December - 24, 2014 – January – 10, 2015 / City- Sochi
The festival will be held in Russia. The city of the festival is Sochi. Sochi is a capital of the Winter Olympic
games 2014. City Sochi is situated near the Black sea. The festival will be held in the Olympic Park.
Performances of the participants will be in Sochi Park. Sochi Park is analogue of Disneyland Park.
Web: City Sochi
Web: Olympic games2014
Web: Organisator of the festival
1. This brochure is not an official invitation. All applications should be sent by e-mail, mail until the 16th
of October 2014.
2. We also request you to send us a short CV, photo, link video (from YouTube) to introduce the group
with the application form. We could approve the application form only if you sent us video of
performances of your group.
3. Indicate link of your video of performances in YouTube:
4. Committee of the festival will choose only 4 foreign groups.
5. Each group has to consist of maximum 23 performers “Dancers, Musicians, Artists, Singers, etc.” (who
will perform on the stage) and maximum 2 leaders (Maximum 25 people in total)
Extra person should pay 50 US for the each extra day.
6. All the application forms will be examined by the Organization Committee and will be replied as soon
as possible.
7. After the application form of the group will be approved, all groups have to pay a deposit of 500 US
(reservation of the hotel for group) into the following accounts and send the bank receipt.
This deposit will be paid back to groups on the date of their arrival to the festival.
8. Our Bank : Alfa-Bank Moscow, Beneficiary’s bank address: 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
Beneficiary’s Acc. №: 42301840504800000507
9. All application forms will be evaluated by the Organization Committee and official invitations will be
sent as soon as possible to the groups which are eligible as participant.
1. Accommodations of all the participants will be provided free of charge by the Organization
Committee during the festival .
2. Participants will stay in minimum at 3 star hotels.
3. Breakfast, lunch and dinner of the participants will be provided free of charge by the Organization
Committee during the festival.
1. All traveling expenses to and from Sochi will be the responsibility of the participants themselves.
2. For the groups coming to Sochi by plane, their transfers from and to the airport (code of the Sochi
airport: AER) and their transportation to the activities of the festival programme is going to be provided
free of charge by the Organization Committee.
3. The groups coming to Sochi by their own buses will use their buses throughout the activities of the
festival programme and the gasoline which they will use for these local transportations will be given to
the groups.
1. Performers have to be the youths between the ages of 15 - 35 Years old.
2. Groups will arrive in Sochi in the afternoon on the 23-24 of December, 2014 and depart from Sochi
after breakfast on the 11 of January, 2015. For the extra day you should pay 50 US for the each person.
3. All the participants have to get the Travel Health Insurance before they come to our country.
4. The Organization Committee will not responsible of any damages, which might occur to the
participants or to their belongings.
In case of an accident or any need for an emergent medical treatment, the Organization Committee will
be helpful, but all medical and other expenses of the participant will be paid by the participant or the
participant’s insurance.
5. Each group has to get ready to perform 5-15-35 minutes – show will be required.
6. Each group should prepare 2 folk games of the country and organize 1 master-class for children.
7. Each group should bring 5 official presents.
8. The participating groups will perform only in the program of Sochi Park .The groups have to
participate in all activities in the programme. The Organization Committee can change the dates, time,
places and the number of the performances of the activity. All the participant groups have to be in
agreement with this rule.
9.Organization committee of the festival will never be responsible to pay flight tickets of group
10. The official Language of the festival is Russian and English.
11. Each group should bring flag and of their country.
COUNTRY OF THE GROUP:_____________________________________________________________
FULL NAME OF THE GROUP:_________________________________________________________________
LEADER’S GROUP NAME:____________________________________________________________________
FULL ADDRESS GROUP:_____________________________________________________________________
MOBILE PHONE OF LIDER GROUP:___________________________________________________________
E-MAIL OF THE GROUP:_____________________________________________________________________
WEB SITE OF THE GROUP:__________________________________________________________________
BRANCH OF PERFORMANCE: (Mark the appropriate box)
Folk Dance
Music Band
Modern Dance
Dance Theatre
Street artists
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: (15 – 35 Year-old, Maximum 25 people)
FEMALE (…....)
MALE (….....)
TOTAL (…….)
ADMINISTRATOR: (Maximum 2 people)
FEMALE (…....)
MALE (…....)
TOTAL (….….)
TOTAL (Maximum 25 people)
FEMALE (….....)
MALE (…....)
TOTAL (…….)
GROUP LEADER’S NAME: …………………………………………….….. SIGNATURE&STAMP: ……………