5 RULES — a full-length documentary film by Vavřinec Menšl about the participants of the System Adventure Game
About the project
Obey and you will be happy. You must, however, adapt to the System – to its laws,
rules and customs – whether you like it or not. You will cease to be a free person.
Your freedom will be exchanged for subordination and the rewards it brings.
Fifty people of various ages and professions gathered together in an abandoned recreational center in the middle of a forest. Their form of entertainment was to act
out roles in a totalitarian society. Everyone was forced to learn by heart the rules of
a proper citizen and sing an anthem. All aspects of the game were painstakingly (and
diabolically) thought out to the last detail. “Remember that when this game ends,
your characters will live on” were the admonishing words participants could hear
from the chief organizer.
This documentary film is about a high-risk, experimental game that shows how
quickly one can succumb to a totalitarian system. Fifty people signed up as volunteers for the game, not knowing they would have to come to terms with a totalitarian system. Fascist, communist and national-corporate totalitarian systems are all
represented here.
A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the
participants physically act out their characters' actions. The players pursue goals
within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with each
other in character. —Wikipedia
Individual roles were chosen by participants voluntarily. The rollercoaster of events
begins as emotions cease to be acted. After only a few hours, participants learn surprising things about themselves while the game still had long yet to end…
This film, however, is not only about the game. We see the main characters in their
private, civil lives as we ask ourselves: How much do they really differ from the roles
they've accepted? What are their real opinions, what do they believe in and what reality do they actually dwell in? “We were successful in creating a sort of reversed
version of the Matrix”, say the film’s authors, who offer us a portrayal of a game as reality and reality as a game.
The Larp System
Te c h n i c a l i n f o r m a t i o n
This is a rather psychologically-demanding game that was played out on an authentic site using a story based on a group of citizens and asylum seekers living in an unnamed, northern and non-democratic country. Participants in the game were meant
to experience what we experienced here in Czechoslovakia before the year 1989.
“I found the System Project adventure game both meaningful and educational.
I would like to congratulate the other participants in living through what were actually only a few hours in a totalitarian society. Throughout the course of the game, we
were aware of the fact that this would last for one weekend, but Sunday seemed like it
would never come.” —Marta Kubišová
[w w w.f i l m 5 p r a v i d e l . c z]
Runtime of the documentary film: approximately 80 minutes
Equipment used: AVC–Intra, Panasonic AG HPX 250E camera, P2 cards
Aspect Ratio 16:9, Dolby Digital sound, master HD CAM, blu-ray disc, DCP, 35mm
Preparation work and shooting: May–September 2012
Postproduction: January–February 2013
Film premiere: March 28th, 2013
Radovan Slánský — plot
Va v ř i n e c M e n š l — p l o t , s c r e e n p l a y, d i r e c t i o n
This full-length documentary entitled 5 Rules is Vavřinec Menšl’s directing debut.
As cinematographer and screenwriter, he has collaborated in a number of other
projects that are now in the making (Divadlo Sklep 1971–2012, Tři dědečci, etc.) He
has worked on the publishing show Pološero for Czech Television. Menšl’s main profession, however, is photography, and he began at the age of 13 to capture each and
everything he could with a camera. Later, he began to take shots of protests and created arranged photographs. Today, he mainly focuses on architecture and design for
Czech and foreign magazines while creating reports for Czech newspapers MF Dnes
and Instinkt. He likes to take portraits of people, whose hardships in life have been
imprinted on their faces. He has presented his works in the Post Bellum project entitled We Haven’t Given Up, and in the One World Film Festival. His works have also
been on display in many galleries – most recently the Fragner Gallery in Prague and
the Architecture Center in Vienna’s Museum Quarter.
[w w w.f i l m 5 p r a v i d e l . c z]
After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism at Charles University in Prague at
the beginning of the 1990s, Slánský has mainly devoted himself to news and reporting. From 1995 to 2008, he was the dramaturge for the investigative show Na Vlastní
Oči on the TV channel Nova. In the year 2009, he as in charge of direction and
dramaturgy for the Czech Television show Krotitelé Dluhů and directed the show
Pološero in the year 2011 on the same channel. Slánský has been the creator of over
300 news reports for Reflex magazine and has worked as a dramaturge in over 1000
news reports, films and television shows.
To m á š K o b o l k a — c i n e m a t o g r a p h y
Dalibor Fencl — cinematography
Tomáš Kobolka’s work includes the short film The Beggar’s Story (2008), the television film Alma (2010) and the feature film Tacho (2010). His specialties include
shooting videos, advertisements and news reports. He has created a number of featurette documentaries for the Febio organization and has also worked in creating
TV series Genus, Okno k Sousedům, Oko, Cestománie and others.
Dalibor Fencl is a graduate of the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and
chiefly works with the creation of documentary films. In recent years, some of his
more significant works have been Krajina Osudu (2009), Vzpomínky na Snovídky
(2011), I Am Fishead (2012), and the series of documentaries entitled Závislosti
Vojtěch Filčev — cinematography
Vojtěch Filčev has been studying audiovisual design at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek and has cooperated in the creation of various films, television shows, theatre performances and video clips as a cinematographer and more.
As a producer, he took part in creating films such as Karamazovi (2007), Jarmareční
Bouda (2008), Kuličky (2008), Anglické Jahody (2008) and the documentary film
Gen D (2012). As a film editor, he has worked on television shows such as Živák
(2009) or Psí život (2008). He has also worked as an assistant editor for the documentary film entitled Zuzana Michnová – Jsem slavná tak akorát (still in production) and is the author of the documentary Antimony, based on the revolutionary
group of the same name during WWII.
Viktor Portel — cinematography
Since 2009, Viktor Portel has been studying at the Department of Documentary
Production at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and is actively involved
in various cultural and cultural/political projects. His filmography includes Hledání
ztraceného, ztrácení hledaného (2008), Být rád že vůbec byl (2009), Od bratra k bratru (2010), Prostor pro naši reklamu (2010), Vladimír Špidla, běžec na svém místě
(2011), and Kaiser Kanner Dirigent (2011).
[w w w.f i l m 5 p r a v i d e l . c z]
Petr Kozák — editing
František Polák — graphic design
Petr Kozák has worked as a film editor for a number of years. He has cooperated
on a number of films, television shows and documentaries. Projects which he has
worked on include Svatba na bitevním poli (2007), Na vlastní nebezpečí (2007),
Hlídač č. 47 (2008), Rodinka (2010), V peřině (2011), Vrásky z lásky (2012), and Probudím se včera (2012). At present, he is working on the continuation of the successful series Sanitka. He has also edited actor cameos for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
František Polák is a graphic designer and student of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He works mainly with designing printed material in all
fields of culture. He has been the visual design creator for numerous exhibitions including Selekce (2011) and creates corporate identities, designs books and music albums. He is an editorial board member of Komfort Mag.
R a d i m H l a d í k j r. — s o u n d e n g i n e e r
Teodorik Menšl is a photographer, DJ, blogger, web designer and student of the
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.
Radim Hladík Jr. is a famous and much sought-after sound engineer in the Czech
Republic and abroad. He is the holder of four Czech Lion (Český lev) awards for
films Zapomenuté světlo (1996), Je třeba zabít Sekala (1998), Eliška má ráda
divočinu (1999) and Rebelové (2011). His expansive portfolio also includes: Perníková
věž (2002), Obsluhoval jsem Anglického krále(2006), O rodičích a dětech (2008), Rodina je základ státu (2011), Vrásky z lásky (2012) and many other films, documentaries, short films, advertisements, television competitions and radio ads. Since 2006,
he has been the co-owner of the Blue Tools s. r. o. production and post-production
Te o d o r i k M e n š l — w e b m a s t e r
Matouš Hekela — score
Matouš Hekela mainly creates musical scores for theatre and is the co-founder of
the Tramtárie Theatre in Olomouc. Today, he works with Tantehorse and Spitfire
Company theatre ensembles in performances such as S/He is Nancy Joe, Dark Trilogy, Salome (Tantehorse) and Traffic Dance – Join The Revolution (Spitfire Company). He creates music and sounds for short films and television advertisements.
[w w w.f i l m 5 p r a v i d e l . c z]
Lukáš Kaplan — production manager
Petr Koza — production
Lukáš Kaplan has been working in production in a number of varying roles since
the year 2000. He has worked on a number feature films, television shows and series, and also on film and theatre festivals. Some of his works include Krev zmizelého
(2003), Duše jako kaviár (2003), Mazaný Filip (2003), Blízko nebe (2004), Grandhotel (2005), Chůva v akci (2006), Expozitura (2008), Vy nám taky, šéfe! (2008),
Dešťová víla (2009), Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2010), Tacho (2010), Zejtra napořád (2011), Bastardi 2 (2011) and Sukničkáři (2012).
After finishing his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Petr Koza
has held positions as executive producer and chief of production. He mainly creates feature films and documentaries, often with famous Czech producer Čestmír
Kopecký (A bude hůř, Zlatá šedesátá, Kuličky, Babička) and Biokissfilm s. r. o.
(Jarmareční bouda, Živý mrtvý, Haškovy povídky). Since 2004, he has worked in
close collaboration with ARAS (The Association of Directors and Screenwriters).
Petr Koza has extensive experience in production and program management for
cinema and in organizing exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events. In the year
2011, together with Ivo Krátký, he founded a new production company – Bio Art
Production s. r. o. – focusing mainly on full-length films and documentaries.
[w w w.f i l m 5 p r a v i d e l . c z]
Feature films
Say Forever (Zejtra napořád)
A Road movie romantic comedy about a man who decides
to change his life by Rudolf Havlík. In development.
7 dní hříchů (2012)
Petr Koza & Ivo Krátký
A feature film directed by Jiří Chlumský. Realised project. Coproduction.
+420 737 520 099 / +420 602 205 391
[email protected] / [email protected]
Objev roku
w w w.bioartproduction.cz
Feature documentary films
Bio Art Production s. r. o. is a new production company which was founded in the
year 2011. The company focuses on the creation and co-production of Czech audiovisual works of all various types and genres but mainly deals with full-length and
documentary films. The company works in the implementation of the audiovisual
art of starting artists and also cooperates in exhibitions, concerts, and occasionally
in themed screenings.
Zuzana Michnová: Just the Right Kind of Famous
(Zuzana Michnová – Jsem slavná, tak akorát)
A feature film. Screenplay by Jan Pelc. In development.
A feature-length documentary film about the singer-songwriter
Zuzana Michnová and her friends. In shooting.
T h e m y s t e r y o f S k l e p t h e a t r e ( Ta j e m s t v í D i v a d l a S k l e p)
A feature-length documentary film about the end of the world
and Sklep Theatre directed by Olga Dabrowská. In shooting.
Mánes on the Waterfront (Mánes na nábřeží)
A long-form documentary about the famous Prague art gallery
and its changes during history. Directed by Jan Škultéty. In shooting.
5 rules (5 pravidel)
A feature-length documentary film directed by Vavřinec Menšl.
In cinemas in March 2013.
Flannel Poker – Millionaire from a Block of Flats
( F l a n e l o v ý p o k e r: M i l i o n á ř z p a n e l á k u)
A documentary film about a game that skirts the boundary between sports
and gambling. Directed by Lukáš Janda. In development.
[w w w.f i l m 5 p r a v i d e l . c z]
[w w w.f i l m 5 p r a v i d e l . c z]