Stefanija, Leon / Schüler, Nico (eds.)
Approaches to Music Research
Between Practice and Epistemology
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2011. 248 pp., num. fig., 2 tables
Methodology of Music Research. Vol. 6
Edited by Nico Schüler
ISBN 978-3-631-59200-7 hb. (Hardcover)
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Book synopsis
This book consists primarily of papers presented at the international symposium Approaches to Music Research: Between Practice and
Epistemology, held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in May 2008. Scholars from various music research areas offered heterogeneous views of one central
issue: the relations between music-research ideals and practices. The intention was to offer a reflection concerning disciplinary intersections as
ideal-typical formations in which different contemporary musicological practices meet each other, either positively or in more negative terms. The
topoi of the symposium discussed elemental, difficult-to-answer questions about the position that musicology holds within the humanities and
sciences. The symposium especially encouraged case studies of basic epistemological reflections with an emphasis on the practice of music
research from any field.
Contents: Kevin Korsyn: The Aging of the New Musicology – Marie-Agnes Dittrich: Reply to Kevin Korsyn, Including Remarks on Musicology
and «Musiktheorie» in Germany and Austria in Times of the Bologna Process and of Knowledge Evaluation – Christian Bielefeldt: A Reply
to Kevin Korsyn’s «The Aging of New Musicology» – Kordula Knaus: A Reply to Kevin Korsyn’s «The Aging of New Musicology» – Leon
Stefanija: Outside of Musicology – Nico Schüler: From Interdisciplinarity to ‘Perspectivism’ in Music Research – Matjaž Barbo: Music as a
Metaphor? – Peter Wicke: From Schizophonia to Paraphonia: On the Epistemological and Cultural Matrix of Digitally Generated Pop Sounds
– Lubomír Spurný: Semiology in Music and Art: Czech Music Semiology – Dalibor Davidović: Interception – Katarina Habe: Current Issues
and Trends in the Psychology of Music in Slovenia – Jasmina Talam/Tamara Karača-Beljak: Ethnomusicological Research and Fieldwork
Methodology: Experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Gregor Pompe: Musical Analysis and/or Interpretation - The Case of Opera – Audra
Versekėnaitė: Between Borrowing and Intertextuality: The Dies Irae in Twentieth Century Music – Ivana Perković Radak: Approaches to
Serbian Orthodox Music: A Case Study of Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac’s Complete Works – Tijana Popović Mladjenović: The Possibility and
Purpose of Disciplinary Intersections and Permeations: The Case Study of Reger’s Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von Joh. Seb. Bach
for Piano, Op. 81 – M. J. Grant: Whatever happened to Crazy Jane? – Ira Prodanov Krajišnik: Free Religious Music in Serbia and its Social
Context – Marija Masnikosa: Formalism and Contextualism in Contemporary Musicology: Why Could it not be a ‘Joint Venture’? A Case Study
– Vesna Mikić: Romantic Notions in the Popular Music Discourses: Several Examples from Serbia – Manfred Heidler: Military Music in the
Bundeswehr: Some Remarks Concerning the Interdisciplinary Discourse on Manifestations of «Music in Uniform» – J. Daniel Jenkins: Erwin
Stein’s ‘New Formal Principles’ and the Analysis of Schoenberg’s Atonal Period Music – Barbara Smolej Fritz: Processes of Self-Regulation in
Music Learning: Between Theory and Practice – Lasanthi Manaranjanie Kanlinga Dona: Music Therapy: Sri Lankan Approaches – Dennis Cole:
Transcribing Franco’s Alimatou: An Illustration of the Soukous Form, Its Sebene and Mi-solo Guitar.
About the author(s)/editor(s)
Leon Stefanija is Associate Professor of Musicology at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).
Nico Schüler is Professor of Music Theory and Musicology at Texas State University (USA).
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Stefanija, Leon / Schüler, Nico (eds.) Approaches to