not for sale – free of carge
Cycle-bus timetables
As in the past, you can still make use of the cycle-bus connections, which will take you to near and distant destinations in the Jizera Mountains or their environs during your cycling trips.
Bicycle transportation
Cycle trails, cycle trips
Cycle hire and service outlets
For walkers and those
in wheelchairs
Tips and trips
Hiking points of interest
and natural monuments
Attractions and practical information
Sightseeing flights
Lookout towers
Castles and châteaux
Botanical gardens and zoos
Children´s entertainment
Museums, national history, monuments
Excursions to glassmaking plants
Water facilities
The transportation of a maximum of 23 passengers with bicycles
Outdoor swimming pools, bodies of water
Indoor swimming pools
Water sports
Sports equipment hire shops
Spa towns of Jizera mountains
Sport and relaxation
Sport facilities
Tenis, squash, ricochet
Horses, riding
Buggies and sledges
Mountaineering – adrenalin experiences
The event calendar
The 2010 event calendar for the period from May
to November is a supplement to the Jizera News.
The closing date for the calendar was 15. 4. 2010, so
any events submitted after this date could not be
included. The right to change the dates is reserved!
The transportation of a maximum of 25 passengers with bicycles
This year, there is a new bus connection which goes all the way to Česká Lípa.
Dear visitors,
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome
you to the Jizera Mountains on behalf of the Jizera
Mountains Tourist Region. The summer newspaper, which are holding in your hands, has been
prepared in order to inspire you when choosing
the destination of your current and, hopefully, also
your future trips. I wish you a pleasant stay and
many enjoyable experiences.
The connection from Prague to the Jizera Mountains
An express bus connection operates between Prague and Jablonec nad Nisou
tel.: 483 332 027,
page 2
Daniel David, the Chairman of the JIZERA
MOUNTAINS Association – The Tourist Region of
the Liberec, Jablonec, Frýdlant and Tanvald Areas
pairs of trains will travel the route in
summer every day.
In cooperation with the individual transport companies, the
Liberec Region and the municipal
authorities, the KORID LK Company
is also preparing the so-called optimisation of public transport by
implementing bus operations to
places, which were previously not
served; for example from Desná to
the Souš Reservoir. On the other
side of the mountains, there are
plans for the introduction of a shuttle bus service between Bílý Potok
and Smědava, which should mean,
amongst other things, the end of
the problems associated with cars
parking around this area, whereby
on the busiest days the cars blocked
the roads and as such endangered
the safety of all the visitors to the
mountains by blocking access for
ambulances and fire engines. This
must, however, be preceded by
the construction of car parks in
Hejnice and Bílý Potok. Last, but
not least, there are also plans for
Tourist tickets in the Liberec Region
The IDOL integrated tariff offers the IDOL+ and
IDOL5+ network-wide tickets and not only for tourists.
TThe establishment of these tickets was inspired by the
attractive LIBNET+ tickets, but the region-wide IDOL+
tickets have some differences.
The IDOL+ and IDOL5+ tickets are only valid in Czech
Railways passenger and express trains, in town buses design
signated with the IDOL logo and in public transport within
the tterritory of the Liberec Region. A further difference is
the ffact that the IDOL+ and IDOL5+ tickets can only be purchase
chased in electronic form on a non-contact chip card known
as an Opuscard or on an expanded Liberec city card. The
IDOL+ ticket costs 120 CZK per person regardless of age and
it is val
valid for 24 hours from the moment of purchase, as is also
the case with the IDOL5+ ticket which costs 250 CZK and can be used
for the transportation of up to 5 people regardless of their age.
The Opuscard is either issued as a personalised card (with personal
details and a photograph) or as an anonymous card. An anonymous card
can be purchased immediately at any contact place and it costs 95 CZK.
the introduction of international
tourist routes between the towns
of Zittau, Frýdlant, Nové Město pod
Smrkem and Swieradów Zdroj.
KORID LK, spol. s r.o.
The public transport coordinator
for the Liberec Region,
U Jezu 642/2a, 461 80 Liberec 2
Tourist tickets in the Nisa Euroregion
The LIBNET+ and LIBNET 5+ one-day tourist tickets are also on offer
at a special price this year. What makes these tickets special? Mainly, it is
their price and their validity.
LIBNET+ tickets are sold in three types:
 LIBNET+, at a price of 160 CZK, for 1 passenger regardless of age
 LIBNET5+, at a price of 320 CZK, for 5 passengers regardless of age
 LIBNET Bike, at a price of 90 CZK, as an additional ticket for a bicycle
The public transport coordinator, the KORID LK Company, is currently preparing an entirely new
range of routes for local inhabitants
and visitors to the mountains in association with the Liberec Region
and the individual transport companies. First of all, this involves the
planned renewal of the cross-border operations of trains between
Harrachov and the significant Polish
resort of Szklarska Poręba. This
route functioned until 1945, when
it was suspended as a consequence
of post-war territorial changes and
the displacement of the majority
of the original German population
from both sides of the Czech-Polish
border. A number of individuals
and local authorities have worked
for the renewal of these operations
during the long two decades since
the fall of the Iron Curtain. However,
it was only in the previous year that
the reconstruction of the 15 km
long line between both centres
was successfully organised. After
the completion of the repairs, five
The public transport coordinator
The LIBNET+ and LIBNET5+ tickets can be purchased at the ticket
outlets of operators associated with IDOL system, in the town buses of
the operators associated with IDOL system, at the Czech Railways ticket
offices and in Czech Railways trains. The tickets are valid to four o’clock
on the day following the purchase.
More detailed information on the LIBNET+ tickets can be found on
the website.
LIBNET+ tickets are valid in the territory of the entire Liberec Region,
in the territory of the ZVON transport alliance and in part of the territory
of the Lower Silesian Region, see the map.
Janov nad Nisou – a hire and
servicing discount
 The Janovská sokolovna
sports facility, Janov nad
Nisou – a discount on the hire
of the facility
Wellness, relaxation
 Wellness at the Liberec Babylon Centre – a discount on an
unlimited wellness stay
 The Na Rampě Club, Jablonec
nad Nisou – a discount on the
entrance price to the club
 The Liberec District Gallery
– a discount on the basic
entrance price
 The building of the Liberec Town
Hall – a free tour of the building
from June to September
 The Frýdlant Town Museum
– a discount for families with
 The Museum of Rural Life
before the Industrial Revolution,
Jindřichovice pod Smrkem –
a discount on the entrance price
 Jan Cidrich, the Liberec glass
and porcelain shop – a purchase discount
 The Spider Glass glassmaking
studio, Frýdlant – a purchase
 BleskTaxi Liberec – a discount
of the travel charge
 A number of providers of
accommodation provide
a discount: ask at your place
of accommodation – the next
time, you will be able to stay
there with a discount.
ground, Liberec – a discount
on the entrance price
 The Janov nad Nisou Luge
Run – one free ride
 The Liberec Zoological
Garden – a discount on the
entrance price
Sport, adrenalin
 The Janov nad Nisou Luge
Run – one free ride
 The Jablonec nad Nisou
Swimming Pool – a discount
on the entrance price
 “Penzion UKO” Bowling,
Bedřichov – a discount
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
 The Segway Liberec Hire Centre – a discount on weekdays
 The Adler Ski and Bike Hire,
Bedřichov – a discount on
bike hire
 B-Sport –mountain bike hire,
The BENEFIT tourist card enables you to make significant savings when undertaking sports
and other activities in the Jizera
Mountains. The card is available at
the majority of information centres
and at selected accommodation
outlets in the region for 35 CZK. The
current discounts at the individual
places can be found on the tourism
Here is a summary of selected
places which accept the BENEFIT
Program card and where you can
use it to make savings.
Where to take the kids
 the Liberec Babylon Centre –
a discount on the day package
 the Pěnčín tourist facility –
a discount on the entrance
price according to the season
 the Smeťák Children’s Play-
page 3
The safety principles
for moving in mountain terrain
Always plan your hiking
route carefully and take the
necessary equipment with
you (do not forget to take
any necessary medicines).
Plan the hike according to
the physical and mental
condition of the weakest
member of the group.
Find out as much
information as possible
about the weather forecast
in advance.
Before leaving on the
hike, inform somebody of
your route and expected
time of return. Choose the
hiking speed according to
the weakest member of the
Use the map correctly
and know the types of
hiking tracks designations
which are specific for the
individual mountain ranges.
Know the types of
warning signs and their
Do not move off the
marked tracks.
Have a first aid kit with
you and know how to provide first aid, if necessary.
Know the contact information for the Mountain
Rescue Service or the
Ambulance Rescue Service.
Always have your mobile
telephone charged and
switched on.
Know how to behave,
if you get lost or fall in
exposed terrain.
Never underestimate the
mountains and do not put
yourself or anybody else at
risk with your behaviour.
The telephone number
for the Jizera Mountains
Mountain Rescue Service:
+420 483 380 073
Injuries on the Polish
side of the Jizera
Mountains (GOPR):
+48 757 524 734.
Cycle trails
 The Mill Cycle Trail (Cyklostezka
Mlýnská) – this trail will lead you from the
Frýdlant Square and up around the château,
behind which it turns off through the Krásný
Les valley to Řasnice. Ondřej Stelzig’s smithy
is located there. At the end of Horní Řasnice,
the trail turns towards Jindřichovice pod Smrkem (the Living Outdoor Museum can be
visited there) and then meets the “Around
Jindřichovice, Behind the Peak of Ideals and
into the Valley of the Soul” teaching trail which
is also suitable for cyclists. In the centre of the
town, the trail turns off to the Kukačka border
crossing point. On the other side of the border,
it connects with the Polish cycle trail which
leads to the Devil’s Mill (Czarci Młyn) in Czernawa-Zdrój. From there, it is possible to return
to the Czech Republic along the Krakonoš Cycle Trail via Nové Město pod Smrkem or to continue to Świeradów-Zdrój. A further possible
variant is to return across the aforementioned
border crossing point and from there to head
to the Polish Czocha Château and the Leśnian
Lakes. The cycle trail is marked with the logo of
a windmill and the word “Mlýnská”: it does not
yet have a single trail number.
 The cycling circuits around
Štěpánka (specifically the Famberka and
Planýrka routes) not only take cyclists through
beautiful natural settings, but also offer wonderful views of the region. The routes are
clearly marked with road and linear markings.
 The Jizera Arterial Route – this was
originally established as a route for crosscountry skiing, but the fact that most of the
route leads along maintained tracks which are
suitable for cyclists meant that it soon also became popular among cyclists.
 The Krakonoš Trail ER-2 – a cycle trail
which leads through the wonderful setting of
the Lusatian and Jizera Mountains from Bad
Schandau in Germany through Frýdlant, Nové
Město pod Smrkem, the northern slopes of the
Polish Giant Mountains and on to Lubawka.
 The Odra-Nisa international cycle
trail – a 591 km long trail leading across the
territory of the Czech Republic, Germany and
Poland. It starts as cycle trail no. 3038 at the
spring of the Lusatian Nisa near the town of
Nová Ves nad Nisou and leads to the mouth of
the Odra at the Baltic Sea.,
 The Smugglers’ Cycle Trail – a 40 km
long trail with four stops, it connects the micro-regions of the Hrádek, Chrastava and Frýdlant areas. It passes in close proximity to the
border with Germany and Poland and sometimes crosses it, where it offers the option of
connecting to the local cycle trails.
 In the invisible footsteps of the oldest settlements. The trail leads from Filipovka
along a constricted valley up the Saňský Stream
on the yellow-marked trail to the municipality of
Saň and then to the municipality of Andělka. It
passes points of interest such as the intersection
point of the 15th meridian and the 51st parallel with a place to rest. In the municipality, you
can view the repaired late gothic Church of St.
Anne which was reconsecrated in 1994 and the
baroque gravestones in the cemetery. The only
uphill section in the long yellow-marked section
leads up to the municipality of Ves on a small hill
with the gothic Church of St. Lawrence.
The yellow-marked trail finishes in Černousy, the
last railway station in the Czech Republic on the
international line to Poland. It is possible to end
your journey there and to take a train to Liberec
via Frýdlant. The sights in Černousy include the
impressively wistful beauty of the ancient linden
alley along the road to Habartice, the remains
of the baroque Clam-Gallas château and the
charming classicist Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk dating from the end of the 18th century.
From Černousy, it is possible to continue along
the green-marked trail around the edge of
the Smědá Meanders Nature Reserve, which
includes the Oak Fishpond (Dubový rybník)
with an area of 12 ha with hundred-year-old
oaks on the dam which is a bird reservation
and whose banks are home to rare flora.
The last remarkable sight on the trail is the private garden and house at no. 70 in Předlánce,
where the seat of the local feudal lord apparently stood in the Middle Ages. Archaeological
findings date this fortress to the end of the 13th
and the first half of the 14th century. A nice view
of the area from below can be found beyond
the bridge over the River Smědá where the aristocratic seat appears particularly picturesque in
its setting above the meandering river.
Those who wish to begin a tour of history from
the time of Adam (i.e. from prehistory) or to end
in prehistory are sure to welcome the bonus
routes – a visit to the Pagan Stones, a natural
phenomenon above the village of Višňová,
which you can find by continuing along the
green-marked track. This group of massive
granite boulders with rock bowls has always
stirred the imaginations of natural scientists and
historians. Despite the fact that this naturally
remarkable place is clearly predestined for mysterious religious rituals, so far the only finding
from this area is part of a stone axe from the first
farmers of the early Stone Age (5,500–4,000 BC).
Other tips for cycle trips
 Nové Město pod Smrkem – the
Polish lakes and the Czocha Château
This 48 km long route leads across the border
of the Czech Republic to the Czocha château
Singletracks are narrow natural trails
which especially pass through forested
terrain along the contours of the land and
merge in with the landscape and as such expediently develop the recreational function
of forests. They are highly environmentally
friendly, their construction requires only the
minimum of additional construction material, they require minimum maintenance and
they are designated for a wide spectrum of
terrain cyclists who prefer dirt tracks and
are looking for experiences associated with
close contact with nature. In relation to the
outlaid investment costs and the operating
costs, singletracks are an exceptional tourism product due to their high economic
page 4
which lies directly on the Polish lakes and it is
suitable for experienced cyclists.
Nové Město pod Smrkem – Świeradów-Zdrój
– Jezioro Zlotnickie – the Czocha château –
Leśno – Srbská – Horní Řasnice – Nové Město
pod Smrkem.
 From Bedřichov to Hejnice and the
Breached Dam (51 km)
Take the cycle-bus from Jablonec nad Nisou
or Liberec to Bedřichov where the pilgrimage
through the beauties of the Jizera Mountains
begins. This medium-length route reckons
with the option of using the cycle-bus from
Hejnice to Smědava (an elevation of almost
500 m). Sports enthusiasts can cycle this section. This marked route stands out due to its
multifaceted thematic range – typical mountain fauna and flora, folk architecture, valuable
ecclesiastical, technical and military monuments, headstones, cliff massifs, mountain
streams, brooks and rivers: simply a region
and Euro-region with a rich past and present.
Bedřichov, bus – Bedřichov, game preserve
(0.5 km) – the Government Track – Černá Nisa,
the eastern intersection (3.5 km) – Černá
Nisa, the western intersection (4 km) – Závory
(5.5 km) – Pod Olivetskou horou (6.5 km) –
Za Přehradou (7 km) – The Coalman’s Track
– Gregor’s Cross (8 km) – cycle trail 3023 the
Hejnice Track – Hřebínek (10.5 km) – cycle trail
22 the Oldřichov Road – Bílá Kuchyně (12 km)
– the Poledník Trail – Na Pilách (18 km) – the
Municipal Authority in Oldřichov v Hájích
(19.5 km) – cycle trail 3006 – Hausmanka,
U Kozy (22 km) – the Viničná Track – Ferdinandov, the Forest Restaurant (30 km) – Hejnice,
bus (31.5 km)
Smědava, bus – cycle trail 22 Souš Road no.
290 – Kůrovec (1 km) – Souš, za Přehradou
(4 km) – cycle trail 3020 the Riding Trail – the
Breached Dam (5.5 km) – the Mariánskohorská
Hut (7.5 km) – the Forest Gate (10.5 km) –
Josefův Důl, bus stop (11 km) – Karlov (14 km)
– the Karlov Spring (15 km) – Hrabětice, the
chapel (15.5 km) – cycle trails 3020 and 3023
– Hrabětice, the Jablonec Chalet (16 km) –
Královka (18 km) – Bedřichov, bus (19.5 km)
Take the Government Track from Bedřichov in
the direction of the Černá Nisa reservoir which
was built in 1902–1905. On the right-hand
side, you will pass Klikvová Louka nature reserve with the spring of the White Nisa River.
Ride around the reservoir from the left up to
the Pod Olivetskou horou signpost, in whose
vicinity the Black Nisa rises, and continue to
Gregor’s Cross. Turn left at the intersection
along the Hejnice Track to the wooden kiosk
at Hřebínek and then turn left onto cycle trail
22 up to Oldřichov v Hájích. Once in the town,
join cycle trail 3006 which will lead you along
the Oldřichov Groves and Cliffs teaching trail
via the Viničná Track to the town of Hejnice,
Singletracks pass along slopes with
a slight gradient. They wind between trees.
They never go very straight or overly uphill
or downhill. As such, they respect the forest
environment and do everything to ensure
that people are able to enjoy riding a bicycle
while in the forest.
The track starting points
 Lázně Libverda: the Giant Barrel
 Nové Město pod Smrkem: U spálené
The first 20 km of tracks, the construction of
which has been realised in the area of Lázně
Libverda and Nové Město pod Smrkem. Further projects have been prepared with the
aim of constructing a further 50 km of these
unique forest tracks for terrain cycling.
a place of pilgrimage since the 13th century.
Nowadays, it is home to a complex of ecclesiastical structures, the basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary with a cloister and the
baroque monastery with a garden. The Hejnice “cathedral” is also part of the so-called
Via Sacra. When travelling along the Viničná
Track, you will notice fortifications from the
2nd World War (řopíků) and a large number of
headstones. Nature lovers will appreciate the
preserved original beech forests (the Jizera
Mountains Beech Forest Nature Preserve) and
the number of interesting cliff formations.
After reaching Smědava, where there has
been a mountain chalet and restaurant since
the mid 19th century, continue along track
no. 290, where you will turn left onto cycle
trail 3020 which leads to the Breached Dam,
an infamous place due to a tragic event which
occurred there in 1916. Nowadays, there is
a teaching trail in the area of the dam which
informs visitors of the causes and consequences of the breach in this structure on the White
Desná River. At that time, 62 people died and
more than 300 people lost the roofs from over
their heads. We recommend that you walk
the trail without your bikes. Continue from
the dam to the Mariánskohorská Hut, which
is not far from the Jedlový důl teaching trail,
which is accessible along a walking trail (not
for cyclists). The reason for this limitation is
the protection of the environment (the Jedlový důl Nature Reserve) and the rough terrain
which consists of massive rocks, while the precipitous river channel is unsuitable for cyclists.
The main attractions on this teaching trail are
the natural waterfalls and the cascades on the
River Jedlová.
After a visit to the waterfalls, a mountain de-
scent awaits you, followed by an ascent to
the peaks of the municipalities of Josefův Důl
and Karlov with the curative Karlov Spring,
up to the “Chapel” (the former fire station) in
Hrabětice. Then take cycle trails 3020 and 3023
– turn right at the intersection – around the
President’s Chalet (it was transferred to the Office of the President of the Republic after 1956)
and the Královka lookout tower, a 24-metre
high stone dominant feature of Maxov Ridge
dating from 1907. Then take the road back to
The Polish Jizera Mountains: the view from Zwalisko of Wysoki Kamień and the Giant Mountains
 The “Lang Team” MTB Route (no. 21)
The route begins in Świeradow-Zdrój on the
lower terrace of the Spa Building (Dom Zdrojowy, ul. Konstytucji 3-go Maja). It leads up
Zielona Street in the direction of the BambinoSki ski-tow, and then follows the red-marked
track around the ski-tow and subsequently
turns right onto the blue-marked track up
Dąbrowskiego Street past the Gopr Station.
It then passes the “Czarodziejka” Guesthouse
and reaches the upper station of the ski-tow
called “Kamieniec”. From there, the road leads
to the left in the direction of the lower station
of the “Izera” ski-tow. From the ski-tow, head
up to the Staroizerska Track following the bluemarked trail. After about 300 m, turn right towards the bobsleigh run. You will ride alongside the run for about 700 m and then turn left
onto the forest track. You will exit the forest
onto H. Marusarzówny Street and then head
down along the track across the park to Space-
rowa Street. From there, takle Orzeszkowa and
Parkova Streets, from where you should head
towards the Spa Building. The length of the
route is 6 km, the elevation is 700 m.
 Around Kwisa (Dookoła Kwisy) (no. 22)
Świeradów-Zdrój, the Spa Building (Dom
Zdrojowy) – Rozdroże Izerskie – ŚwieradówZdrój, Spa Building (Dom Zdrojowy).
The route leads along forest tracks and the
streets of Świeradów-Zdrój. 40 % of the route is
on asphalt streets and roads, while the remainder is on gravel tracks in the middle of the forest. There are several sightseeing points overlooking the Jizera foothills and the peaks of the
Jizera Mountains. There are several rest places
along the way. The route leads around the section of the Sudeten Road between Świeradów
and Rozdroże Izerskie. With regard to the gradient (470–800 m above sea level), it is important to take into account the fact that there are
several kilometres of climbs and descents. The
length of the entire section is ca 25 km.
Single track
the single track celebrations
page 5
Cycle hire and service
outlets H + S
The Frýdlant area
Bike servis, Hynek Buriánek, Frýdlant,
Míru 630, tel.: 608 211 705,
[email protected] H + S
Jízdní kola a sport Cirkl, Frýdlant,
ul. ČSA 406, tel.: 482 312 850,
[email protected], S
The Lázně Libverda Information
Centre, Hejnice, Lázně Libverda 17, tel.:
482 322 457, [email protected], / The Merida
Test Centre H + S
LÁZNĚ LIBVERDA, a. s., Nový dům,
tel.: 482 368 111, / Only
for guests. H + S
Verner, Raspenava, U Stadionu 157
(the Smědá Sports Facility), tel.: 721 629 557
/ Hire of max. 4–6 bikes H + S
Adrenalin Centrum, Na Bídě 657, H see Water Sports
Bak Sport, U Besedy 3, tel.: 485 100 163,
603 260 973,
[email protected], / The Giant, Author, Lapiére
Test Centre. S
Bike sport Budina, Pražská 376/36 A,
tel.: 482 317 770 S
Bradský Cyklo & Sport Outlet,
5. května 45, tel.: 485 105 954,
[email protected], S
Cyklosport Kerda, Švermova 54, tel.:
485 150 146 – workshops, 485 151 178 –
shop, [email protected],
(tel.: 485 103 682 – tennis racquet service,
[email protected]) S
Sport 2000, Hodkovická 471, tel.:
485 130 057, 603 153 139, sport2000liberec@, S
Bicycle repair – Michal Koutník,
Jeseniova 271/5, tel.: 603 711 657, S
Red Eight, 5. května 71/35,
tel.: 774 517 363, 608 517 363,
[email protected], S
Sport Brzák, Sázavská 648,
tel.: 486 142 200, 602 283 391,
[email protected], H + S
Wide Bike, Františkovská 233/6,
tel.: 731 558 668, [email protected], S
The Ještěd Sports Facility, tel.:
731 547 858, [email protected] (at the
lower station of the Skalka chairlift) / Mountain
bikes, scooters, helmets and so on. H + S
Jablonec nad Nisou
Bike servis, Podhorská 123,
tel.: 739 089 618, [email protected], S
Cyklocentrum Disk, Palackého 45,
tel.: 483 704 395 S
KKK Sport, Podhorská 28 a,
tel.: 720 565 344, S
Rabik Sport, Podhorská 23,
tel.: 483 317 314 S
Zdeněk Dokoupil – REBEL BIKE,
Palackého 240/82, tel.: 606 182 806,
[email protected],, / The hire of bicycles,
bicycle trailers, bicycle tow bars and children’s
seats, a test centre. A new hire and test centre
for electric bicycles. H + S
SB sport, Podhorská 141,
tel.: 483 315 739, 731 188 730,
[email protected], H + S
Ski & Bike, Máchova 10, tel.: 736 536 393,
739 055 994, S
Janov nad Nisou,
Activeguide s. r. o., www.activeguide.
cz H + S see Sports Equipment Hire
B - sport, Jan Bína, Janov n. N., Hrabětice
9, tel.: 483 380 301, 602 446 165, 723 575 019,
[email protected], P
Ski centrum Adler, s. r. o., Bedřichov
272, tel.: 602 323 476, [email protected]
cz,, Wed–Sun 8:30 am –
4:30 pm / Mountain bikes and children’s bicycles, children’s seats, helmets, cycle trailers,
bicycle tow bars and so on H + S
Josefův Důl, Smržovka,
Tanvald, Kořenov and
Cykloservis BeMi, Plavy, Haratice 143,
tel.: 775 083 395, [email protected]
/ Repairs to carbon parts. S
Údolní 405, tel.: 603 378 969, Mon–Fri 10:00 am
– 5:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am –12:00 pm S
Cyklo and ski Pelc, Tanvald, Vítězná
382, tel.: 777 096 572,,
Mon–Fri 11:00 am – 5:00 pm S
Ing. Morávek, Josefův Důl 358 (the
U vleku pub), tel.: 602 879 598, [email protected]
cz, H
K & P, Hotel Motorest Beseda,
Příchovice, Kořenov 378, tel.: 777 096 572,
in the area of the Jizera Mountains For You
Information Centre,,
Mon–Sat 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sun 9:00 am –
3:00 pm H
KP Servis Jízdní kola – J. Pták,
Železný Brod, Malé nám., tel.: 483 389 577 S
Röschenthaler Luděk, Velké Hamry
338, tel.: 603 156 540, Tues–Fri 2:00 pm –
5:30 pm, Sat 9:00 am–12:00 pm S
Sport Čermák, Harrachov 622,
tel.: 481 529 827, 603 579 579, 603 579 581,
[email protected], H + S
Žlutá plovárna, Železný Brod, Malá Skála, H see Water Sports
Bike Hire, ul. Sienkiewicza – under EKO
(in summer), tel.: +48 607 766 412, H
Hire, service, the cycle shop, ul. Źródlana
7 – the lower station of the cabin cable car,
tel.: +48 75 615 20 20 (extension 1, 4), +48
693 770 602, [email protected] H + S
Cimrman cycle trail
The Jára
page 6
Jára Cimrman, a dramatist, inventor and globetrotter, whose footsteps have been fruitlessly sought
by many, is irrevocably associated
with the Tanvald area, as has
been born out by some of his
dramas discovered in the forester’s lodge under Mariánská hora.
Five years ago, some enthusiastic
admirers of Jára Cimrman in the
Tanvald area managed to map
out his steps. His wanderings
and actions, whereby he arrived
one day by train from Pojizeří and
left the train at Návarov only for
his trail to be lost some time later
at the border with Saxony, are recalled by the nine stations on the
Jára Cimrman Cycle Trail (Jára
Cimrman the builder, visionary,
witness, teacher and sportsman,
discoverer, advisor, prophet and
globetrotter). Every year, the Mad
Dash on the Jára Cimrman Cycle
Trail or Around Liptákov by Bicycle is held in the Tanvald area on
the second Saturday in June. The
cycle ride on costumed historical
and modern machines begins in
Návarov, continues through Zlatá
Olešnice Na Vrších and arrives in
Tanvald – Šumburk at the Church
of St. Francis of Assisi. There, the
riders are welcomed by the representatives of the Jára Cimrman
Theatre, the mixed choir of the
Tanvald Grammar School and
Jára Cimrman in the Mist by
the Jablonec artist, Petr Šuty, will
be placed on the balcony of the
building of the town cinema in
Tanvald. After the opening of the
cycle trail, the placement of this
statue will be a further reminder
ith music.
i Th
The riders
themselves and the visitors and
participants enjoy the revelry and
the fun and games. Upon the occasion of the fifth anniversary of
the official opening of the Jára
Cimrman Cycle Trail in the Tanvald area, in the places where this
Czech genius was born and without doubt lived, a statue entitled
th master’s
t ’ iimmortal
t l llegacy
off the
in his native region. Once this official act has been completed, the
Tanvald cinema will be renamed
as the JÁRA CIMRMAN JAS CINEMA. The fifth year of the Mad
Dash on the Jára Cimrman Cycle
Trail or Around Liptákov by Bicycle will take place on 12. 6. 2010
and will start at 9:00 am in Ná-
varov with an intermediate start
at 10:30 am in Na Vrších and arrival at the church in Šumbruk
at 12:00 pm to the sound of the
local church bells. All of those
participating in this year’s jubilee
fifth annual Mad Dash from Návarov and Na Vrších will also be
able to enjoy a cultural and fun
program at the church in Tanvald
– Šumburk, an official procession to the centre of Tanvald and
the further program at the town
cinema involving the unveiling
of the statue of “Jára Cimrman in
the Mist” in the presence of the
Jára Cimrman Theatre and other
guests. An exhibition from the
five years of the existence of the
cycle trail and from the previous
four years of the Mad Dash will be
installed in the Tanvald cinema.
The event is organised by the Association of Municipalities from
the Tanvald Micro-Region
[email protected],
Kateřina Preusslerová
Mad Dash Photographer:
Bohumil Jakoubě
Tips for hikers
 The Frýdlant Heritage Trails – this involves tens of marked trails ranging from short,
several-hour-long walks through the town (for
example, Several Footsteps Behind Catherine
of Redern, In Search of the Natives of Frýdlant,
the Commemorative Trees of the Krásný Les
Forest) through to somewhat demanding (for
example, Wells and Springs in the Environs of
Frýdlant, In Search of Heřmanička and the Old
Pilgrimage Track), thematic circuits (Timbered
and Half-Timbered Structures in the Frýdlant
Area, In Search of the Old Crafts), historical and
natural history oriented trails (In the Invisible
Footsteps of the Oldest Settlements, the Ant
City on Kamenný vrch) through to suggestions
for a long-term exploration of the area (the
Churches and Legends of the Frýdlant Area, In
Search of the Conciliatory Crosses and Headstones of the Frýdlant Area, Lookout Towers
and Viewing Points). The trails are not signposted in the terrain, you can find information
and maps at
 The Jablonec Wanderings begin
at the Information Centre in the centre in
the building of the town hall, Jablonec n. N.
(tel.: 774 667 677, [email protected], www. where you will receive a map
and a playing card, on which you can collect
stamps from the visited sites. After collecting
6 different stamps, you will receive a small surprise at the Information Centre. If you collect
all 13 stamps, you will be included in the draw
for valuable prizes at the end of the year.
 Since 2007, Nová Hřebenovka has
led along current hiking tracks from the Giant Mountains through the Jizera Mountains
and the Lusatian Mountains and on to the
Czech-Saxon Switzerland. It has summer and
winter variants – the summer variant for cyclists is over 200 km long. Its northern branch
leads through Albrechtice u Frýdlantu, the
Oldřichov Saddle, Smědava and Jizerka, while
the southern branch leads over the Ještěd
Ridge, Dlouhý Most, Černá Studnice, Tanvald
and also Jizerka.
 In search of the ghosts and magical
beings of the Frýdlant area. Set off on 5
thematic walks, where you will be accompanied by ghosts and spirits from the northernmost promontory in the Czech Republic. On
selected tracks, you will find stamps for your
travel cards. Once you have collected all 5
stamps, this will serve as an invitation to the
autumn gathering in Frýdlant. The information
and travel cards are available at the Frýdlant
Town Information Centre (tel.: 482 464 013,
[email protected]), the Frýdlant Town
Museum, the Frýdlant Château, the Selský dvůr
guesthouse in Raspenava and at the Ecological Information Centre in Jindřichovice p. S.
 The Palacký Trail (20.5 km), the trail is
bordered by the valley along the River Kame-
nice from Tanvald to Spálov. The red-marked
walking track takes hikers from Tanvald to
Spálov via Velké Hamry, Haratice and Návarov
(the route passes through the ruins of the
medieval Návarov Castle). In the area under
Spálov, it connects with the Riegr Trail which
leads along the left-hand bank of the Jizera or
in its vicinity.
More tips for trips
 From Hejnice to the Velký Štolpich
Waterfall and back. The route: Hejnice –
the New Pilgrimage Track – the Krásná Máří
lookout point – the Velký Štolpich Waterfall –
Ořešník – Hejnice, a total of 17 km
Given the fact that Ořešník is only 3 km from
Hejnice, it is clear that this routes heads there
with a slight detour, thanks to which the entire
trip is drawn out to 17 km, and it will take you
along the New Pilgrimage Track, via the Krásná
Máři lookout point and the Štolpich Waterfall
and on to Ořešník.
The Velký Štolpich Waterfall has one claim to
fame: it is the highest waterfall in the Jizera
Mountains. Before you can view its beauty in
full, you have to move to the other bank across
a wooden bridge. At the same time, you will
thus enter the Štolpichy nature reserve. The
waterfall has several levels and the spraying
water dampens everything around it, so the
stones on the track are also wet and slippery in
summer. Under the waterfall, you will find an
information sign which sets out the points of
interest associated with this natural formation.
The ascent to Ořešník is secured with a handrail and steps cut into the cliff. Once again, you
will have a good view of Hejnice, but closer
than from Krásná Máři. The Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary is easily visible. There
is several-metre-high wooden cross there
which completes the overall dominance of the
entire viewing point.
 The Jizerka Peat Bog and Bukovec
Teaching Trail connecting the basalt peak
of Bukovec and the Jizerka peat bog is 6 km
long. The route: Horní Polubný – the Bukovec
Nature Reserve – the Jizerka peat bog.
Bukovec is a dominant basalt peak protruding
above the settlement of Jizerka. Thanks to its
geological base, its slopes are home to protected species of plants and it is differentiated
from its environs by dense beech growth. One
of the few peat bogs in the Jizera Mountains is
located near the municipality of Jizerka on the
stream of the same name. Both these natural
points of interest are connected by a 6 km
long learning trail which maps out the remarkable creations of nature.
The track leads from the start of the road from
Horní Polubný around the old basalt quarry
and over the peak of Bukovec. It ends at the
edge of the Jizerka Peat Bog Nature Reserve.
There is an information centre of the Czech
Environmental Protection Association in the
Jizerka settlement and a museum with an interesting display on the history and present of
the Jizera Mountains.
 The Jestěd Terraces Learning Trail
is 10 km long and leads among the most interesting cliff formations of the Ještěd Ridge. It
starts and ends at the Výpřež Saddle. The track
has 12 stops which will inform you mainly
about the geology and geomorphology of
the Jestěd Ridge, but also of the history of the
cable car on Ještěd, the Ještěd chalets, hotels
and monuments.
 The Jedlový důl learning trail and the
Jedlová Waterfall will introduce you to the natural beauty of the nature reserve of the same
name on a 2 km long track. It passes through
the beautiful northern valley of the Jedlová
Stream. There are 9 stops which introduce the
natural value of the reserve – the remainders
of the original natural beech stands with significant flora and fauna species, cliff formations and waterfalls.
Tips for people in
 Wheelchair tracks – The Jizera Mountains have a number of marked routes which
can be used by people in wheelchairs for trips.
The wheelchair tracks run in parallel to the
other hiking and cycle tracks and they can also
be used by families with small children on bicycles and in prams.,
A tip for a trip
 Traditions for everybody – the Jizerka
settlement (14,5 km)
Smědava – Promenádní (1.5 km) – (The Promenade Track) – U Bunkru (5.2 km) – Mořina
(6.7 km) – Jizerka, the Manor House (8 km)
– Lasičí cesta (9 km) – (the Jizera Road) –
Promenádní (13 km) – Smědava (14.5 km).
One of the medium-length routes, it displays
the Jizerka settlement with the Manor House
and the dominant feature of the Jizera Mountains, Bukovec. The starting point is Smědava,
from where the Promenade Track will lead
you to the photogenic settlement of Jizerka
(861 m) which became part of the film Forgotten Light (Zapomenuté světlo).
Further attractions of the highest located settlement in the area include the Museum of
the Jizera Mountains, whose exhibits include
everything about the local nature, but also
about the history of the Jizera Mountains, the
glassmaking industry, the deposits of precious stones and semiprecious stones, etc. The
uniqueness of the Jizerka settlement is underlined by the fortifications from the 2nd World
War, the protected flora in combination with
the meanders of the Safír Stream or the view
of Mount Bukovec (1,005 m).
Hrádek nad Nisou – Porajów
Kunratice – Bogatynia
The passage of vehicles
up to 12 tons + BUS
up to 6 tons + BUS
Habartice – Zawidów
up to 12 tons + BUS
Srbská – Miloszów
up to 3,5 tons + BUS
Nové Město pod Smrkem
– Czerniawa Zdrój
up to 6 tons + BUS
Harrachov – Jakuszyce
no limits
Further recommended
cross-border walking
Andělka – Lutogniewice,
Černousy/Ves – Zawidów,
Harrachov – Jakuszyce,
Harrachov – Polana Jakuszycka, Heřmanice – Bogatynia, Jindřichovice pod
Smrkem – Świecie, Jizerka
– Orle, Smrk – Stóg Izerski, Višňovská – Wigancice
The provisions of the Schengen acquis have applied
in the Czech Republic since 21. 12. 2007. It is possible
to cross the state border anywhere, provided this is
not at odds with the internal state legal regulations.
In the case of road traffic, it is necessary to adhere
to the local traffic limitations and when on foot you
should especially respect the limitations which apply
to movements in national parks and nature reserves.
Any limitation of the passage over the state border is
designated upon the basis of an agreement with the
administrator of the road in the neighbouring country. The following cross-border road connections exist
in the Liberec Region:
page 7
Attractions and
practical information
 The Skalka four-seater chairlift,
Liberec, The Ještěd Skiing Facility, info-line tel.:
737 222 499,, V–VI, Sat–Sun
9:00 am – 5:30 pm, VII–VIII, Mon–Sun 9:00 am
– 5:30 pm, IX, Sat–Sun 9:00 am – 5:30 pm,
(operations every half hour, midday break
from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm), adult one-way
up: 60 CZK, one-way down: 60 CZK, return:
90 CZK, children, pensioners, invalids one-way
The tradition of rail transport
The members of the Liberec Boveraclub are endeavouring to preserve the
more than one-hundred-year-old tradition of rail transport in both of the
largest cities of the Liberec Region. The historical Bovera tram dating from
1929 operates several times a year (usually on state holidays) along the
route between the Liberec train and bus stations through the city centre to
the zoological gardens and then to Lidové sady, which is the starting point
for a number of marked routes for short walks or all-day hikes into the Jizera
Mountains. This will also occur this year during the May public holidays, on
5th and 6th July, on 28th September, 28th October and 17th November. As
well as these days, it is also possible to order the historical tram for private
trips around Liberec or along the unique route from Liberec to Jablonec
nad Nisou by telephone on 739 682 083 or on the address: boveraclub@ At present, the repairs to a second tram dating from 1953 are approaching completion. This tram was one of those which commenced the
operations between Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec less than two years
later. There will be more to follow. The Boveraclub aims to create a permanent exhibition for the enjoyment of lovers of the history of transport and
for visitors to the region.
Jiří Roženský MSc
up: 40 CZK, one-way down: 40 CZK, return:
60 CZK, family 2+2 one-way up: 160 CZK, oneway down 160 CZK, return: 240 CZK  The
chairlift is 1,472 m long with an elevation of
351 m, it was built in 2006 and it is one of the
most modern chairlifts in the Czech Republic.
The facility also includes a bike park and several cycle tracks leading around the environs
also start on top of Skalka. Bicycles are transported on the chairlift free of charge.
 The four-seater chairlift on Špičák
u Tanvaldu, Albrechtice v Jizerských horách,
SKI Bižu s.r.o., tel.: 483 710 999, www.skijizerky.
cz, VII–VIII, Fri–Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (every
hour on the hour)  Children’s prams and dogs
also transported. 25.–28. 9. chairlift operations,
Sat–Tues 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, at hourly intervals
 The Liberec – Horní Hanychov –
Ještěd funicular, see page 9 (Ještěd)
 The Ještěd funicular is one of oldest classic funiculars. It was built by the well-known
company of František Wiesner from Chrudim
for the former Czechoslovak Railways. Work
began on the construction on 15. 6. 1932 and
the funicular was completed and launched
into operation on 27. 6. 1933. The funicular
travels 1,183 m and it has an elevation of 402 m.
 The tram from the Babylon Centre
to the Liberec ZOO and back, Liberec,
Nitranská 1, tel.: 485 249 202,, VI–VIII, free.
 Special rides on the Bovera histori-
cal tram, Boveraclub, Liberec 3, Mrštíkova 3,
tel.: 739 682 083, [email protected]
 The Świeradów-Zdrój gondola
cable car on Stóg Izerski, Źródlana 7, tel.:
+48 75 61 52 020,, I–
XII, Mon–Sun 9:00 am – 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm
– 9:00 pm, not operational in high winds  An
8-person gondola cable car and a 2.5 km long
downhill slope have been opened in Poland
on the mountain neighbouring Smrk.
 The Szklarska Poręba chairlift –
Kolej linowa Sudety Lift,
Szklarska Poręba, Turystyczna 25 a,
tel.: +48 75 71 72 118,
 A two-seater chairlift on Szrenica (Jínonoš).
Sightseeing flights
 The Hodkovice nad Mohelkou Aero
Club, tel.: 482 725 822, 604 257 553,
 The Liberec Aero Club, Ostašovská 307,
tel: 608 121 426,
 Sightseeing and tandem flights,
tel.: 602 439 889,
see Mountaineering – Adrenaline
Camp grounds
a detailed summary can be found on:,
page 8
The Jizera Mountains – Giant
Mountains railway line on the
route is the steepest and the
only standard gauge rack-andpinion railway in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its Abt pinion rack system, the trains
can overcome a gradient of
235 metres over the almost
7 kilometres between Tanvald (466 m above sea level)
and Kořenov (701 m above sea
level)! The three steepest sections with a total length of 4.4 km
include toothed strips in the
tracks which assist the rack-andpinion trains to overcome the
greatest gradient with a value of
tunnel leads to Harrachov and
the track then heads through the
Novosvětský Pass (886 m above
sea level) towards the Polish
towns of Szklarska Poręba and Jelenia Gora. The route offers many
views of the Jizera Mountains and
the Krkonoše together with the
highest Czech mountain, Mount
Sněžka (1602 m above sea level).
The entire railway was built to
connect the Upper Silesian coal
basin with the industrially developed town of Jablonec. The
operations on the rack-andpinion railway were provided by
a series 404.0 cog locomotive
from the Austrian locomotive
works in Floridsdorf, while the
up to 58 per mille. This is possible
thanks to an ingenious system,
whereby the locomotive’s cogs
click into the teeth of the toothed
strips. The construction of this
mountain track in the summer of
1902 required the construction
of 4 tunnels, many cliff cuttings
and the construction of several bridges. The route continues
across the 25 m high Jizera Viaduct from Kořenov, an S-shaped
operations on the Polish side
were secured by regular steam
locomotives and electric railcars. The most significant was
the ET89 Krakonoš (Rübezahl)
which pulled direct express trains
to Kořenov (formerly Grünthal)
from distant Wroclaw. After
World War II, the international
operations were suspended. In
the 1960s, the track was reconstructed and new T426.0 Austrian
motorised cog locomotives and
Czech series M240.0 motorised
railcars began to operate on the
section from Tanvald to Kořenov.
The regular rack-and-pinion
operations ceased in 1988 and
the Austrian locomotives were
replaced with new series 743 locomotives which did not require
the toothed tracks. Nowadays,
regular operations are provided
by modern non-rack-and-pinion
motorised railcars. This year,
Polish Railways renewed the railway operations from Harrachov
to the Polish towns of Szklarska
Poręba and Jelenia Gora after 65
years. The Tanvald Railway Company, which was established with
the vision of saving and protecting railway monuments, especially the Tanvald – Harrachov track,
has prepared a rich program on
the rack-and-pinion railway and
in the environs for you in the
2010 season. Each nostalgic trip
with the T426.0 cog locomotive,
historical passenger vehicles and
the M240.0 motorised railcars will
be accompanied by a cultural
program at the station in Kořenov
or in the environs.
In 2010, operations will be
renewed on the Harrachov
– Szklarska Poręba Górna
route. If it is possible, the Tanvald
Railway Company will also put on
special trains to Jakuszyce and
Szklarska Poręba Górna.
The timetables for all of the special trains operated by the Tanvald Railway Company will be
published at
The Tanvald Railway Company has also operated the
Railway Museum at the
Kořenov Station since May
The Museum exhibition focuses
on the Tanvald–Kořenov rackand-pinion railway and the connected line to Harrachov and
Polish Szklarska Poręba, its rich
and frequently troubled history,
special features of its operations
and the unique rolling stock on
the line. The museum not only
offers a number of photographs
and documents concerning the
history, present and future of the
line for perusal, but also a number
of exhibits which are associated
with it. The items on display include a period dispatcher’s office,
a rack-and pinion gear assembly,
model trains and much more.
Souvenirs and refreshments are
on sale. The Rack-and-Pinion
Railway Museum, Kořenov, the
train station, 724 820 126, info@,, the
2010 summer season: 29. 5.–26. 9.,
Mon–Sun 9:00 am –5:00 pm, children + pensioners 20 CZK, adults
30 CZK. The Tanvald Railway
Company is preparing a plan for
the reconstruction of the former
boiler house at the Kořenov Station and the establishment of
a Locomotive Museum.
The Tanvald Railway Company, Krkonošská 256, 468 41 Tanvald, [email protected], www.
Kateřina Preusslerová
9. Petřín
11. The
h Liberec
town hhallll
14. Smrkk
15. ŠŠtěpánka
The lookout towers of the Jizera Mountains and their environs
Name / height above sea level / GPS
Contact information
Opening hours and entrance fee
1. Císařský kámen
(637 m)
N 50° 42‘ 47.09“ E 15° 06‘ 16.08“
Rádlo – Milíře
The Borough of Liberec – Vratislavice n. N.
tel.: 482 428 810,
at your own risk
free of charge
2. Černá studnice
(869 m)
N 50° 43‘ 07“ E 15° 13‘ 42“
Horní Černá Studnice 926
tel.: 774 305 830
[email protected],
V–X, only during good weather
Mon–Sun 10:00 am–10:00 pm
3. The Frýdlant Lookout Tower
(399 m)
N 50° 56‘ 06.66“ E 15° 04‘ 37“
tel.: 482 313 474, 724 045 560;
1.–30. 5., 18.–28. 9.
Sat, Sun, public holidays 10:00 am–5:00 pm,
1. 6.–12. 9., Tues–Sun 10:00 am–5:00 pm
4. Ještěd
(1,012 m)
N 50° 43‘ 59.45“ E 14° 59‘ 01.01“
tel.: 485 104 291
[email protected],
free access to the gallery around the tower, a cabin cable-car
travels to Ještěd from Liberec – Horní Hanychov, tel.: 972 365 582 –
ticket office: 485 104 287,,,
I–XII, Mon 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Tues-Sun 8:00 am –7:00 pm,
adults: 75 CZK, return trip: 120 CZK
5. Kopanina
(657 m)
N 50° 39‘ 37.54“ E 15° 09‘ 57.10“
Rychnov u Jablonce n. N.
at the Na Kopanině Chalet
I–XII Mon–Sun 11:00 am–7:00 pm, the key is available for collection
from Mrs Janků opposite the Na Kopanině Chalet, the bond for the
key is 100 CZK, adults: 10 CZK, children: 5 CZK
6. Královka
(859 m)
N 50° 47‘ 31.27“ E 15° 09‘ 28“
Janov n. N. 1160
tel.: 483 310 402, 731 411 863
[email protected]
Mon–Sun 10:00 am–10:00 pm
7. Nisanka
(676 m)
N 50° 43‘ 53“ E 15° 12‘ 57“
Nová Ves n. N.
tel.: 724 321 724, 488 880 852
V, Fri–Sun 10:00 am–5:00 pm; VI, IX, Wed–Sun 10:00 am–5:00 pm
VII–VIII, Mon–Sun 10:00–5:00 pm; children up to 6 years of age free
of charge, adults: 15 CZK; year-round entrance fee: 45 CZK
30 m 750 m
8. The New Town Hall
(513 m)
N 50° 43‘ 27.48“ E 15° 10‘ 16.32“
Jablonec n. N., Mírové náměstí 3100
tel.: 774 667 677
[email protected],
VII–VIII, Mon–Fri 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00
pm, 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm, (Mon and Wed) 4:00 pm, meet at the
information centre; adults: 20 CZK, children over 6: 10 CZK
30 m 500 m
9. Petřín
(608 m)
N 50° 42‘ 43.60“ E 15° 10‘ 11.02“
Jablonec n. N., Petřínská 6
tel.: 483 302 861–2
Mon–Sun 10:00 am–9:00 pm
adults: 20 CZK, children free of charge
10. Proseč
(593 m)
N 50° 44‘ 31.2“ E 15° 07‘ 47.69“
Jablonec n. N. – Lukášov, Nad Prosečí 13
tel.: 733 101 670, 725 554 947, [email protected],
Sat, Sun 1:00 pm–4:00 pm
otherwise by telephone arrangement for at least 5 people
200 m 500 m
11. The Liberec Town Hall
(370 m)
N 50° 46‘ 09.84“ E 15° 03‘ 29.52“
Liberec, náměstí Dr. E. Beneše 1
tel.: 485 101 709
VI–IX, Mon–Sat 9:00 am–3:00 pm
X–V, Thurs 9:00 am–3:00 pm,
every full hour or by telephone arrangement
200 m 1,5 km
12. Rašovka
(610 m)
N 50° 41‘ 52.08“ E 15° 02‘ 54.60“
Liberec, Restaurace V Trnčí s rozhlednou, Rašovka 79 I–XII
tel.: 485 122 403
Tues–Sat 11:00 am–8:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am –7:00 pm
13. Slovanka
(820 m)
N 50° 46‘ 23.15“ E 15° 11‘ 47.85“
Lučany n. N., Horní Maxov 8
tel.: 602 831 420, 607 744 593
[email protected],
free access
free of charge
14. Smrk
(1,124 m)
N 50° 53‘ 23.96“ E 15° 16‘ 19.43“
Nové Město pod Smrkem
free access
free of charge
15. Štěpánka
(Mount Hvězda, 958 m)
N 50° 44‘ 47.36“ E 15° 21‘ 59.94“
Kořenov – Příchovice
tel.: 603 806 473
IV–VI, Tues–Sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
VII–VIII, Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
IX–X, Tues–Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
16. Špičák by Tanvald
(831 m)
N 50° 45‘ 06.01“ E 15° 16‘ 57.33“
Albrechtice v Jizerských horách 355
tel.: 775 369 645;
30. 4.–25. 6. and 5. 9.–10. 10., Wed–Sun 9:00 am – 7:00 pm;
26. 6.–4. 9. Tues–Sun 9:00 am – 8:00 pm; 10. 10.–30. 11. Fri–Sun
10:00 am – 6:00 pm; The cableway is operational VII–VIII, Fri–Sun,
9:00 am – 5:00 pm every full hour.
17. The Frýdlant Town Hall Tower
(294 m)
N 50° 55‘ 19.51“ E 15° 04‘ 42.43“
Frýdlant, náměstí T. G. Masaryka 37
[email protected]
V, IX, Sat–Sun, VI–VIII, Tues–Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
adults: 30 CZK, children and pensioners: 15 CZK
18. The Lidové sady Lookout Tower
(450 m)
N 50° 46‘ 38.56“ E 15° 04‘ 52.64“
Liberec 1, Lidové sady 425/1
tel.: 482 710 649, [email protected]
I–XII, Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
children from 10 years of age, students, pensioners: 5 CZK,
adults: 10 CZK
1 km 2 km
300 m
700 m
road under
reconstruction, but in
300 m
2 km
200 m 1 km
all 5 km
100 m 1 km
1,2 km
500 m
100 m
You will find selected lookout towers according to their numbers on the map on pages 12 and 13.
80 m
page 9
The Jablonec Cultural
and Information
Centre provides
visitors to the Jizera
Mountains with
information about the
region’s technical and
sacral monuments
in a series of new
Castles and Châteaux
 Castle Frýdštejn, Hodkovice nad
Mohelkou, Frýdštejn 80, tel.: 483 393 060,, V–X, Tues–Sun 10:00 am
– 5:00 pm, children aged 6 to 15: 10 CZK,
students, pensioners: 30 CZK, adults: 40 CZK,
GPS: N 50° 38’ 55.5” E 15° 10’ 06.74”
 The Frýdlant State Castle and Château, The National Heritage Institute, the
Frýdlant state castle and château administration, Zámecká 4001, tel.: 482 312 130, www., IV, X, Tues–
Sun 9:00 am – 3:30 pm, V, VI, IX, Tues–Sun
9:00 am – 4:00 pm, VII–VIII, Tues–Sun 9:00 am
– 4:30 pm, adults: 130 CZK, children and students: 80 CZK, pensioners: 90 CZK, tours in
foreign languages: adults: 190 CZK, children:
130 CZK, GPS: N 50° 54’ 54.81” E 15° 05’ 00.93”
 The Sychrov State Château, The National Heritage Institute, the Sychrov state
château administration, tel.: 482 416 011, www., XI–III, Mon–Sun 10:00 am –
2:00 pm, IV, IX–X, Mon–Sun 9:00 am – 3:30 pm,
V–VIII, Mon–Sun 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, adults:
100 CZK, senior citizens above 65: 70 CZK,
children aged 6–15, students aged 15–26, disability cardholders, the escorts of disability
card holders: 70 CZK, children up to 6: free,
GPS: N 50° 37’ 34.64” E 15° 05’ 20.18”.
It is also possible to visit the following
nearby places:
 The Grabštejn State Castle and
Château, Hrádek n. N., tel.: 482 724 301,, V–IX  A newly restored
and opened castle in the Tri-Nation Area, accessible from its deepest dungeon up to the
top of its highest tower.
 The Lemberk State Château,
Jablonné v Podještědí, tel.: 487 762 305,
[email protected]
 The Hrubý Rohozec State Château,
Turnov, tel.: 481 321 012,
[email protected]
 Castle Chojnik, 58-570 Jelenia
Gora – Sobieszow, tel.: +48 75 75 56 394,, V–VI, IX–X, Tues–Fri
10:00 am – 5:00 pm, VII–VIII, Tues–Sun 10:00
am – 6:00 pm, adults: 5 PLN, children: 3 PLN,
GPS: N 50° 50’ 02.50” E 15° 38’ 37.80”
 The Czocha Château, StankowiceSucha, 59-820 Leśna, tel.: +48 757 211 553,
+48 757 211 185,, Mon–
Sun 10:00 am – 4:30 pm, children and young
people aged 3–15: 6 PLN, adults: 12 PLN,
entry to the outer château courtyard free
from 6:00 pm, otherwise children and young
people aged up to 15: 1.50 PLN, adults: 3 PLN,
GPS: N 51° 01’ 49.20” E 15° 18’ 12.80”  The
Czocha Château was built in the 2nd half of
the 13th century, it is located by the Leśnian
Lake and it is one of the most beautiful châteaux in Poland. In 1909, it was owned by the
Dresden banker, Ernst von Gütschow. He had
it reconstructed and it was this that gave the
building its character of a romantic seat. There
are a number of elements there which are classic château attributes and correspond to the
ideas of the appearance of a “real medieval
guard castle”.
 Castle Świecie, a castle ruin from
the 14th century by the road from Leśná to
Świeradów, about 5 km to the south of Leśna.
 Castle Gryf, a ruin of a medieval castle in
the village of Proszówka, on a hill (447 m above
sea level) which rises above the Gryfów Śląski
– Mirsk road, 6 km to the south of Gryfow and
2 km to the northeast of Mirsk. The building
now has a private owner.
 Castle Rajsko, the ruin of a PIastov medieval castle standing in the territory of the
small village of Zapusta near the road from
Leśna to Biedrzychowice.
Botanical gardens
and zoos
An invitation to visit the town hall
tower in Frýdlant
When visiting our town in the foothills of the Jizera Mountains, visitors
are immediately attracted by two dominant buildings. The first of these is
the Frýdlant state château, while the second, no less important building is
that of the town hall in the centre of the town.
Let us take a short look at its history. The building was designed by the
Viennese architect Franz von Neumann, who also designed the town hall
in Liberec. The construction work began in 1893. You can convince yourself
of this fact by looking at the quoin of the town hall’s tower, where this year
is stated. The tower is 48 metres high. The construction of this building was
supposed to display the strength of Frýdlant’s industry, the representatives
of which subsidised the realisation of the project. This fact is born out by
the texts in the beautiful stained-glass windows above the stairwell leading to the first floor of the town hall building. The main investors included
the Frýdlant Savings Bank and the Rolffs Company. The construction work
took three years and the new building was officially opened on 18. 8. 1896.
It is interesting that the old town hall building was not demolished until the
following year. (The town museum houses a remnant of this renaissance
building – the copper vase which terminated the tower.) We must further
mention the fact that the town hall tower has housed a set of bells since
1998, the chiming of which enhances the town’s historical local colour.
They can be heard every hour on the hour.
Iva Beranová, MSc.
page 10
 The Černá Studnice Arboretum, next
to the Černá studnice lookout tower.
 The Josef Ebert Arboretum, Hejnice,
Ferdinandov 62, entrance price: voluntary
 A unique collection of ornamental trees in
a natural environment built up over 30 years.
 Historical falconry, birds of prey flying free, the Sychrov Château – park, tel.:
604 201 603, 482 416 011, [email protected],
XI–III, only by telephone arrangement.
 The Liberec ZOO
and the Liberec Botanical Gardens
The regular events
at the ZOO
 the elephants’ bath time (9:00 am)
 training and feeding the sea lions
(10:30 am and 3:00 pm)
 feeding the penguins
(12:00 pm and 4:00 pm in summer)
 feeding the meerkats (12:30 pm,
except weekends, in summer)
 feeding the wolves (1:00 pm, except
weekends, in summer)
 training the elephants (2:00 pm, if the
weather is good)
entertainment/a selection
 The Children’s and Youth Centre,
Frýdlant, Mládeže 907, tel.: 482 312 270,
737 336 715,
 The ROROŠ Leisure Time Centre,
Nové Město pod Smrkem, Frýdlantská 841,
tel.: 482 325 319,
 The Fun Learning Centre – iQpark,
Centrum Babylon Liberec, tel.: 485 249 924,, I–XII, Mon–Sun 10:00 am –
8:00 pm  A place where science is entertaining. Experiments, labyrinths, water games,
nature and energy, games and puzzles, illusions, learning through fun
 The Children’s Castle – Centrum
Babylon Liberec, tel.: 485 249 943,, I–XII, Mon–Sun
10:00 am – 8:00 pm
 The Babylonek Children’s Club, Centrum Babylon Liberec, tel.: 485 249 659,
602 101 740,
 The Children’s Corner, the Liberec Cultural and Social Centre, Lidové sady 425/1, tel.:
482 710 649, 777 014 031,, IV–X, Mon–Sun 9:00 am – 6:00 pm,
only open in good weather, adults: 20 CZK,
children from 1 year: 30 CZK  Fountains,
a train, a small Ferris wheel, a maze, climbing
frames, slides, merry-go-rounds, swings, sand
pits and other attractions, refreshments.
 The Větrník Children’s and Youth
Centre, Riegrova 16, tel.: 482 710 401,
 The Na rozcestí Playground,
Na Rozcestí – Vratislavice n. N.,
tel.: 777 710 255,
 The Labyrinth – Centrum Babylon
Liberec, tel.: 485 249 924,, I–XII, Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
 A labyrinth and illusions.
 Lunapark – Centrum Babylon Liberec, tel.: 485 249 947, www.BabylonLiberec.
cz, I–XII, Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.
 Smeťák, Klášterského ul. – by the retirement home behind the Billa supermarket,
Františkov, tel.: 603 151 488,, V–IX, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, X, 10:00 am
– 5:00 pm
 The multipurpose playground in
the Liberec City Stadium facility, Jeronýmova 570/22, tel.: 488 048 111,, V–IX, 8:00 am –
8:00 pm, X–IV, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, free  More
than 25 pieces of playing equipment – climbing frames, slides, a flying fox, etc.
Jablonec nad Nisou
 The Vikýř Children’s and Youth
Centre, Podhorská 49, tel.: 483 711 725,
483 713 004,
 The Youth Information Centre,
Podhorská 49, tel.: 483 711 725, 483 713 003,
483 713 004, [email protected],
 The Ulita Tanvald Children’s
and Youth Centre,
tel.: 483 394 301, [email protected]
 The Pěnčín Excursion Facility
(Fipobex), see Glass Excursions
adventure of discovery
page 11
Museums, national
history, monuments /
a selection
Jindřichovice p. S.
 The Ecological Information Centre
(EIC) and wind turbine with an exhibition
of alternative energy, the Resec Company,
tel.: 604 777 977, 482 328 007,
 The living outdoor museum in
Jindřichovice p. S., o. s. Lunaria, Jindřichovice 12, tel.: 605 345 467, www.lunaria-
The ant town
You have come to the Kamenný vrch Natural Monument which is home to
200 nests of ants from the Formica polyctena species in an area of 35
hectares (this is the most numerous colony in the Liberec Region). If any of
them bite you, as they did me last time, you should realise just how many
uses this ant has. It hunts overabundant pests and is able to carry a load
up to 20× more than its own weight. All of the ants from one nest hunt
and kill up to 100,000 pieces of prey per day. They aerate the soil and enrich it with humus. The distribute plant seeds. They breed aphids, whose
honeydew is also consumed by other inhabitants of the forest. The ants
also let other types of insects live in the anthills, especially the larvae of
the rose chafer beetle, the caterpillars of butterflies or some spiders which
would otherwise not have anywhere to lay their heads. And they even feed
orioles, woodpeckers and so on – they are even the exclusive food for the
protected wryneck. We humans are nowhere near as useful, so please only
lightly blow on any ant which may have bitten you. He would otherwise
be missing from their numbers, because apparently 1 million ants live in
a single anthill (not 999,999, so that ant must return). His mother (the queen)
would miss him. Who knows what kind of nostalgic moods she may have
during her impressive 25 years of age. We do know, however, that in the
queen has a stable temperature of 24–27 °C in the core of the nest all seasons and that she lays about 30 eggs a day. After all, she has some work to
do, if she is to fill all of the corridors and chambers, which are not only on
the surface, but also stretch 1–2 m beneath the earth, with her children.
Somebody has even calculated that the weight of all the ants in the world
is the same as the weight of all the humans and that the weight of all the
other insects is only twice as much. So, just think of how all the statistics in
these books would have to be changed, if you were to squash that ant. You
simply cannot have such a responsibility on your conscience.
The talk of Mr. Zbyněk Vlk MSc on the “Ant Town on Kamenný vrch” natural
monument, upon the basis of expert information provided by Mr Daňo.  The Lunaria citizens’ association has been building a Museum of the Life
of the Rural Citizenry since 1999. You will see
folk architecture structures there (for example,
a reconstructed windmill) and exhibits ranging from large machines to dishes, you can
purchase local products and when visiting the
outdoor museum, you will become aware of
the fact that our ancestors respected nature
and were able to farm ecologically and you
will become immersed in the history of the
Frýdlant area. Weekend courses of traditional
skills and crafts are held there at weekends
and the facility includes a library of ecological,
spiritual and beautiful literature.
 The museum, in the outdoor museum
facility, IV–IX, Tues–Sat 10:00 am – 5:00 pm,
X–III, Fri–Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, otherwise
by telephone arrangement, adults: 50 CZK,
students, children, pensioners, handicapped
cardholders: 25 CZK
 The windmill with a turbine
 The teaching trail – Around
Jindřichovice to the Heights of
Ideals and the Valley of the Soul,
 The teaching trail is about 12 km long.
The Frýdlant area
 The Český svět estate and the
Ondřej Stelzig smithy, Dolní Řasnice,
by telephone arrangement: 603 903 238,  The smithy – the
home of the Dolní Rašnice blacksmith Andreas
(Ondřej) Stelzig, building no. 27, now stands on
the right-hand side of the road from Frýdlant
to Jindřichovice pod Smrkem and it dates from
1640. The current owners have transformed
the ruins into a charming museum where
every item has its own more or less believable
story. Historical gems mix with funny objects.
They have been brought there by people who
were enchanted by a visit to the smithy! The information about the local folk costumes or the
hygiene regulations is engaging. The smithy’s
forge went out more than 100 years ago, but
you can find blacksmith’s products and tools
there, as well as the occasional live blacksmith.
The smithy is a rare example of folk architecture. It is connected to the Český svět estate,
which has been renewed around the former
village magistrate’s house (building no. 29).
It includes the renovated Domov chapel, the
more than 250-year-old farm area reserved
for the retiring farmer with a thatched roof
and the granary brought from distant Dolní
Olešnice. Work is underway on the completion
of the weaver’s house which has been brought
from Chrastava. Closed from 10. –18. 7.
31.7.–1.8. The Hvězdicový march to
Dolní Řasnice on the occasion of the
330th anniversary of the serfs’ uprising and
the 30th anniversary of the opening of the
smithy to the public.
 The Dean’s Church of the Discovery
of the Holy Cross, Frýdlant, Děkanská 85
 After the castle, this is the most significant
historical monument in Frýdlant. It was built
in 1551 on the foundations of the older Shrine
to St. Catherine. The interior includes a monumental funeral chapel with the Redern family
tomb dating from 1566 which is one of the
most beautiful renaissance monuments in Bohemia. Open on 18. 9. – European Heritage
Days –
 The Church of the Visitation of the
Virgin Mary and the International Centre for Spiritual Renewal, see page 20.
 The Klinger Mausoleum, Nové Město
pod Smrkem, Celní Street,,
Mon–Fri, visits by telephone arrangement on
482 360 334  The mausoleum is a significant, fundamental monument which was built
in 1901 by the descendants of the founder of
a local textile company. Ignaz Klinger began in
1839 as a supervisor who organised the home
spinning of yarn for various businesspeople. In
1862, he built his own weaving mill and there
were 150 mechanical looms working in it from
Dark Sky Area
The Jizera
page 14
The upper reaches of the Jizera
and Jizerka Valleys are among the
most valuable natural areas on
the Czech-Polish border. This area
is relatively thinly settled and at
the same time it is well shielded
from the lights of the municipalities in the Jizera Mountains by the
mountain ridges. The night sky
is approximately twice as clear
there as in areas where the sky is
polluted by light, because the sky
in the area is much darker than in
the towns where the brightness
of the night sky may be more
than 40 times greater than in
nature. Moreover, this area is also
interesting and valuable from the
point of view of its nature.
The Jizera Valley is easily accessible to tourists, which means
that significant numbers of
people can use the cognitive
features of such a place. The realisation of this project will without
doubt bring benefits not only to
the nature of the Jizera Mountains, but will also help draw the
attention of the public to the
problem of light pollution. The
designated area has been established with the aim of informing
the lay and specialist public of the
locally preserved night environment, to educate people with regard to this area and to promote
environmental protection with
an emphasis on a black sky and
it will become the basis for the
protection of the environment
against light pollution in the area.
The area was declared within
the framework of the 2009 Year
of International Astronomy. Its
boundaries have been marked on
the map and information signs
have been placed on the main access routes. The information will
also be published at the local and
surrounding information centres,
on the Czech-Polish web and on
the websites of the participating
The border of the Jizera Dark Sky Area (blue) imposed upon
the hypsometric map of the Jizera Mountains.
The Czech-Polish border is marked in a light colour.
 LÁZNĚ LIBVERDA, a. s., see page 20
 The Frýdlant Town Museum,
nám. T. G. Masaryka 37, tel.: 482 464 055,, V–IX, Tues–Sun
9:00 am – 3:00 pm, X–IV, Tues and Thurs
9:00 am – 3:00 pm, adults: 20 CZK, children and
students: 10 CZK, group tickets for more than 5
people: 5 CZK  The museum was established
in 1893 and since that time it has offered visitors
a number of exhibits related to the town and
its environs. Of the many points of interest, it is
possible to mention the sword of the Frýdlant
executioner, a copy of a painting depicting the
probable appearance of Albrecht von Wallenstein and a model of the renaissance town hall.
 The Nové Město pod Smrkem Museum, Palackého 276, tel.: 482 325 941,, Mon 9:00 am
– 11:00 am and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Tues 9:00 –
11:30 am and 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm, Wed 1:00 pm –
3:00 pm, Thurs 9:00 am – 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
– 5:00 pm, VII, VIII, and Sat and Sun 9:00 am –
11:00 am and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, adults: 10 CZK,
children: 5 CZK, groups 3 CZK  The museum
displays and describes the nature and points of
interest of the Frýdlant headland and its history.
 The Giant Barrel Restaurant
(Restaurace Obří sud), see page 20
 Smědava, see page 20
 The private regional museum of the
municipality of Višňová v Poustce, Frýdlant 59, tel.: 482 348 237,, Sat,
Sun 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, entrance free  An
exhibition of the history of the municipality in
half-timbered house no. 59 (in the building of
the former Alfons Mucha Gallery).
 The Frýdlant Railway Museum,
the Frýdlant District Railway Association,
Frýdlant, Žitavská 867, tel.: 721 404 011,, VII–IX, Sat 9:00 am
– 4:00 pm, voluntary entrance fee  A locomotive shed near the railway station, a permanent exhibition of the history of the railway
in the Frýdlant area, especially the Frýdlant–
Heřmanice narrow gauge railway.
 AUTOMUZEUM.CZ – The Museum
of the Motoring History of the Liberec
Area, Vratislavice n. N., Liberec 30, Tanvaldská 164, The Konrad Brewery facility, tel.:
602 818 535,, in the
summer season, every Sunday 10:00 am –
4:00 pm, adults: 30 CZK, children: 10 CZK,
groups of more than 10 people must be
booked in advance! A tour of the brewery can
be arranged by telephone on 606 563 147.
 iQpark – the centre of entertaining learning, Centrum Babylon Liberec,
tel.: 485 249 649, 485 249 202,
 The town hall, nám. Dr. E. Beneše 1, tel.:
485 101 709,  The neo-renaissance building of the Liberec town hall was
built in 1893 according to plans by the Viennese architect F. Neumann. It is known for its
similar appearance to the town hall in Vienna.
 The North Bohemian Museum, Masarykova 11, tel.: 485 246 111, www.muzeumlb.
cz, Tues–Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, children,
students, pensioners: 20 CZK, adults: 50 CZK
 The current building was built in 1897–1898
in the neo-renaissance style according to a design by B. Ohmann.
 The Wallenstein Houses, Větrná ulice
 They are the oldest preserved houses in Liberec. They date from 1678–81 and are the only
monument to this classic type of burgher house.
Jablonec nad Nisou
 The Museum of Glass and Costume
Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou,
U Muzea 398/4, tel.: 483 369 011,, I–XII, Tues–Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm,
adults: 80 CZK, children aged 6–15, students,
pensioners, invalids: 50 CZK, an independent
ticket for exhibitions: 40 CZK  The Glass and
Costume Jewellery Museum presents the history of glass production which has a tradition
of several hundred years in the town. The
main art nouveau building was built in 1904
by the architect Emilian Herbig and originally
belonged to the export company of Zimmer
& Schmidt. After the general reconstruction
which took place in 2000–2004, you will find
the best of the museum’s extensive collections
there. There are two permanent exhibitions
on the past and the present of Czech glassmaking, jewellery production, Jablonec costume jewellery and coin minting: The Magical
World of Costume Jewellery and The Enchanting Garden – Czech Glass of Seven Centuries.
These open and interesting permanent exhibitions provide visitors with information at
several levels. They enable visitors to view the
deeper connections, but also provide the option of merely meditating or playing with part
of the exhibits. The main building currently
also offers visitors thematic exhibitions, a computer information system on the world of glass
and costume jewellery, a specialist library with
a study room, museum programs for the public and a pleasant shop with seating.
Jablonec Church Open Days
4. 5.–14. 9., every Tuesday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, other days by telephone
arrangement in advance, an accompanying program from 4:00 pm,
The following are accessible:
 The Dr. Farský Church of the Church of the Czechoslovak Hussites,
tel.: 483 710 333
 The Old Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross,
tel.: 724 292 073 (the reconstruction of the interior will take place
during tours)
 The Roman Catholic Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
tel.: 483 312 327
 Saint Anne’s Church, tel.: 483 310 064, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
 The Church of the Holy Ghost – Rýnovice, tel.: 483 312 327
(by telephone arrangement for groups of more than 5 people)
 Galerie Belveder, Mlýnská 27,
tel.: 483 310 947,, X–XII,
Tues–Fri 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm –
5:00 pm, V–IX closed, a uniform entrance price
of 30 CZK.
The four-panelled linocut by
Adolf Schnabel of Desná
The German-written works of
Gustav were based on the writer’s
close contact with the landscape
of the Jizera Mountains and the
people who lived there. He is the
author of five novels and several
poems, stories and national history studies. Two of his poems were
even set to music. Because of
his poems and books, which he
wrote with love about the Jizera
Mountains and their inhabitants,
he has been called the “poet of
the Jizera Mountains”, clearly
thanks to his ability to express
the unrepeatable atmosphere of
the nature and life of the Jizera
Mountains using poetical means.
Gustav Leutelt received several awards for his numerous
writing and teaching activities.
A monument to him was erected
in Josefův Důl in 1920. In 1923,
the Leutelt Association was
established in Jablonec nad Nisou and it is still active in the
Federal Republic of Germany.
Thanks to its activities, the works
of Gustav Leutelt have remained
The Leutelt Association and
the Municipality of Josefův Důl
contributed to the renewal of the
Leutelt monument in 1994.
The Municipality of Josefův
Důl is preparing a celebration
of the 150th anniversary of
the birth of Gustav Leutelt
entitled the Gustav Leutelt
Days: the date of this anniversary
is 21st September. The opening of
an exhibition of paintings by Václav Kocum with paintings set to
motifs inspired by G. Leutelt (the
Book of the Forest) will take place
on this day. All of the information
on the Gustav Leutelt Days can be
found at www.
The Museum of Local
History and the Municipal Library, Josefův Důl 210,
tel.: 483 381 110, 483 381 096,
[email protected], www., adults: 20 CZK, children, students, pensioners and
handicapped card holders: 10 CZK
 The Museum plans on applying
seasonal opening hours, current
information on www.
Kateřina Preusslerová
School and the school at Dolní
Maxov until his premature retirement. The activities of this native
of Josefův Důl of German origin
ended in the Jizera Mountains,
which he loved greatly, when
he and his wife were deported
from Czechoslovakia in 1946. He
died in 1947 in the municipality
of Seebergen and he was subsequently long forgotten in his native region.
of Local History
The museum offers the option of getting to know the history of the local region, as well
as the history of the Municipalities of Josefův Důl, Antonínov,
Dolní Maxov and Karlov. A total
of 3 exhibition areas have been
built. As well as history, one of the
museum’s exhibition rooms has
been dedicated to the local traditional industries of glassmaking,
the textile industry and wood
processing. A further room has
also been dedicated to significant personalities of the municipality and the environs (writers,
painters, vicars and the founders
of industry).
The most significant natives of
the municipality include the poet
and writer Gustav Leutelt. He
was born on 21st September 1860
in Josefův Důl into the family of
the teacher, Johann Michael Leutelt. This clearly predestined his
life. After completing his studies
at the Litoměřice Teaching Institute in 1879, Gustav Leutelt
worked as a teacher and later as
the principal of the Josefův Důl
page 15
The Giant
Mountains season
Would you like to find
out what is new with
our neighbours?
The information
centres have prepared
for you a free
newspaper with
points of interest from
the Giant Mountains
for the summer 2010
 The glassmaking monument in
the Jizera Mountains – Kristiánov, tel.:
771 416 326,, VI–IX, Mon–
Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, 20 CZK  The monument is part of the Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery, from which is it approximately
14 km distant. It is one of the highest located
museums in the Czech Republic. Nowadays,
the last structure of the former significant glassmaking settlement of Kristiánov, Liščí bouda (the
former glassmakers’ pub) recalls the recent past
of the defunct glassworks of the Jizera Mountains established by the well-known Reidel family in 1775. There is an exhibition there under
the name of Kristiánov – the Key to the Heart
of the Jizera Mountains, where you will be able
to become acquainted with the history of the
place and the glassmaking production. There is
a model of the glassmaking settlement on display there. The former settlement also includes
a small cemetery with the remains of the glassworks’ owners. The Marian glass fair is held there
every year on the first Saturday in September.
 Korálek – a historical glass pressing
plant, Kokonín, see Glass Excursions
 Bedřichov – the archaeological area
of the former glassworks, the Bedřichov
Information Centre 218, tel.: 483 380 034,  Freely accessible, no
tours – the remains of the circumferential walls,
the glassmaking furnaces and the glassmaking
infrastructure, there are information signs in
the area – the history of the glassworks, drawn
and photographic documentation.
 The Šámal Chalet at Nová Louka, tel.:
483 713 671  In the mid 18th century, a glassworks was built on the site, including the seat
of the glassworks’ owner, the so-called Manor
House. After the closure of the glassworks
after approximately 100 years of operations,
the Manor House was rebuilt as a hunting
lodge, the form of which has been preserved.
At present, it is used as a guesthouse and a res-
taurant and it is a favourite and tradition destination for hikers, cyclists and skiers due to its
position in the heart of the Jizera Mountains.
Rychnov u Jablonce n. N.
 The Town Museum in Rychnov u Jablonce n. N. – An exhibition of Rychnov
painting (in the town hall), Husova 490,
tel.: 488 880 927,, I–XII,
Mon–Thurs 9:00 am – 11:00 am and 2:00 pm –
4:00 pm, Fri 9:00 am – 11:00 pm, free of charge.
Smržovka – Nová Ves n. N.
 The Museum of Local History of
Smržovka and the exhibition hall,
nám. T. G. Masaryka 1, tel.: 483 369 325,, Wed: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Sat, Sun 10:00 am –
12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, possible at
other times by telephone arrangement  The
Museum is located in the attic of the Smržovka
Château on the T. G. Masaryk Square. The exhibition consists of period items, photographs
and maps loaned or given by local citizens or
by friends of Smržovka. It depicts the historical
development of the town, points to interesting places and structures and recalls the significant personalities of Smržovka. 
 The Museum of Armoured Technology, the former Lučany nad Nisou agricultural
cooperative, at the border of the municipalities
of Smržovka and Nová Ves, tel.: 602 370 575,, II–XI, Sat,
Sun 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, we recommend
that you phone in advance, VII–VIII, Tues–Fri
10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sat–Sun 9:00 – 6:00 pm,
the possibility of tank rides at the weekend after
a prior telephone arrangement, GPS: N 50° 43’ 3”,
E 15° 13’ 56”  The Museum is oriented towards
armoured track vehicles and antiaircraft artillery.
Tanvald – Kořenov
 The Riedel villa and garden,
Desná v Jizerských horách, Krkonošská 120,
tel.: 483 383 019,  This
family villa in the style of the north Italian representative seats was built by the famous glass
businessman Josef Riedel junior in 1893–1894.
The villa stands on the site of the former
complex of the hydrotherapeutic spa which
was established and run by the local doctor,
Dr. Josef Schindler, according to the Priessnitz
 An exhibition – the Museum of Light
Fortifications, the municipality of Tesařov,
Kořenov, under the Štěpánka lookout tower,
tel.: 737 376 238, V–VI, IX, Sat–Sun 9:00 am –
6:00 pm (with the exception of 15.–16. 5., 19.–
20. 6. and 25.–26. 9.), VII, VIII, Tues–Sun 9:00 am
– 6:00 pm (with the exception of 17.–18. 7.
and 14.–15. 8.)  The trail is marked with blue
hiking trail markings.
 The Museum of the Jizera Mountains, Kořenov, the Jizerka settlement, tel.:
723 519 290,, V–X, Sat–
Sun 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, adults: 35 CZK, pensioners: 30 CZK, children: 20 CZK, families:
70 CZK  The building was built in 1889 during the period of the greatest boom at the
settlement of Jizerka and it served as a school
for the children of the local inhabitants.
 The Museum of the Rack Railway,
Kořenov, see page 8
 The Tesařov Chapel (Kořenov) is
a dominant feature of the region which is visible from afar – an octagonal structure with
white walls. More information can be found at
pod Bukovou
The DETOA Albrechtice
s. r. o. Museum of Toy Production, Jiřetín pod Bukovou 6,
tel.: 483 356 322,,
I–XII, Mon–Fri 8:00 am–1:00 pm
(for pre-booked groups of 8–15
people), adults: 50 CZK in Czech,
70 CZK in a foreign language
 Visitors can see the production
of traditional wooden toys from
the processing of the raw timber
through to the finished product.
DETOA Albrechtice s. r. o., the
oldest factory for the production of toys in the Czech
Republic, was built in the classicist style with unique art-deco
elements (the design was drawn
up by the well-known Jablonec
architect, Hemmrich). It was established in Jiřetín pod Bukovou
page 16
in 1908 by Johann Schowanek
from Paseky nad Jizerou, who
began making lathed wooden
beads, buttons, Christmas de-corations and wooden costume jewellery. After 1927,
the Schowanek Company
began to also manufacture
wooden toys and entertaining play sets for children and adults. A massive
industrial plant thus grew
up in the mountain municipality of Jiřetín pod Bukovou
and in 1934 it provided jobs for
up to 1,000 employees who commuted from the wider environs
and worked in three shifts. The
factory grew to include further
structures and park landscaping
in the environs and it became the
largest factory of beads and buttons in Europe. After the death
of Schowanek senior in 1935,
the company passed to Hans
Schowanek junior and during the
period of the Second World War
it also carried out production for
military purposes. After the end
of World War II, nationalisation
in 19
1945 and its renaming as
the TTOFA national company in
1948, the production program
to include the production of piano mechanisms used in instruments
made by Petrof, Förster,
Scholze and others as
well as its traditional prewar program of wooden
costume jewellery and
toys. The company has
born the name DETOA
Albrechtice s. r. o. since
1994. The company newly offers
excursions, a visitors’ circuit
of the production areas with
the possibility of seeing the entire production technology ranging from the processing of the
raw timber through to the final
assembly of the toys and also
the unique production of piano
mechanisms. The production
still takes place in the classical, traditional way with
a large amount of manual
work. The company’s machinery dates from the period of 1920–2009. The tour may
also include a visit to the company shop with an offer of the entire
range of unique wooden toys,
including the Little Mole range
under license from Zdeněk Miler.
i it th
Also visit
the SSchowanek
Vila in Jiřetín, which was built
in 1908 and fully reconstructed in
1936–1938 in the functionalist
style. The villa houses an exhibition of historical skis, an exhibition of local history and a nature
Vila Schowanek, Jiřetín pod
Bukovou 73, tel.: 483 381 687,
[email protected],,
I–XII, Sat 9:00 am – 3:00 pm,
Mon–Fri 8:00 am – 4:00 pm for
pre-booked groups,
adults: 50 CZK, children: 40 CZK.
Kateřina Preusslerová
 The
(Fipobex), see Glass Excursions
 The Agricultural Museum – the
Pěnčín Excursion Area, Bratříkov,
Pěnčín 60, tel.: 483 368 468,,, I–XII, Mon–Sun
8:00 am – 4:00 pm, a voluntary entrance
charge  An exhibition of agricultural machines from the Jablonec and Turnov area
which were used to work the fields.
An excursion train travels from the facility in Pěnčín to the church at Krásná
and then to the Černá studnice lookout
 The Glass Museum is part of Novosad
& syn Harrachov s. r. o. Czech Republic Glassworks and Mini-Brewery, tel.: 481 528 141,, the Glass Museum:
I–XII, Mon–Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, excursions through the glassworks operations are
possible: I–XII, Mon–Sun 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
 The glassworks is the oldest functioning
glassworks in the Czech Republic. It was established before 1712 in the Jilemnice estate
of the Counts of Harrach. The traditional production methods have been preserved there.
The excursion includes a unique 100-year-old
glass polishing plant which is driven by transmissions and a water turbine. Everything is in
almost its original form and fully functional.
In 2002, a mini-brewery and restaurant were
added to the glassworks facility with a view of
the glassworks hall with its furnaces. Visitors
can thus watch the glassworkers while they
are at work. The museum consists of a historically and technologically comprehensive collection of historical glass from the production
of the Harrachov glassworks. Beer baths are
a new feature of the facility, see Wellness
 The Harrachov Ski Museum, tel.:
603 470 113,, Mon–Sun
9:00 am – 5:00 pm, 100 CZK  The history
of Harrachov skiing, the development of ski
jumping and the Nordic combined event.
 The Harrachov Mining Museum and
the viewing tunnel were opened at the upper
level of the former adit level. The museum is
home to examples of minerals from the fluorite
deposits, tools and aids used during mining
and maps and photographs documenting the
work on the local deposit; the viewing tunnel
is 1,000 m long, the exhibition was expanded
to include a unique collection of mining lamps
in 2008, tel.: 602 603 739 (larger groups should
book in advance),,
I–III, V–VI, IX–X, Tues–Sun, VII–VIII, Mon–Sun,
tours at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm
and 4:30 pm, adults: 100 CZK, children, students: 50 CZK.
 The Giant Mountains Museum – the
Šindelka Harrachov exhibition, tel.:
481 528 310,, I–XII, Tues–Sun
9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm,
adults: 20 CZK, children, pensioners: 10 CZK
 A forestry exhibition.
X–IV, Sat–Sun 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm
– 4:00 pm.
 Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně, Bozkov 263, tel.: 481 682 164, 481 682 167, www., XI–III, Tues–Fri 8:00 am – 3:00 pm,
IV–VI, Tues–Sun 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, VII–VIII,
Tues–Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, IX–X, Tues–Sun
8:00 am – 4:00 pm, adults: 90 CZK, pensioners:
70 CZK, children aged 6–15, students, invalids:
50 CZK  The only publicly accessible stalactite caves in the northern area of the Czech
Republic with unique silica wall and ceiling
formations and the largest underground lake
in Bohemia.
Železný Brod
and environs
 The Železný Brod Town Museum –
a glass exhibition, náměstí 3. května 37, tel.:
483 389 081, 483 389 770, www.zeleznybrod.
cz, V, VI, IX, Tues–Sun 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, VII–VIII, Tues–Sun 9:00 am
– 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, X–IV,
Sat–Sun 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm –
4:00 pm  The development of the glass industry in the Železný Brod area, an exhibition
of work from the Železný Brod Glass School
and local glassmakers from the inter-war
period. A permanent exhibition of work by
J. Brychtová and S. Libenský.
 The Železný Brod Town Museum, the
national history exhibition at Běliště, building
no. 57, tel.: 483 391 149, www.zeleznybrod.
cz, V, VI, IX, Tues–Sun 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, VII–VIII, Tues–Sun
9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm,
Szklarska Poręba
 The Mineralogical Museum – Muzeum Mineralogiczne, Kilińskiego 20, tel.:
+48 607 100 880, I–XII, Tues–Sat 10:00 am
– 6:00 pm, Sun 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, adults:
5 PLN, children: 3 PLN
 The Museum of the Earth – Muzeum
Ziemi, Jeleniogórska 9, tel.: +48 75 717 32 87,
I–XII, Mon–Sun 9.00–18.00 h, free
 Outdoor chess, Świeradów-Zdrój,
Dom Zdrojowy – Hala Specerowa,
tel.: +48 75 78 20 500,
I–XII, Mon–Sun 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
lephone on 483 305 143 or leave
your contact information at the
Municipal Authority.
The baroque church in
Krásná, visits possible by telephone arrangement: 736 761 571
 Jan Josef Eleazar Kittel had
the church in Krásná built in 1760
using his own funds and gifts.
The church was consecrated to
Saint Joseph and it is unique due
to its “Holy Steps”, which house
the remains of several saints. The
facility also includes a baroque
rectory and a plague column.
A tourist train runs from the
Fipobex facility in Pěnčín to the
church in Krásná and the lookout
Photo left: the plague column
and St. Joseph’s Church
Photo above: a detail of the
church’s window.
The creators of the exhibition are the people who made
the feature film “Eleazar Kittel” in
2004–2007. The Liberec Technical
University, which has published
several works on Doctor Kittel in
the past, also contributed to the
exhibition. The founder, investor
and operator of this private museum is the company Kitl s.r.o.,
which is the producer of the “Kitl
Šláftruňk” and “Kitl Životabudič”
medicinal wines and syrups.
If you have any information,
contributions or exhibits which
you would be willing to provide
the museum with, please contact the museum founder by te-
The Kittel Museum in
Krásná will be officially opened
during the traditional fair held on
1st May 2010. It will be opened
in Building no. 11, which lies between Kittel’s house known as
“Burk” and the Church of Saint
Joseph. This house was once one
of the set of farm buildings belonging to Burk. The museum’s
interactive exhibition will be oriented towards the life and treatments of the famous Doctor Jan
Josef Kittel (1704–1783), but also
to the history of Kittelovsko, the
abundance of folk treatments
and the power of herbs. The main
ideas for the upcoming exhibition
are “recovery”, “good and evil in
human life” and “the balance between mankind and nature”. We
especially recommend a visit by
families with children.
tower at Černá studnice in the
summer months.
The Kittelovsko teaching trail or in the footsteps
of the mysterious Dr. Kittel
– five informative signs will lead
you around the area where Dr Kittel lived and worked.
page 17
Excursions to
glassmaking plants
an agricultural museum, a bead workshop: by
arrangement for at least 5 people.
without the need to order
by telephone arrangement
Kortan – Glass, costume jewellery,
Železný Brod, Železná 103, tel.: 483 390 086,, I–XII, Mon–Fri 9:00 am
– 5:00 pm, 1st Sat in the month 9:00 am – 5:00
pm, + VII–VIII every Sat 9:00 am – 5:00 pm,
free entry, GPS: N 50° 38´ 40,2” E 15° 15´21,79”
 A free presentation of production on glass
burners and the option of making your own
necklace according to you own ideas using
purchased materials. Sales of hand wound
glass seed beads, figures and other souvenirs.
Our region is well
known throughout
the world due to
the rich history
and tradition of its
glassmaking industry.
Allow yourself to
be enchanted by
the mystery of the
production of fragile
glass beauty. In some
places, you can try this
yourself or thread your
own necklaces.
Would you like to
know more about
glassmaking? Are you
looking for a specific
glass product? The
Jablonec Cultural and
Information Centre
has prepared the
new Glassmaking –
Jablonec nad Nisou
catalogue and the
In Search of Glass
brochure for you.
They are available
free of charge at the
information centre
in Jablonec nad
Nisou or in electronic
form on the website
page 18
The Na Rynku Gallery, Železný
Brod, Malé náměstí 141, tel.: 739 142 845,, Wed, Thurs, Fri,
Sat 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, VI–VIII, 10:00 am –
5:00 pm, a voluntary entrance fee  A sales
gallery, exhibitions of glass art, paintings, photographs and ceramics, occasional presentations of the production of glass jewellery.
The Granát Gallery – the Visitors’
Centre, Turnov, nám. Českého ráje 4, tel.:
481 325 989,, I–XII, Mon–
Fri 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
 A permanent exhibition of Czech garnet
jewellery – the history of Czech garnet extraction and processing and the production of
traditional garnet jewellery at the company
Granát, d.u.v. Turnov. Practical presentations of
garnet polishing and the manufacture of garnet jewellery in the workshop. An exhibition
of garnet jewellery from 1953 to the present.
Detesk s. r. o. – the company shop,
Železný Brod, náměstí 3. května, tel.: 731 518 351,, Mon–Fri 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am – 12:00 pm,
GPS: N 50° 38’ 34.249” E 15° 15’ 12.122”  Blown
glass, decorative glass, bottles, part of the production is offered including alcoholic beverages.
DT GLASS s. r. o., Železný Brod, Masarykova 4 (entry from Obránců Míru Street), tel.:
483 389 819, 724 046 522,, I–XII,
Mon–Fri 10:00 am – 11:30 am, 12:00 pm – 4:30
pm, free, GPS: N 50° 38’ 31.631’’, E 15° 15’ 18.011”
 the company shop, the production of blown
glass over a glass-working burner, products
made from borosilicate glass tubes and rods
from the Czech SIMAX brand and the German
DURAN brand (excursions through production
by telephone arrangement).
Rautis, a. s., Poniklá 151, tel.: 483 300 036,
736 109 917,, I–XII, Mon–Sun
9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm  A guided
excursion of the production of X-mas decorations
and hollow beads, the possibility of creating your
own product in a creative workshop with assistance (9:00 am – 5:00 pm), the company shop
The Novosad & syn Harrachov
s. r. o Czech Republic Glassworks and
Mini-Brewery, see page 17
The Pěnčín Excursion Area (Fipobex),
Pěnčín 60, tel.: 483 368 468,,
a shop + information centre: Mon–Sun 8:00 am
– 4:00 pm, excursions: V–IX, Mon–Fri 9:00 am –
3:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am – 12:00 pm  Polished
bead production, a bead shop, a goat and
sheep farm, a cheese factory, an excursion train,
AAC s.r.o., Železný Brod, Jirchářská 50,
tel.: 483 391 633,, I–XII,
Mon–Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, children aged
6–15: 15 CZK, older than 15: 30 CZK  The
production and sale of lamp beads and costume jewellery made from them, the option of
producing your own beads over a burner.
Atlas – Květoslava Konopková, Zásada
305, tel.: 483 385 402,
 Evening jewellery made of beads, crocheted
handbags, black and glass costume jewellery,
Christmas decorations.
Atelier Kamila, Turnov, Rohliny 39, tel.:
481 313 197, 777 937 484,
 Glass figures, lamp beads, Christmas decorations, jewellery, glass flowers.
Blažek – Glass Beads s. r. o., Železný
Brod, Loužnice 37, tel.: 602 144 596, 483 385 151,  Warm glass
bead pressing.
Bursa – hand-made glass production, Železný Brod, Železná 98, tel.:
483 390 022, 602 214 077,
com  Technical, compound, blown, sandblasted and painted glass (home stills, winetasters, Christmas decorations, acupressure
baths, bottles and so on).
Dekor speciál – Jaroslav Brynda & Petr
Šikola, Desná v Jiz. horách, Krkonošská 753,
tel.: 777 709 060,  Blown
and painted glass, Christmas decorations.
Detesk s. r. o., Železný Brod, Příkrá 401,
tel.: 483 391 172,, excursions
for at least 4 people by telephone arrangement, GPS: N 50° 38’ 10.259” E 15° 15’ 39.009”
 A view of how molten glass is worked and
an acquaintance with the history of the glass
industry in the Železný Brod area.
Dostál Josef, Držkov 240, tel.:
483 385 615, 777 339 585,
 Hand painted decorative glass.
Glass Beads, s. r. o., Železný Brod,
Pelechov 59, tel.: 483 390 228, 724 034 299,  Pressed glass, glass
costume jewellery, wax, pressed, lamp and
polished beads, fire polished beads.
Jiroš – black costume jewellery
production, Jablonec n. N., Trpasličí 8, tel.:
483 314 545, [email protected]  A presentation of black costume jewellery production.
K + K GLAS, Jablonec n. N., Jižní 251,
tel.: 483 302 222, 483 302 151, 604 467 908,  Christmas decorations, technical and decorative glass.
Korálek, Jablonec n. N. – Kokonín,
Maršovická 438, tel.: 483 302 203  A historical exhibition with the option of trying your
hand at glass production. This is a technicalhistorical monument which is protected by the
state. When visiting Korálek, pay attention to
the functioning equipment in the glassmaking
workshop, including the glass working tools,
the glass presses and other equipment. 150
years ago, this is how glass beads and pressed
buttons were made by hand.
Lindner Manfred, Jablonec n. N., Jahodová 212, tel.: 483 302 135  Soldered costume jewellery, jewellery, natural stones.
Pesničák – a glass workshop,
Josefův Důl, tel.: 483 707 375, 723 436 900,  Polishing,
sandblasting for advertising, flacons.
Preisler Michal, Jablonec n. N.,
V. Nezvala 7a, tel.: 483 316 208, 606 913 586,  Drawn figures.
Sdružení J. Podzimek –
M. Podzimková, Jablonec n. N., Dlouhá 24,
tel.: 483 313 551,  Costume
jewellery, antique jewellery, buttons, flacons,
Sklářská huť – Rudolf Baňas, Rádlo
256, tel.: 483 388 336, 731 118 759 – English,  The production of
raw glass for molten sculptures, hand-made
furnace production, furnace patterning.
Glass studio – Ladislav Oliva, Železný
Brod, Hrubá Horka 90, tel.: 483 389 443,
604 441 960,
 Glass jewellery, molten statues, mosaics.
Sobotka Karel, Železný Brod, Těpeře
64, tel.: 606 127 236,  An example of the production of
blown figures on a burner.
SPIDER GLASS, Frýdlant, Heřmanice 7,
tel.: 482 317 122,  Glass
production, interior orders, special products
made of flat glass, it is also possible to carry
out expert excursions through the entire plant
all week by prior arrangement.
The Crafts and Services Secondary
School, Jablonec n. N., Smetanova 66, tel.:
483 443 111, 724 121 937,, I–VI, IX–
XII  Figures, costume jewellery, polished and
technical glass, Christmas decorations, ceramics.
The Glass Applied Arts Secondary
School, Železný Brod, Smetanovo zátiší 470,
tel.: 483 346 162,, VI–VIII, Tues,
Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm – a glass exhibition.
The Glass Applied Arts Secondary
School, Kamenický Šenov, Havlíčkova 57,
tel.: 487 764 965,, a gallery and the school shop Mon–Fri 7:00 am –
2:30 pm, tel.: 739 633 703
Suit jewellery, s. r. o., Jablonec n. N.,
U Srnčího dolu 11, tel.: 483 306 353,  Cast costume jewellery, buttons,
badges, coins, metal parts. Only small groups!
Šavrdová Jana, Železný Brod, Stavbařů
315, tel.: 602 479 598, [email protected]
 A presentation of the production of glass
flowers and figures.
ŠENÝR, Jablonec n. N., Pasířská 40,
tel.: 483 711 158, 732 912 658,
 A presentation of soft soldering.
Veselá světýlka – the production of
decorative glass, Libuše Laurinová, Zásada
345, tel.: 777 559 338,
 The production and sale of decorative glass,
candlesticks and oil lamps.
Veseloušová Věra – rytí skla, Železný
Brod, Chvalíkovická 719, tel.: 608 935 700,
Vitrum - sklárna Janov, Janov n. N. 49,
tel.: 483 369 999,  Pressed,
blown and technical glass.
Yani, Zásada 162, tel.: 483 385 170, www., GPS: N 50° 41’ 49.158” E 15° 16’ 4.945”
 The manual production and sale of glass
costume jewellery made of polished and
pressed beads, imitation pearls and rocailles.
Lesní sklárna – Leśna Huta, Szklarska
Poręba, ul. Kołłątaja 2, tel.: +48 75 717 23 03,, I–XII, Mon–Sun 10:00 am
– 6:00 pm, adults: 4 PLN, children: 2 PLN
 Examples of manual production.
Outdoor swimming
pools, bodies of water
 The Hejnice outdoor swimming pool
and camp, tel.: 482 322 356, 607 217 490,, GPS: N 50 52´ 23”
E 15 11´ 21”  1 km from the centre, refreshments, toilets, showers.
 The Frýdštejn outdoor swimming
pool, tel.: 724 210 233, VI–VIII, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
 The Hodkovice nad Mohelkou outdoor swimming pool, tel.: 485 237 077,
[email protected]
 The Chrastava outdoor swimming
pool, tel.: 606 216 558, VI–VIII, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
 The Lučany n. N. outdoor swimming
pool, tel.: 483 300 023, 728 210 519, VI–IX,
9:00 am – 10:00 pm
 The Tanvald outdoor swimming
pool, Česká ul., tel.: 731 788 150, 483 369 670
– the information centre,,
VI–VIII, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, adults: 40 CZK,
children: 20 CZK.
 The Sluníčko outdoor swimming
pool, Vratislavice n. N., Dřevařská 308, tel.:
482 725 580,, VI–VIII, Sun
– Thurs 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Fri, Sat 9:00 am –
8:00 pm, GPS: N 50° 44’ 43.95” E 15° 06’ 06.78”
 A restaurant, beach volleyball.
 The Vápenka outdoor swimming
pool, Liberec, Ještědská 555/22,
tel.: 482 771 466,,
VI–VIII, Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 6:30 pm,
GPS: N 50° 45’ 18.81” E 15° 02’ 22.70”
 A first aid officer, refreshments, toilets,
showers, a children’s paddling pool for toddlers, new climbing frames, entry only in classic swimming costumes.
 The Železný Brod municipal outdoor swimming pool, tel.: 721 365 964,
adults: 50 CZK, children: 30 CZK  A water
slide, restaurant.
 The Peklo fishpond,
 The water is permanently discoloured
by the remainder of unextracted peat.
 The Bedřichov reservoir, on the Černá
Nisa River, GPS: N 50° 49’ 12.09” E 15° 08’ 10.85”
 4 km from the central car park in Bedřichov.
 The Fojtka reservoir, http://oldrichov., GPS:
N 50° 49’ 34.85” E 15° 03’ 28.14”  It lies between the municipalities of Mníšek and Fojtka.
 The Harcov reservoir, Liberec,
GPS: N 50° 46’ 15.44” E 15° 4’ 33.96”
 The Mlýnice reservoir,
htm, GPS: N 50° 50’ 31.48” E 15° 01’ 46.56”
 You will find it at the start of Nová Ves.
 The Mšeno reservoir – the Jablonec reservoir, GPS: N 50° 44’ 10.15”
E 15° 10’ 22.55”  Swimming, refreshments,
cycle trails, in-line skating, a children’s playground, beach volleyball, near the town sports
hall, the swimming pool and the Břízky sports
facility, ca 10 minutes walk from the centre of
the town,
 The Bedřichov natural outdoor swimming pool, on the Bílá Nisa River, near the central car park in Bedřichov,
 The Harrachov natural outdoor
swimming pool
 The Nové Město pod Smrkem
natural outdoor swimming pool,,
GPS: N 50° 55’ 35.92” E 15° 14’ 24.49”
 Accommodation in huts, refreshments
and paddle boat hire during the season.
 The Smědá Recreational Facility,
Raspenava, tel.: 721 510 465, www.raspenava.
cz, VI–VIII, Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
 Sports facilities, catering, accommodation.
 The Šolcův fishpond, Raspenava – it is
located slightly behind Raspenava on the road
in the direction of Oldřichov and Liberec.
 The Kristýna reservoir, Hrádek
n. N., GPS: N 50° 51’ 37.06” E 14° 49’ 29.75”
 Pleasant swimming in a flooded quarry,
sandy beaches, a camping ground.
 Žlutá plovárna, Malá Skála – swimming
in the Jizera River,,
GPS: N 50° 38’ 28.478” E 15° 11’ 36.509”
 A sports recreation centre, bicycle and
boat hire.
Indoor swimming pools
 The Aquapark – Centrum Babylon Liberec, Nitranská 1, tel.: 485 249 202,, Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, Fri
10:00 am – 11:00 pm, GPS: N 50°45’ 32’’ E 15° 03’ 08’’
 A number of swimming pools with whirlpools,
waterfalls, cascades and water slides for children;
the romantic caves with sea aquariums offer the
opportunity of pleasant relaxation. The sun terrace
is open in the summer months.
 The swimming pool, Liberec, Tržní nám.
1338, tel.: 485 103 010,,
Mon–Fri 9:00 am – 9:45 pm (VII–VIII, 9:00 am –
9:45 pm), Sat 9:00 am – 8:45 pm, Sun 9:00 am
– 6:45 pm  A recreational and relaxation centre (a 150 m long covered water slide).
 The swimming pool, Jablonec
n. N., Sv. Čecha 4204, tel.: 483 319 328,, Mon 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm,
Tues–Fri 8:00 am – 9:30 pm, Sat 10:00 am –
9:30 pm, Sun 10:00 am – 8:00 pm  A 25 m
swimming pool, a children’s swimming pool,
a wild river, waves, an 88 m water slide, a 56 m
turbo water slide, whirlpools, steam rooms,
a sauna, massages, a solarium, the option of
refreshments, wheelchair access. Entry into
the swimming pool is only possible in swimming costumes made of close-fitting elastic
material!!! The Summer Meadow is also
open in the summer months (VI–VIII, Mon–
Sun 10:00 am – 8:00 pm in good weather). 
 The Tanvald Grammar School swimming pool, Školní 305, tel.: 483 394 333,
Wed–Fri 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Sat 8:00 am –
12:00 pm for the public, other days by arrangement, VII–VIII closed!
 The Sports and Relaxation Centre,
Nové Město p. S., Ludvíkovská 38 (the art nouveau building of the former Town Spa), tel.:
776 098 911,,
IX–V  A 6×12 m swimming pool, a whirlpool,
a sauna, aqua aerobics.
 The Lázně Libverda physiotherapy
pool, in the colonnade, Lázně Libverda 82,
tel.: 482 368 111,
 Dom Kuracyjny BERLINER,
ul. Piłsudskiego 8, tel.: +48 75 78 16 260, I–XII,
Mon–Sun 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm –
8:00 pm, 15 PLN without limit
 Dom Kuracyjny Leo, ul. Orzeszkowej
8, tel.: +48 75 78 20 800, I–XII, Mon–Sun
10:00 am – 10:00 pm, 10 PLN / 1 hour
 The Magnolia Recreation Centre,
ul. Zdrojowa 9, tel.: +48 75 78 16 278, I–XII,
Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, 10 PLN / 1 hour
 Hotel Malachit, ul. Kościuszki, tel.:
+48 75 78 16 732, I–XII,
Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 7:30 pm, 10 PLN / 1 hour
Szklarska Poręba
 CRR Krus, ul. Kopernika 14,
tel.: +48 75 71 73 001,
 Hotel Bornit, ul Mickiewicza 28,
tel.: +48 75 64 72 503,
 Hotel Sasanka, ul. Słowackiego 4,
tel.: +48 75 75 28 000
 MSWiA Olimp, ul. 1 Maja 62,
tel.: +48 75 717 23 42
Water sports – rafting,
water skiing, boat hire
 The Adrenalin Centre, Liberec 1,
Na Bídě 657, tel.: 486 112 250, 603 963 578,
603 989 990 (foreign clientele),
 Camping requirements, mountaineering,
hiking, via ferrata, rafts, boats, Alpine skiing,
Telemark, a testing centre, in-line skates.
 Jizera Boat Hire, Žlutá plovárna, Malá
Skála, tel.: 775 580 388, www.zlutaplovarna.
cz, V–X, Mon–Sun 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and by
telephone arrangement, (,
VI–IX), GPS: N 50° 38’ 28.478” E 15° 11’ 36.509”
 Rafting Sports Equipment Hire,
Malá Skála, tel.: 605 532 085, 493 571 935,
 By arrangement. The option of rafting
down ca. 10 km of the Jizera River.
 Rafting and canoeing on the Jizera River + boat hire, Malá Skála and
Liberec, tel.: 603 271 283,,, IV–X  Rafts,
canoes, paddles, life vests, helmets, barrels,
pumps and other outdoor activities (quad
bikes, paintball, zorbing, Segway etc.)
You can monitor the
water quality at
 The water skiing tow, Panda Sport,
Stráž pod Ralskem, Máchova 203, the Horka
reservoir, V–IX, tel.: 487 844 762, 739 000 023,  The tow is 830 m long,
suitable for water skiing, wakeboarding, wakeskating and kneeboarding.
Sports equipment hire
 Activeguide s. r. o., Janov n. N.,
Hraničná 1392, tel.: 483 380 796, 603 399 302,  Canoes – plastic and
inflatable boats, kayaks, rafts, life vests, neoprene, bicycles, etc.
 Ski centrum Adler, s. r. o., see page 5
 Adrenalin Centrum, see Water Sports
 Quad Bike Hire, Smržovka, Rooseweltova 18, tel.: 731 484 710,
 Inline Skate Hire, Liberec, the Vesec
sports facility, tel.: 607 877 742, 721 220 210,  Inline skate hire and
test centre, jumping stilts and other summer
 Nisa Boat Hire, based at Kristýna – Hrádek nad Nisou, Žitavská ul., tel.:
485 100 500, 777 682 579,, V, VI, IX, Sat–Sun 9:00 am – 6:00 pm,
otherwise by arrangement, VII–VIII, Mon–Sun
9:00 am – 6:00 pm, GPS: N 50° 51’ 40.425”
E 14° 49’ 21.037”  Bike hire on the Nisa River.
 Segway Hire,
tel.: 777 069 941,
 Jizera Rafting + Boat Hire, see Water Sports
The “Souš” and
“Josefův Důl”
reservoirs are used as
sources of drinking
water and it is
therefore not possible
to swim in them!
page 19
the Czech Republic
Spa towns of the Jizera Mountains
page 20
Lázně Libverda – The Spa Colonnade 
If you are looking for the true
pearl of the Jizera Mountains,
please accept our invitation to
a place which is located approximately 30 km to the northeast
of Liberec. The municipality of
Lázně Libverda is located in the
charming foothills at the northern
base of the Jizera Mountains, between the towns of Hejnice and
Nové Město pod Smrkem. This
small spa town is surrounded by
mixed forests, which together
with its submontane position,
give it its climatic character. The
picturesque basin, in which the
municipality is located, is enclosed
by the majestic mountain massif,
Smrk, which is the highest mountain in the Czech part of the Jizera
Mountains. Legend says that the
Libverda springs were discovered
by the cockerel of a forest ranger,
who lived there and provided
the border guards with food and
accommodation after their tiring
inspection rounds.
The first written mention of
the municipality dates from 1381,
when it was called Lybenwerde.
The founder of the current spa
was Christian Philip, the Count
Clam-Gallas, the owner of the
Frýdlant estate.
The original mineral spring
was Christiansbrunnen – Christian’s Spring, which is located in
the drinking hall directly in the
spa colonnade in Lázně Libverda.
Its mineral water is hypotonic
with an increased silicon hydrate
content. This spring was later
also joined by the Mary, Vilemín,
Edward, Josephine and Hubert
(now closed) springs, all of which
are located in the environs of the
spa colonnade.
Lázně Libverda 82, tel.:
482 368 111, [email protected]
cz, The
spa specialises in the treatment
of cardiac and circulatory disorders, illnesses of the joints and
muscles, degenerative illnesses
and post-orthopaedic operation
conditions. Pamper your body
and return it to health and vitality in a beautiful environment
full of nature and clean mountain
air. Lázně Libverda offers a wide
range of weekly, relaxation and
weekend stays, hotel accommodation, the option of ordering procedures, saunas and spa
baths, fitness and other services.
The Giant Barrel Restaurant (Restaurace Obří
sud), Lázně Libverda 186, tel.:
482 322 714, [email protected]
cz,, IV–IX, Tuesday–Sunday 9:00 am – 10:00 pm,
XI–III, Tuesday–Sunday 11:00 am
– 6:00 pm. The giant barrel is truly unique. When out walking, you
can take the opportunity to have
lunch in a giant wooden barrel
and you can admire the beautiful
view of the basin, where Libverda
is located, and of the panoramic
 The Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Hejnice
The Giant Barrel Restaurant 
beauty of the mountains on the
way to the restaurant.
The Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary and
the International Centre of
Spiritual Renewal (Chrám
Navštívení Panny Marie
a Mezinárodní centrum
duchovní obnovy), Hejnice,
Klášterní 1, tel.: 482 360 211,
[email protected],
The Church of the Visitation of
the Virgin Mary is a highly significant place of pilgrimage. The
Jizera Mountain ridges rise majestically above the basilica and
create a wonderful backdrop.
The church is used for organ and
spiritual music concerts due to its
excellent acoustics and wonderful atmosphere. The basilica also
includes the associated Franciscan monastery, which was reconstructed in the year 2000 and
is now used as the International
Centre for Spiritual Renewal. It
offers accommodation and relaxation. You can relax in several
clubrooms, refectories and small
gymnasiums. The large monastery garden, the internal quadrangle, the south garden, the
ambits (the cloister) and the bank
of the River Smědá, which flows
past the cliff promontory by the
church complex, are also available for relaxation and meditation
in the fresh air. There is also a lecture hall in the attic with technical facilities. Exhibitions are held
 Lázně Libverda
in the monastery’s exhibition hall
and there are excursions – tours
of the basilica with a guide in
Czech and German.
The Smědava Mountain Chalet (Horská chata
Smědava), Bílý Potok no. 163,
tel.: 482 322 262. A highly popular
tourist spot on the north-eastern
slope of Mount Jizera. The first
building stood there in 1814,
while a newer building was built
there in 1841 and it also included
a customs post. It burnt down in
1932. The beautiful Clam-Gallas
hunting chalet from 1910 also
ended up in flames in 1969. The
current Smědava Chalet, built
in 1935 at an intersection of hiking tracks, is a popular place for
refreshments and rest. In winter,
Smědava is the last place where
the tracks are prepared in the
direction from Hejnice. Buses go
there several times a day: hiking
buses in summer and ski buses in
Smrk (1,124 m above sea level), the highest point in the
Czech part of the Jizera Mountains, has boasted a new lookout
tower since 2003: it is open all year
round. The 20 m high metal lookout tower replaced the original
wooden tower dating from 1892,
which stood there for more than
50 years. After the completion of
the new lookout tower, Smrk became a highly attractive place for
visitors from at home and abroad.
The Smědava Mountain Chalet 
Świeradów-Zdrój is one of
the most beautiful spa and tourism areas in Poland and it can
be found in the valley of the River
Kwisa between the peaks of the
Jizera Mountains. It lies between
the Wysoky and Kamienicky
Ridges at a height of 450–650 m
above sea level, in the so-called
Świeradowska Lowland. The
town of Świeradów-Zdrój was
established in the 18th century.
A number of architectural jewels have been preserved in the
town since that time and some
of them now house hotels and
The following places are
of interest to tourists:
The spa house (Dom Zdrojowy), which is located in the
south-eastern foothills of Stog
Izerski and was established on the
site of the original Spring House
(Dom Źródlany) dating from
1781. On 14th December 1895,
it fell victim to a destructive fire,
after which it was rebuilt by the
Schaffgotsch family according to
a design by the architect Grosser
from Wrocław. The construction
work was undertaken quickly, as
is shown by the fact that the Spa
 The Devil’s Mill
House welcomed its first visitors
in 1899. The attractiveness of the
building is enhanced by the building of the longest promenade hall
in Lower Silesia (Hala Spacerowa)
which is 80 metres long with
beautiful plant polychromy and
stained glass. It is decorated with
the coat of arms of the von Schaffgotsch family above the podium.
This is one of the town’s greatest
points of interest. Visitors will find
a drinking-water spring (to be
precise a radon-ferrous mineral
spring) at the main entrance.
The Marzenie Residence
is a beautiful villa which incorporates the stylistic architecture
of modernism with a wild landscape park. The residence dates
from 1901, when it was financed
by the factory owner and technological innovator, Julius Pintsch of
Berlin. The building’s architecture
includes clear elements of the
so-called “Swiss style” from the
period at the end of the 19th century which was especially used in
country seats, chateaux, guesthouses and mountain spa hotels.
Saint Joseph’s Church
was built in 1899 as a private
church for the Catholic owners
of Świeradow-Zdrój, the House of
The Chalet on Stog Izerski 
Schaffgotsch, and their ser vants.
The Wrocław architect, Gosser, supervised all of the building
work. The originally triple arched
church with a multi-sided apse
was built in the neo-gothic style
in accordance with the historicism which was modern at the
end of the 19th century.
The Peat Procedure
Centre (Zakład Kuracji
Borowinowej): the building
was established in July 1904
and it was built according to
the most modern international
standards. Łazienki Marii, as it
was then called, had 12 cabins
for full bathing and 2 cabins for
partial bathing, a waiting room
and a relaxation room. The peat
was imported from deposits located at Hala Izerská (the Large
Jizera Meadow). Nowadays, spa
patients can still make use of
a range of procedures which are
based on the use of the propitious effects of the local peat.
The Devil’s Mill (Czarci
Młyn) in Czerniawa Zdrój
was established around 1890.
Its basic fittings are the originals
and they date from the period
of the mill’s construction. The
still functioning machinery and
 Saint Joseph’s Church
equipment are typical for the
equipment installed in water
mills from the turn of the 19th
and 20th centuries which were
built in the so-called “American
style”. It is interesting to note that
the conveyance of the cereal was
fully mechanised at that time.
Nowadays, tired visitors can rest
at the Devil’s Mill and warm their
numb bodies at the centuryold bread oven, taste the bread
baked in the traditional manner
and take away a bag of freshly
ground flour. As such, it will also
be possible to recall the welcoming atmosphere of the Devil’s Mill
in the warmth of your own home.
The chalet on Stog Izerski
was built in 1924 at the instructions of the Schaffgotsch family,
mainly thanks to the Town Department of the Giant Mountains
Association and Dr. Josef Siebelt
who was the spa doctor at that
time. The chalet is located under the peak of the Mount Stog
Izerski at a height of 1,107 metres
above sea level. It represents the
characteristic Silesian-Lusatian
style. It was opened on 24th October 1924 and it still provides
tourist services.
Photo author: Wiesław Biernat
The Marzenie Residence 
Spa towns of the Jizera Mountains
The Spa Building 
page 21
Sports facilities /
a selection
The Frýdlant area
 Areál TJ Slovan Frýdlant,
tel.: 608 312 198
 The TC HORNETS Sports Facility,
Raspenava, Luční 73, tel.: 777 668 469,
 A – Styl, Jeronýmova 570, in the area of
Tipsport arena, tel.: 732 619 666, 488 048 119,
 The Academic Sports Centre
(Akademické sportovní centrum),
tel.: 485 355 122, 485 353 139,
 Speedway, Letná ul., tel.: 485 123 086
 The Na Rozcestí Sports Facility,
Vratislavice n. N., tel.: 731 547 991,
 Tipsport arena, Jeronýmova 570/22,
tel.: 800 800 007, 488 048 121,
 TJ Lokomotiva, tel.: 485 110 046,
606 741 588,
Jablonec nad Nisou
Jablonec nad Nisou
 The Czech Lawn Tennis Club’s inflatable hall, Proseč, tel.: 483 710 484,
777 736 980, 776 255 795,
 TSC Břízky, see Sports Facilities, Golf
 Sport Jablonec nad Nisou, s. r. o., tel.:
483 318 948, 773 336 771,
1) The Střelnice Sports Facility,
tel.: 773 336 773,  The athletics stadium,
the CORNY athletics arena, the CHANCE arena.
2) The CORNY Town Sports Hall, tel.:
483 368 740, 773 336 774,
3) The Čelakovského Leisure Time Activity Facility, tel.: 773 336 773,  A new
inline track (1km) – all day, entrance free.
 The “Sokolovna”, tel.: 604 647 315,
 TSC Břízky, Průběžná 22, tel.: 483 737 241,
603 521 925, [email protected],
 The Bedřichov Tennis Courts,
tel.: 483 380 034,
 The Dolní Smržovka Tennis Courts,
tel.: 608 754 659
 The Výšina TJ Jiskra Tennis Facility,
Tanvald, tel.: 606 864 445
 Bowling – Centrum Babylon Liberec,
tel.: 485 249 202,
 Tipsport arena, tel.: 489 201 301,,
 HP Bowling, s. r. o.,
tel.: 731 284 574,
 The Janovská sokolovna Sports
Facility, Janov n. N. 504, tel.: 604 659 817,
739 057 898,
 The Smržovka Sports Hall and Gymnasium, tel.: 728 605 688, [email protected]
 The Sports Hall in Sklárna, Jizerka,
tel.: 483 384 985, 602 313 425,
 The Tanvald Basin Sports Facility
and Motor Camp, Tanvald, tel.: 483 311 928,
728 557 367, [email protected]
 The Sports for Health Information Centre, Tanvald, tel.: 602 259 965,
602 868 905,
 The Sports Hall, Tanvald,
tel.: 483 394 690,
 The Town Stadium,
tel.: +48 75 71 36 482
 The Town Complex of Schools (Miejski
Zespól Szkół), tel.: +48 75 7816 373
 Hotel Malachit, tel.: +48 75 78 16 732
Tennis, squash, ricochet
The Frýdlant area
 The Lázně Libverda tennis courts,
tel.: 482 368 111,
 The Raspenava tennis courts, the TC
Hornets Sports Facility, see Sports Facilities
 The Frýdlant Tennis Club,
tel.: 777 312 171,
 The Liberec Tennis Club, Fibichova
929/6, tel.: 482 710 357,
page 22
 The Vratislavice Squash Centre, Vratislavice n. N., tel.: 721 849 070,
 Tennis Rochlice, Na Žižkově 1080/40 a,
tel.: 485 135 525,
 The Tennis Hall – Hotel Orion,
tel.: 482 751 070,
 Tennis courts, Na Perštýně,
tel.: 485 105 473
 Tennis courts, TU, tel.: 485 353 139,,
 Tennis courts, tel.: 776 078 120,
 The Nová Ruda Tennis Facility,
tel.: 775 669 920  Soft tennis
 The Pavlovice – U Boba tennis
Facility, tel.: 605 200 058
 Tipsport Arena, tel.: 731 547 896,
800 800 007,
 The Dobiášova Primary School,
tel.: 777 073 836,
 The Town Stadium,
tel.: +48 75 71 36 482
Jablonec nad Nisou
 Bowling live club,
tel.: 483 345 175,
 The Zlatý Jelen Fun Centre, tel.:
606 203 465,
 Sport bar Oáza, tel.: 775 242 794
 Bowling club & bar, Frýdlant,
tel.: 773 685 885,
 Bowling Black Bowl, Bedřichov, tel.:
603 854 921, 483 380 212,
 Bowling Restaurant UKO,
Bedřichov, tel.: 602 438 579, 483 306 057,
 Konírna Bar & Bowling, Josefův Důl,
tel.: 602 322 487, 483 300 598
 Excalibur Bowling – games room,
Smržovka, tel.: 777 718 818
 Hotel Příchovice, bowling,
tel.: 483 399 666, 736 666 600,
 Bowling Restaurant Beseda,
Rychnov u Jablonce n. N., tel.: 483 388 020,
603 251 809,
Świeradów Zdrój
 Bowling club – skittles alley,
tel.: +48 75 78 17 582
 The Ještěd Golf Club, Český Dub, tel.:
485 163 478, 604 247 053,
 The Liberec Golf Club, Machnín, tel.:
482 772 711, 602 282 208, www.
 The Liberec Indoor Golf Centre,
tel.: 485 104 824,
 Bergmanová Mini Golf, Příchovice 227,
tel.: 602 142 104, 483 399 243
 Mini Indoor Golf Centrum Babylon – a golf simulator, tel.: 485 249 649,
 Hotel Avicenum Mini Golf, Horní
Lučany 33, tel.: 483 714 714, 607 212 716
 Mini golf – at the Bobovka Guesthouse, Tanvald, tel.: 732 745 291
 Mini golf at the Maják Guesthouse,
Nová Ves n. N., tel.: 602 494 929,
 Mini golf LÁZNĚ LIBVERDA, a. s.,
tel.: 482 368 111,
 TSC Břízky, viz Sportovní areály
 Ypsilon golf Liberec, Mníšek-Fojtka,
tel.: 485 146 616, 731 547 847,
Horses, riding
The Czech Republic
 Vysoká Farm, Chrastava, tel.:
488 881 024, 602 336 911,
 Bulovka Farm, tel.: 482 313 984,
728 042 198,
 Ludvíkov Horses & Holiday, Ludvíkov,
Gideon Manders & Hefziba Lindeman,
tel.: 482 325 610,
 The Hlaváč Guesthouse,
Ves u Frýdlantu, tel.: 482 345 062, 606 327 664,
 The Selský dvůr Guesthouse,
Raspenava, tel.: 482 319 220, 482 319 347,
606 913 163,
 The Šimonovice Riding Club,
tel.: 790 375 323,
 The Svítání Jablonec n. N. Citizens’
Association – the JK Sever Riding
School, Liberec, tel.: 608 537 513,
 The Prašný dvůr Stable, Liberec,
tel.: 482 732 028, 603 711 651,
 Dřevona, Janov n. N.,
tel.: 732 942 776,
 VYŠEHRAD Farm, Janov n. N.,
tel.: 483 380 201,
 The Presidential Chalet,
Bedřichov 524, tel.: 724 301 486, 602 949 559,
 The U Potoka Guesthouse
and Ranch, Lučany n. N. 454,
tel.: 607 611 611,
 The Pod Štěpánkou Ranch, Příchovice,
tel.: 732 600 682,
 The Aneta Stable, Smržovka,
tel.: 603 301 893, 483 381 553
 The Osada Jeździecka Bata Riding Centre, Barbara, Edyta i Tadeusz
Głęboccy, Szklarska Poręba, ul. Wolności
19, tel.: +48 75 717 32 34, +48 603 356 844,
+48 603 554 717,
 Mularczyk Zygmunt, Złotniki
Lubańskie, Zacisze 30, tel.: +48 75 78 13 299
Buggies and sledges
 Buggies and sledges,
Burawski Mariusz, tel.: +48 606 523 283
 Buggies and sledges,
Poniatowski Dariusz, tel.: +48 75 78 16 529
 Buggies and sledges,
Stankiewicz Andrzej, tel.: +48 75 78 16 993
Mountaineering –
adrenaline experiences
The granite cliffs on the northern slopes of
the Jizera Mountains (Zvon, Viničná plotna,
Nos etc.). Mountaineering is only permitted
for members of the Czech Mountaineering
Association! It is necessary to respect the rules
which apply in the Jizera Mountain Beech
Wood Nature Reserve!
The Frýdlant area
 The Hejnice practise walls – an inside wall in the primary school gymnasium, tel.: 724 517 547, http://horohejnice., an outside wall on the private property of Mr Melichar, Hejnice 37,
tel.: 603 861 410, I–XII  A large overhang,
a length of 8 m, an angle of 450. Routes for experts, beginners and children.
Jablonec nad Nisou
and environs
 The luge run, Janov n. N., Hraničná ul.,
tel.: 777 101 359,
 A 1,170 m long track, an elevation of 78 m,
a 450 ° snail carousel, 22 turns, refreshments.
 The König Rope Park, Nová Ves n. N.,
the SIDMIR Company, in the centre of the municipality (behind the Municipal Authority),
it is unique in the region, tel.: 774 170 540,
604 103 975,, IV–IX,
Mon–Sun 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, by telephone
arrangement during bad weather, 250 CZK,
family ticket discounts  A park with an
area of 2,000 m2, 13 flying foxes with a total
length of 333 m, climbing frames and rope
 Low ropes, a climbing wall for children,
Jablonec n. N., DDM Vikýř, Podhorská 49,
tel.: 483 711 725
 The Skate Park, Jablonec n. N.,
Sv. Čecha 4204, tel.: 483 312 311, 483 319 328,
11:00 am – 6:00 pm, otherwise by telephone
arrangement  A climbing wall.
 Aquazorbing – Centrum Babylon Liberec, Nitranská 1, tel.: 485 249 407,, I–XII, Mon–Sun, advance bookings necessary  Aquazorbing:
the price includes entry into the Aquapark,
unique and safe fun in the water: raise your
adrenaline levels to maximum.
 Baraka Paragliding s. r. o.,
Dělostřelecká 1124/1, tel.: 776 681 197,  Tandem flights from
the Ještěd Ridge, a great experience for
everybody, paragliding courses.
 The TU Liberec Hall, Na Bohdalci 715
– at weekends, a large hall, a gymnasium
tel.: 485 355 122,139, 606 602 829, Dubový vrch
714 – indoor and outdoor tennis, courts, football, grounds, beach volleyball, a rope centre.
 The ŠUTR climbing wall, Liberec,
Hrazená 470, tel.: 480 002 632,
 Jiří Stolín, Xtreme Sports, Soukenická
740/7, tel.: 607 232 070,
 Bungee jumping, catapulting, aero-trim,
zorbing, etc.
 The laser firing range – Centrum Babylon Liberec, Nitranská 1, tel.: 485 249 669,, I–XII, Mon–Sun
10:00 am – 8:00 pm, 20 CZK / 10 minute game
 Lasershot – simulations of sharpshooting,
wild duck or boar hunting, trap shooting. The
option of holding tournaments.
 Paintball Liberec, Kašparova 482/6,
tel.: 777 975 699,
 SK Ještěd, Hodkovická 981/42, Liberec 6,
tel.: 485 105 716, 739 059 668
The Tanvald, Kořenov
and Harrachov areas
 The Sports Hall in Sklárna, Jizerka,
see Sports Facilities
 The Proud Harrachov Rope Centre, tel.: 603 777 255,
 A giant swing, a climbing wall, a bungee
 The Tanvald Motocross Track,
tel.: 728 761 585 (the Jiřetín Motor Club), the
track can be hired by telephone arrangement.
 Tandem flights, tel.: 602 439 889,  Tandem and
sightseeing flights over Černá studnice, Malá
Skála, Tanvald and the Bohemian Paradise. Become an aerial tourist and call your pilot.
 The Sundisk Rope Centre, Žlutá
plovárna, Malá Skála, tel.: 775 580 388,, V–X, Mon–Sun 9:00
am – 6:00 pm and by telephone arrangement, GPS: N 50° 38’ 28.478” E 15° 11’ 36.509”
 23 obstacles, a jump onto a horizontal bar
at 8 metres, the flying fox is 82 m long.
 The Quasar Krucze Skały Aerial Centre, Szklarska Poręba, access from Mickiewicza
Street, tel.: +48 503 158 607, +48 601 665 226,  Secured climbing routes,
suspended rope bridges between cliffs, a Tyrolean rope descent – 75 m.
 Trolandia – a rope park, Park Linowy,
Szklarska Poręba, Obrońców Pokoju Street,
tel.: +48 661 222 155.
Operating hours:
 V–VI, Sat–Sun
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
 VII–VIII, Mon–Sun
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
 IX, Sat–Sun
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(operations every half hour,
lunch break: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm)
The Ještěd Ski Facility offers the following
activities during the summer season:
 transport on the modern Skalka four-seater chairlift
 bicycles transported on the chairlift free of charge
 a bike park
 cycle trails and hiking tracks
 the hire and servicing of downhill and mountain bicycles
 the hire of off-road scooters
 a children’s playground and refreshments located
directly at the chairlift
The sports facility
The Vesec Recreation and Sports
Facility (RASAV)
 a unique family leisure-time facility
 an in-line track for beginners and
advanced skaters
 in-line skating equipment hire
 the starting point for hiking and cycling
 free parking
 the holding of sports and social events
 refreshments
 social amenities with wheelchair access
Sportovní areál Ještěd, a. s.
Jablonecká 41/27; 460 01 Liberec 5
info-line tel.: 737 222 499
[email protected];
page 23
The dialling code for the CZ: +420, the dialling code for Poland: +48
The Bedřichov Information Centre
468 12 Bedřichov 218
tel.: +420 483 380 034, [email protected],
The Desná v Jizerských horách Information Centre
468 61 Desná v Jizerských horách, The Riedl villa, Krkonošská 120
tel.: +420 483 383 019, +420 737 248 434,
[email protected],
The Frýdlant Town Information Centre
464 13 Frýdlant, náměstí T. G. Masaryka 37 (the town hall building)
tel.: +420 482 464 013, [email protected],
The Hejnice Information Centre
463 62 Hejnice, Klášterní 87
tel.: +420 482 322 276, [email protected],
The Jablonec Cultural and Information Centre, o. p. s.
466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou, Mírové nám. 3100/19
tel.: +420 774 667 677, [email protected],
The Josefův Důl Information Centre
468 44 Dolní Maxov 218, Municipal office, tel.: +420 483 381 110, 602 656 878
[email protected],
The Jizera Mountains For You Information Centre
468 49 Kořenov 480 (the Hotel Motorest building)
tel.: +420 725 805 266, [email protected],
The Lázně Libverda Information Centre
463 62 Hejnice, Lázně Libverda 17
tel.: +420 482 322 457, [email protected],
The Liberec City Information Centre
460 59 Liberec, nám. Dr. E. Beneše 1
tel.: +420 485 101 709, [email protected],
The Liberec Tourist Information Centre
460 08 Liberec, Ještědská 479
tel.: +420 721 686 394, +420 603 328 699, [email protected], [email protected]
The Centrum Babylon Liberec Tourist service
460 12 Liberec, Nitranská 1, tel.: +420 485 249 202
[email protected],
The Liberec Czech Railway Centre
460 02 Liberec, ČD, Nákladní 344, tel. information: +420 972 365 401–2,
international ticket desk, tel.: +420 972 365 527
[email protected],
The Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou Information Centre
468 02 Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou, Květinová 498, tel.: +420 720 402 284
[email protected],
The Smržovka Town Library and Information Centre
468 51 Smržovka, nám. T. G. Masaryka 638
tel.: +420 483 382 286, +420 720 513 147
[email protected],
The Tanvald Information Centre
468 41 Tanvald, Krkonošská 629
tel.: +420 483 369 670–1, [email protected],
The Železný Brod Information Centre
468 22 Železný Brod, nám. 3. května 37
tel.: +420 484 353 333, +420 722 793 091, [email protected],
The Harrachov Information Centre
512 46 Harrachov, Centrum 150
tel.: +420 481 529 600, +420 603 961 370, [email protected],
The Jizera Mountain Rescue Service
468 12 Bedřichov 277
tel.: +420 483 380 073
The Integrated Rescue Service, tel.: 112
The Polish side
The Mirsk Information Centre
59-630 Mirsk, Plac Wolności 39
tel.: +48 75 64 70 468, [email protected],
The Orle Tourist Point
58-580 Szklarska Poręba – Jakuszyce, Orle skc. Poczt. 140
tel.: +420 607 920 541, [email protected],
The Piechowice Information Centre
Piechowice, ul. Żymierskiego 53
tel.: +48 75 76 17 201, [email protected],
The Stara Kamienica Information Centre
58-512 Stara Kamienica
tel.: +48 75 75 14 107, [email protected],
The Szklarska Poręba Information Centre
58-580 Szklarska Poręba, ul. Jedności Narodowej 1 a
tel.: +48 75 75 47 740, [email protected],
The Świeradów-Zdrój City Information Centre
59-850 Świeradów-Zdrój, ul. Zdrojowa 10
tel.: +48 75 78 16 350, [email protected],
© The Jizera Mountains – the Liberec, Jablonec, Frýdlant and Tanvald Tourist Region; CZ – 468 11 Janov
nad Nisou 520; Company Registration Number: 75057760;; published in association with
the Jablonec Cultural and Information Centre on 10. 5. 2010; in Jablonec nad Nisou in a print run of 20,000
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the information centres, the towns and municipalities of the Jizera Mountains and the partners from he Czech
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