care for the citizens of the United States. On January 20, 2012, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius announced a proposed man‐
date requiring all insurance plans to pay for contraception, ster‐
ilization and abortion drugs. Everyone would have one year to comply and those who do not comply with the new directive will be fined, the amount predicted to be in the millions of dollars. The mandate has been reported in many of the major news outlets and continues to make the headlines. It is impera‐
tive that every Catholic have a “working” knowledge of the pre‐
sent controversy because it directly impacts our ability to freely practice our faith and live it. Never before in the history of our country has such a potential attack on religious freedom been more evident. For this reason, a series of columns will be de‐
voted to informing you about the potentially harmful effects of the new law upon the Church and individual conscience. Just recently, the Administration has retreated from their original position by suggesting insurers pay for contraception coverage and not religious institutions. However, the complicated issue needs further analysis and all the facts presented before a sound judgment can be made whether or not the new proposal re‐
spects the right of conscience and the dignity of the human per‐
son. The History of the Issue On January 20, 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States Government mandated that all institutions and businesses who offer employees health insur‐
ance must include contraception , “morning after drugs” and sterilization as part of an employee’s health plan. In simple terms, those institutions are required to pay an employee’s por‐
tion which includes the Church as an employer and the em‐
ployee himself to pay for services the Administration calls “reproductive health” and which the Church deems are immoral practices The Department of Health and Human Services was quick to point out that religious institutions would be exempt from complying with the mandate. However, the exemption the Department of Health and Human Services was offering was a very narrow exemption which included only individuals who work specifically for a church or parish who at the same time share the same faith of those institutions. In other words, in order to be exempt, the Church must prove to the government the persons they hire or current employees are of the same faith and working specifically for the values a parish or place of worship espouse. The problem with the exemption is the mission of the church extends beyond the local parish to include services for the common good and for society in general, which includes but not limited to serving the poor, medical care and education. Under the mandate, those agencies would not be included in the exemption. It includes Catholic Hospitals, Catholic Universities, Catholic Schools, chari‐
table institutions like Catholic Charities or any other organization which helps or provides a service to society supported and run by the Catholic Church. For those hospitals, universities and agencies not ex‐
empt, what the mandate (as indicated the agreement reached still needs to be studied) would force them to do is pay to sup‐
port what the Church holds are against her teaching as revealed to us by Jesus Christ. Those women who want contraception, sterilization or the morning after pill would not be required to pay for those prescriptions and services out of their own funds; rather, everyone who pays into the system would fund those services. In other words, any women who choose to get contra‐
ception would receive it free of charge, without a co‐pay or de‐
ductible of any kind. Any person or institution that views such services as against their beliefs has to support the plan whether they like it or not. Hence, the Church rightly claims the policy is an attack on the “right of conscience” which means the freedom not to engage in activities in opposition to one’s conscience. Practically speaking, under the law a person will be forced to participate in an evil act even if his/her own conscience is telling them it is wrong. The issue at hand and outlined above, would be tanta‐
mount to cooperation in the evil act itself. By point of illustra‐
tion: everyone knows it is wrong to steal money that is not theirs. Let’s say, someone wants to rob a bank. He believes the only way he can do this is with an accomplice who sits and waits in the getaway car while the other accomplice goes into the bank to steal the money. The person sitting in the car is not actually robbing the bank per se, but is a “cooperator” in the evil act of stealing money from the bank. Rightly, the driver of the getaway car is equally guilty of the crime. But what if the person in car does not want to participate in the heist, but has to because a law said he has to? In this example, the law is demanding the driver of the car be a willing participant to an activity he knows in his heart and conscience is wrong. The law therefore, is unjust because the law is taking away the basic God‐given freedom of the driver to say “no” to an activity he/she knows is wrong. Such is the case with the mandate that would require the Church or individual believers to participate in activities they believe are immoral by forcing them to pay for pharmaceuticals and proce‐
dures which go against their belief made known by their con‐
science. As stated previously, the Administration has come up with a new plan which is being analyzed now to see if it protects the right of conscience and religious freedom granted by the First Amendment and supports the dignity of the human person. Next week will be devoted to any changes and the explanation of a person’s right of conscience and religious freedom. Fr. Tim Fiala Page Five Third Sunday of Easter April 22, 2012 Now, even after the Fish Fry is over for a few weeks, we are still hearing great comments that should make us all beam with pride. Following are just a few: “St Ferdinand’s Fish Fry is the best, we look forward to it every year.” “That was the best Tilapia I ever had” “The kids do such a wonderful job of serving” “The halls always look so nice, and the people are so friendly” “My entire family meets here every year! It’s become a tradition!” It’s not very easy to get such positive comments when you are trying to accommodate hundreds & hundreds of people in a three hour period. It takes a lot of preparation, hard work, dedication and most of all real love of what you’re doing! This spirit is evi‐
dent in the every member of the Fish Fry family and it’s contiguous! Whether you’re setting the tables, preparing the food, decorating the halls, doing the shopping, taking out the trash, serving the dinners or pouring the cof‐
fee you know that your job is an integral part that keeps the whole thing going. The first few weeks we generally work with new volunteers, whether they are students, par‐
ents or parishioners wanting to get involved. They show up. Then, something happens. They feel the spirit and become connected to the Fish Fry! They report back week after week to take on their jobs with the attitude that is felt by all of us. The attitude that keeps people coming back every Lent from all over our city to enjoy a meal with their family and friends in a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere. Thank you to all our supporters. The bakers who shared their pastries at our St Joseph Table, those who donated to our raffle , our neighborhood churches, schools and businesses for their advertising and support and to our loyal diners who come to en‐
joy the fruits of our labor. A special heartfelt Thank You to all of the Fish Fry family for your dedication, hard work, perseverance and most of all your love of serving one another dur‐
ing the Lenten Season. April 22, 2012 Third Sunday of Easter Page Six IRVING PARK CATHOLIC WOMAN’S CLUB If you’ve never ordered Market Day, now is the perfect month to start! This May, get FREE Quick 'n' Crispy Shoestring Fries with $40 purchase and a FREE ¼ lb. Beef Patties with your $90 online purchase and promo code MAYBONUS. Please look for your May order guide in the back of the church, chapel or in your school child's family folder or visit to order today and to learn more. Order forms are due back to the school office, rectory, or chapel by Monday 4/30 or online orders due Wed. 5/02 by 11:00 pm. Sale pick up is Saturday, May 5th from 9:30 to 10:30 am in the school cafeteria. A PILGRIMAGE OF TRUST IN CHICAGO This summer hundreds of young adults will hear the mes‐
sage, “take part in your local church…be part of a parish” This encouragement is proclaimed at the end of a 3‐day Pilgrimage of Trust on Memorial Day weekend, May 25‐28, 2012 when young adults (ages 18‐35) have an unique op‐
portunity to experience a community of prayer, hospitality and faith‐sharing during this weekend created by the Taize brothers from France. The Taizé Brothers organize large gatherings each year in cities around the world. This year the Pilgrimage will take place at DePaul University in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Young people will come to pray, meet others, reflect on the Gospel and to live the experience of Church as a community of hope. Young adults can register online: For more information or to view the video go to Registration closes on April 30th. HOST PARISH — HOST FAMILY Parishes will host young adults coming from outside the Chicago area. Families can open their homes and provide simple hospitality for two young adults: a space for their sleeping bag and breakfast for three mornings. The rest of the meals will be provided by DePaul University. The Taize Brothers suggest at least 50 young adults in each host parish. With a few ex‐
ceptions, host parishes should be situated no more than 40 minutes from DePaul using public transportation. The young adults will be joining the host parishes for Sunday morning services and for a potluck lunch. The Taizé Brothers and volunteers will visit other parishes situated too far away to offer hospitality. THE IRVING PARK CATHOLIC WOMAN’S CLUB WILL HAVE THEIR MEETING ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 2012 AT 10:30 A.M. WE WILL HAVE THE MAY CROWNING. WE ASK THAT YOU MAKE A $5.00 DONATION FOR LUNCH AND DESSERT. AFTERWARD WE WILL PLAY A GAME. PLEASE REMEMBER OUR NEW ADDRESS FOR THE MEETING; 5936 W. BARRY, CHICAGO (THIS IS ST. FERDINAND’S CONVENT) COME AND JOIN US AND BRING A FRIEND. ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL ANN MARIE LANE (773) 685‐6624 MAYSLAKE MINISTRIES Day Trip to Shrine of Christ's Passion St. John, IN — May 13, 2012 from 8:30am to 3pm. The Shrine of Christ's Passion is an interactive winding pathway that begins with the Last Supper and progresses through the Passion of Christ and his Resurrection. The walk is approximately ½ mile. Golf carts with guides are available to those who have difficulty walking. We will also visit St. John the Evangelist Church and go to Tiebel's Restaurant for lunch. $55/ person before Apr. 27 Late registrations: $60/ person Please visit our web‐
site at or call our offices at 630.268.9000 for more information.
IS GOD CALLING YOU? In today’s second reading John is calling us to an ideal we can attain...“whoever keeps his word, the love of God is truly perfected in him.” Have you ever thought about a vocation to priesthood or religious life? For information about diocesan priesthood contact Fr. Brian Welter at 312‐
534‐8298 or at [email protected] or go to For information on religious life contact Sr. Elyse Ramirez, OP at 312‐534‐5240 or [email protected], and for the Permanent Diaconate program contact Deacon Bob Puhala at 847‐837‐4562 or bpu‐
[email protected] COME JOIN US The Friendship Club of St. Ferdinand is anxious to welcome you. We meet every Monday in the Convent from 10:00AM‐
3:00PM with coffee and a snack at noon. For entertainment we lay various card games and occasionally have speakers to tell you about things of interest to seniors. Both men and women are welcome. If you like, call me and I will be happy to meet you and introduce you to our friendly group. The name is Pat at 773‐622‐8609. Page Seven Third Sunday of Easter April 22, 2012 ST. FERDINAND USHER/MEN’S CLUB
Village Green Country Club – Mundelein, IL
Saturday, June 9, 2012 (First Tee-Off at 9:30a.m.)
GOLF FEE: $70.00
MAY 28, 2012
Enclosed is my check for: $_________________________
_____ I will arrange a foursome:
#1 __________________________________
#3 _________________________________
#2 __________________________________
#4 __________________________________
I would like to golf with: _____________________________________
Your Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone No.: ________________________________________________________________________
April 22, 2012 Third Sunday of Easter Knights of Columbus Mater Christi Council 14284 Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest Winners Congratulations to this years 3 winners: 8 ‐ 11 age group Gabriela Tesarski ‐ St Ferdinand 12 ‐ 14 age group Mariella Valdez ‐ St Ferdinand and Daniella Gonzalez ‐ St Pascal Each winner received a $25.00 gift card. All participants received a K of C participation certificate. Congratulations to all! Gabriela Tesarski
Mariella Valdez
Daniella Gonzalez
Monday — April 23, 2012 10:00AM — Friendship Club (Convent 2) 6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent 1/2/3) 6:00PM — Troop #51 (McManus Hall) 6:00PM — Chicagowskie Slowiki (Chapel) Tuesday — April 24, 2012 10:00am — Christopher House (Convent 1,2,3) 5:00pm — Radosc—McManus Hall 6:00PM— Lednica (Chapel) 7:00PM — Fine Arts Fest and Donor Reception (Cafeteria) 7:30PM — Baptism Prep in Polish (Church) Wednesday — April 25, 2012 9:30AM — Wiggles and Giggles (Gym) 2:30 PM —Jr. Legion of Mary (Convent 2) 5:00 PM — OL of Perpetual Help Novena (Church) 5:30 PM — Zawaternik (McManus + Chapel) 6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent 2/3) 6:00PM — Kropeczki (Convent 1) 6:30 PM — Legion of Mary (Small Convent) Thursday — April 26, 2012 2:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary Adoration (Church) 6:00PM— Girl Scouts (Convent 1/2/3) 6:00PM — Pack 3051 Committee Mtg (McManus Hall) 7:30PM — Filareci Choir (Chapel) 7:30PM — Confirmation Practice (Church) Friday — April 27, 012 9:00AM — Legion of Mary (Convent 2) 6:00PM — Polish Altar Servers (Rectory) 6:30 PM — Pilgrim Virgin (Convent 2) 7:00PM — Confirmation in Polish (Church) 7:30PM — Youth Group (Rectory) Saturday — April 28, 2012 8:00AM — Polish Saturday School 6:00PM— AA Meeting (Convent 4) Sunday — April 29, , 2012 8:30AM— School of Religion (School) 11:00AM — School Open House (School) 11:00AM — ZIARENKO (Convent 2) 6:00PM — TORCH Page Nine Third Sunday of Easter April 22, 2012 April 22, 2012 Third Sunday of Easter Marsz popierający ustawę “DREAM ACT” Z inicjatywy Archidiecezji Chicagowskiej została zorganizowany marsz popierający ustawę “Dream ACT”, wspierający młodych imigrantów. Katoliccy biskupi wraz z religijnymi liderami popierają ustawę “Dream ACT”, która pozwoli przybyłym do USA przed 15 rokiem życia studentom kontynuować studia wyższe i umożliwi realizacje ich marzeń o zostaniu pełnoprawnymi obywatelami USA, a zarazem twórcami struktury społecznej i ekonomicznej tego kraju. W ramach tego programu organizowany jest marsz z udziałem polskiej młodzieży, który rozpocznie się spotkaniem przy parafii Św. Łukasza (St. Luke) o godz. 2:00PM, 29 kwietnia, 2012 (519 S. Ashland, River Forest), marsz będzie zmierzał w kierunku Uniwersytetu Dominikańskiego (7200 W. Division St., River Forest) gdzie odbędzie się dalszy ciąg imprezy trwającej do godz.5pm. REJESTRACJA grupy polskiej młodzieży szkolnej do 21 kwietnia 2012 pod adresem internetowym: [email protected] soby indywidualne lub rodzice z dziećmi nie podlegają rejestracji. Prosimy jednak o telefoniczne zgłoszenie osób chętnych do udziału w imprezie w celach organizacyjnych. Tel. kontaktowy: Marian Wolski # 773‐732‐6521 Anna Strek # 773‐715‐1987 Liczymy na waszą pomoc, zaangażowanie i solidarność z nieudokumentowaną młodzieżą. UWAGA! Prosimy o zabranie ze sobą polskich i amerykańskich flag. O Page Ten I TY MOŻESZ ZOSTAĆ KAPŁANEM Czy kiedykolwiek rozważałeś powołanie do życia kapłańskiego lub zakonnego? Więcej informacji na temat kapłaństwa, uzyskać można kontaktując się z ks. Brianem Welterem, pod numerem telefonu 312‐534‐
8298 lub pisząc na adres email [email protected] . Zapraszamy również na naszą stronę internetową Aby uzyskać informacje na temat powołania do życia zakonnego, prosimy o kontakt z s. Elyse Ramirez pod adresem [email protected] lub kontakt telefoniczny 312‐534‐5240. Informacji na temat programu Diakonatu Stałego udziela Diakon Bob Puhala pod numerem 847‐837‐
4562 lub [email protected] Turnusy wakacyjne dla dzieci i młodzieży Sistry Misjonarki Chrystusa Króla oferują wyjazdy wakacyjne dla dzieci i młodzieży, a także w ciągu roku różne spotkania formacyjne. Wszelkie infromacje na stronie podstrona Młodzież. April 22, 2012 Third Sunday of Easter Page REJESTRACJA DO POSLSKIEJ SZKOŁY KATOLICKIEJ IM. ŚW. FERDYNANDA Rejestracja: Zapraszamy do rejestracji na nowy rok szkolny. Zarejestrować można w biurze szkolnym w każdą sobotę do 19 maja 2012. Szkoła dodatkowo oferuje naukę jezyka polskiego od podstaw dla dzieci i dorosłych, a także wyrównawcze zajęcia językowe dla dzieci ze słabą znajomościa języka polskiego. PIELGRZYMKA DO SANKTUARIUM MATKI BOSKIEJ CZESTOCHOWSKIEJ W MERRILLVILLE, IN Koła Żywego Różańca wraz z opiekunem ks. Michałem Rosą zapraszają na jednodniową pielgrzymkę do Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Częstochowskiej u O. Salwatorianów w Merrillville, In w niedzielę, 13 maja, 2012. Bardzo serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich do wspólnego celebrowania 95 rocznicy Objawień Fatimskich oraz Dnia Matki. Bilety w cenie $35 od osoby można nabywać u członków Kół po każdej polskiej Mszy św. W cenę biletu wliczony jest przejazd luksusowym autokarem oraz posiłek. Wyjazd zaplanowany jest na godz. 8:30 rano z parkingu parafialnego oraz powrót około godz. 7:30 wieczorem. Aby uzyskać więcej informacji oraz w sprawie rezerwacji prosimy dzwonić do p. Melanii 773‐637‐8784 lub P. Jadwigi 773‐625‐8603 i pani Heleny 773/387‐2337
ZŁOTE GODY W niedzielę 23 września br., o godzinie 2:30 po południu w Katedrze Najświętszego Imienia (Holy Name Cathedral), przy ulicy 735 N. State Street w Chicago, Illinois, odbędzie się uroczysta Msza święta z okazji 50‐
tej rocznicy zawarcia związku małżeńskiego. Pary, ktόre zawarły związek małżeński w roku 1962 proszone są o skontaktowanie się ze swoją parafią w celu dokonania rejestracji. Aby zasięgnąć dodatkowych informacji prosimy skontaktować się z biurem, 312.534.8351 lub odwiedzić naszą witrynę internetową: S erdeczne Bóg zapłać wszystkim tym, którzy pomagają w sprzątaniu naszej świątyni. Zwracamy się z prośbą o dalszą pomoc w cotygodniowym sprzątaniu. Spotykamy się dwa razy w tygodniu : w PONIEDZIAŁKI o godz. 17:00 oraz w PIĄTKI o godz. 10:00 rano. Zapraszamy! Modlitwa w intencji Polski i Polonii W łączności z czuwaniem na Jasnej Górze, członkowie Krucjaty Różancowej z naszej parafii zapraszają na modlitwę różańcową w intencji Polski i Polonii. Spotkania modlitewne będą się odbywały w każdą ostatnią sobotę miesiąca o godz. 7pm w kościele św. Ferdynanda. Najbliższe spotkanie odbędzie się w sobotę 28 kwietnia 2012, zaplanowana jest modlitwa różańcowa – cztery części różańca. W dalszym ciągu zachęcamy do przystąpienia do Krucjaty Różańcowej, można zapisać się w naszej parafii, lub bezpośrednio na stronie internetowej Zjazd Maturzystów Polska Katolicka Szkoła im. Św. Ferdynanda zaprasza absolwentów z lat 1997‐2005 na zjazd, który odbędzie się w sobotę 9 czerwca o godz. 6pm. Zjazd jest bezpłatny, prosimy jednak o rejestrację na stronie internetowej (podstrona Absolwenci). W programie Msza św. a następnie spotkanie w szkolnej kafeterii. Więcej informacji na stronie internetowej szkoły. KONCERT PIEŚNI PATRIOTYCZNEJ Polska Katolicka Szkoła im. Św. Ferynanda zaprasza na Koncert Pieśni Patriotycznej, wykonawcami będą głównie dzieci i młodzież z polskiej szkoły. Koncert odbędzie się w niedzielę 29 kwietnia o godz. 4:15pm w kaplicy, wstęp w o l n y . Zapraszamy! April 22, 2012 Third Sunday of Easter Page Twelve April 22, 2012 Third Sunday of Easter Page Thir‐
ON KASS’S ODYSSEY, AND A STORY ON P. 3 Copyright 2012 by John B. Reynolds ([email protected]) I had already been reading with great interest the col‐
umns by Chicago Tribune writer John Kass about his trip to Greece and Turkey when a friend told me that I really had to check out his Good Friday piece. Absolutely. Kass wrote that day about visiting a tiny house some 1,500 feet up the mountain from the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus. Specifically concerning the house, per Kass, “It is said to be the home of a woman whose son had been crucified. She came for refuge from Roman perse‐
cution around 40 A.D. She’d been brought here by St. John the Apostle. She wept here. She prayed here. She died here. Her name was Mary, the Theotokos, the mother of Jesus Christ.” Like all of Kass’s words over the course of his two‐week odyssey, these particular words were insightful and thought‐
provoking. But no more so than the article my friend didn’t tell me about, the one that ran opposite the Kass piece on p. 3 of the Tribune that same morning: ‘Jesus Christ is a myth’ banner hits a nerve. As usual, Kass was on p. 2. I can’t say if the Tribune editors put the banner story side‐by‐side with Kass that morning on pur‐
pose, but this is certainly my thought. Either way, the irony in content and juxtaposition of the two unrelated‐but‐totally‐
related stories is delicious. Yeah. The second piece was about a banner (with the message: Nobody died for our “sins.” Jesus Christ is a myth) which was displayed by a group called the Freedom from Religion Foun‐
dation during Holy Week in a Streator, IL park. I was born and raised in Streator, so I read this article with great interest, too. Anyway, according to the article, the banner was intended “to offset an Easter display of crosses in the same park.” But the ban‐
ner went missing days later, prompting the FFRF to offer a cash award for information leading to the arrest/conviction of the thief. Also, the foundation erected another banner exactly the same as the first, but the new one included these words: P.S. your god says, “Thou shalt not steal.” As of a 4/11 FFRF posting, “The crime remains unsolved.” You can’t make this stuff up, you know? The final entry of Kass’s series ran on 4/15. Here, he wrote of attending the celebration of the Orthodox Easter at St. George church in Istanbul. Per Kass, “Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not telling you what to believe or what not to believe. The world is of many different faiths, and there are those who chose to put their faith in science, progress, and themselves alone. But what I’m telling you is that this is the way it is here now, and the way it was at the beginning in the ancient city of Istanbul, once known as Constantinople…” In today’s Gospel, Jesus says to his gathered disciples, “Peace be with you.” He says also, “Thus it is written that the Christ would suffer and rise from the dead on the third day and that repentance, for the forgiveness of sins, would be preached in his name to all the nations…” That’s not how the FFRF sees it, of course. That’s how I see it, though. And I think Kass is with me on this. St. Ferdinand Parish
Legion of Mary: Mr. Thomas Sobczak & Miss Aurora Almeida,
Legion of Mary, Juniors: Mrs. Emma Camara, President
Irving Park Catholic Woman’s Club: Mrs. Dolores Schoewe
Market Day: Mrs. Connie Glorioso, Coordinator
Polish Altar Servers — Fr. Michael Rosa, Moderator
English Altar Servers: Fr. Robert Pajor, Moderator
Mrs. Betty Hotcaveg, Lector Coordinator
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Polish Club of the Good Shepherd: Mr. Andrzej Parada, President
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Ministers of Care
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St. Ferdinand Parish
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Rev. Robert Pajor, Associate Pastor
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Rev. Raymond O’Connor, CMF — Weekend Help
Irwin Hotcaveg, Deacon
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Missionary Sisters of Christ the King - 773 889-7979
Sr. Anna Strycharz, Superior — Sr. Boguslawa Trus,
Sr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Sr. Genowefa Potaczała
For Children: a pre-Baptism class is required for Baptism of the first
child. Classes are held in English on the first Wednesday of each
month at 7:30PM in the Church, and in Polish on the last Tuesday of
each month at 7:30PM in the Church. Following registration, the
sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in English on the second Saturday
each month at 6:00PM and on the fourth Sunday of the month at the
12:30PM Mass. The sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in Polish on
the first Saturday of the month at 6:00PM and on the third Sunday of
the month at the 3:00PM Mass. Please call the rectory to register at
For Adults: Classes are taught through the Rite of Christian Initiation
Program (RCIA) on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM. Please call Stan
Mastalerz, the RCIA Director at 773/865-4151 for more information.
Must be arranged at least four months prior to the
ceremony. Please call the rectory.

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