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Fabrika knjiga [“Book Factory”] was established in October 2003.
Our collaborators focus on issues related to the causes, direct
consequences, and social implications of the collapse of
Yugoslavia and the armed conflicts that succeeded it. Through
our publications, that span a wide range of genres, from fiction
to theory, we aim at providing suitable contexts and theoretical
and analytical frameworks for dealing with ethnic tensions in
the region of South Eastern Europe, where transitional processes
have marked people’s lives in the past two decades.
Fabrika produces around 15 titles per year. So far, more than 90
titles have been published through our five book series. We also
publish Reč [“Word”], a journal for literature and social issues,
which is considered a leader in the region on issues of
transitional justice.
The Reč book series of Fabrika knjiga is closely related
to the journal and includes works from the social
sciences and humanities,
particularly those dealing with
the region of Yugoslavia in the
1990s, transition, and
transitional justice. Among
others, the following books
were published in the series:
Christofer R. Browning,
“Ordinary Men” (Obični ljudi,
ISBN 86-7718-008-7)
Xavier Bougarel, Bosnie.
Anatomie d’un conflit (Bosna. Anatomija rata,
ISBN 86-7718-011-7)
Jasna Dragović-Soso,
“‘Saviours’ of the Nation. Serbia’s
Intellectual Opposition and the
Revival of Nationalism” (Spasioci
nacije, ISBN 86-7718-012-5)
The DANiNOĆ [“Day and Night”] series consists of
translated and domestic contemporary fiction. We
select books for the series in
accordance with two criteria
that we find equally important:
literary quality; and a writer’s
interest in social aspects of the
human condition (comprising
political, economic, and
environmental realities of the
contemporary world). We are
always on the lookout for
writers - already or not yet
highly acclaimed by literary
critics - who speak for those who are not in the
position to speak for themselves. Among others, the
following books have been
included in the series:
Salim Bachi, Le Chien d’Ulysse
(Odisejev pas,
ISBN 86-7718-026-5)
Siniša Malešević, “Ideology,
Legitimacy and the New State:
Yugoslavia, Serbia and Croatia”
(Ideologija, legitimnost i nova
država, ISBN 86-7718-013-3)
Siniša Malešević, “Sociology of
Ethnicity” (Sociologija etniciteta,
ISBN 978-86-7718-089-8)
John Berger, “Once in Europa”
(Bilo jednom u Evropi,
ISBN 978-86-7718-075-1)
Niall Griffiths, “Stump”
(Patrljak, ISBN 86-7718-036-2)
Joël Egloff, L’Étourdissement
(Omamljenost, ISBN 86-7718-040-0)
Robert McLiam Wilson,
“Eureka Street” (Ulica Eureka,
ISBN 978-86-7718-048-5)
Geoff Elley, “Forging
Democracy. The History of the
Left in Europe, 1850-2000”
(Kovanje demokratije,
ISBN 978-86-7718-055-3)
Nenad Dimitrijević, Ustavna
demokratija shvaćena
kontekstualno ([“Contextual
Understanding of Constitutional
ISBN 978-86-7718-059-1)
Günter de Bruyn, Buridans
Esel (Buridanov magarac,
ISBN 978-86-7718-060-7)
Dubravka Ugrešić, Nikog nema doma ([“Nobody’s
Home”] ISBN 86-7718-022-2)
Dubravka Ugrešić, Kultura laži
([“The Culture of Lies”]
ISBN 978-86-7718-080-5)
Ildiko Lovaš, Spanyol
menyasszony (Španska nevesta,
ISBN 978-86-7718-087-4)
Dubravka Ugrešić,
Ministarstvo boli ([“The
Ministry of Pain”] ISBN 978-86-7718-082-9)
Dubravka Ugrešić, Muzej bezuvjetne predaje ([“The
Museum of Unconditional
ISBN 978-86-7718-079-9)
Institutions that have supported Fabrika‘s publishing
activities are:
We work actively to enlarge our audience by
organizing literary festivals, public debates, and
exhibitions. With the Serbian National Library,
Belgrade, we carried out a series of public debates on
a range of topics: contemporary Serbian poetry,
performative arts, queer theory, as well as meetings
of the authors from the region. In cooperation with
the French Cultural Center, Belgrade, we organized a
festival of contemporary French literature and a
public debate about alternative comics in Serbia. Our
graphic designers organized an exhibition of the
layouts and cover designs made for Fabrika in the
Gallery of Graphic Collective,
Belgrade. Fabrika regularly
presents its publications on
regional book fairs: Belgrade,
Serbia; Zagreb and Pula, Croatia;
and Sarajevo, Bosnia and
Over the years, our translations
have attracted attention and
acclaim. In 2005 and 2008
Fabrika‘s translators received the
annual award for the best translation given by the
Association of Literary Translators of Serbia:
2005: Veselin Kostić for the translation of Katherine
Verdery’s “What Was Socialism,
and What Comes Next”;
2008: Drinka Gojković for the
translation of Harald Weinrich’s
Lethe. Kunst und Kritik des
British Council, Belgrade, Serbia
Foundation for the Production and Translation of
Dutch Literature
French Embassy, Belgrade, Serbia
French Ministry of Culture
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Fund for an Open Society - Serbia
German Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Goethe Institute, Belgrade, Serbia
Group 484, Belgrade, Serbia
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Hungarian Book Foundation Translation Fund
Hungarian Translators House Foundation
Ireland Literature Exchange Translation Fund
Next Page, Sofia, Bulgaria
Pro Helvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland
Serbian Ministry of Culture
Serbian Ministry of Science
Welsh Literature Abroad
Beopolis, bookshop, Belgrade, Serbia
Booksa, bookshop and cultural center, Zagreb,
Group 484, Belgrade, Serbia
Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory,
Belgrade, Serbia
French Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia
French Cultural Centre André Malraux, Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Na pola puta, book festival, Užice, Serbia
Omnibus, publishing house, Sarajevo, Bosnia and
Peščanik, media production house, Belgrade,
Pontes Book Festival, Krk, Croatia
Serbian National Library, Belgrade, Serbia
900, Zagreb, Croatia
Jesenski i Turk, Zagreb, Croatia
Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory,
Belgrade, Serbia
Serbian Academy of Arts and Science, Novi Sad,
Branko Vučićević (1934), translator (Nabokov,
Malcolm Lowry, McLuhan) and ultimate authority for
Serbian and Yugoslav avantgarde movements, is well
known for his cinematic work.
He assisted Dušan Makavejev
on Love Affair. Or the Case of the
Missing Switchboard Operator
(1967) and Innocence
Unprotected (1968); wrote
screenplays for Želimir Žilnik’s
Early Works (1969), and Karpo
Godina’s The Medusa Raft
(1980) and Artificial Paradise (1990). He is also a
practitioner in the paper movie genre. His latest work
The Unusual Experiences of Mr.
Benjamin in the Land of
Bolsheviks is more than a
biographical scenario and
scrupulous academic essay:
Vučićević writes a romantic
study about central cultural
actors of turbulent
revolutionary times, their
works, and unrealized ideas
and loves.
Viktor Ivančić (1960), an award-wining journalist
and one of the founders of the famous magazine
Feral Tribune (Split, Croatia), has written collections of
essays (Lomača za
protuhrvatski blud [2003],
Šamaranje vjetra [2003], Točka
na U [two editions; 1998 and
2000], and Animal Croatica
[2007]), short fiction (Bilježnica
Robija K. [four editions; 1994,
1996, 1997 and 2001], Robi K.,
1984-2001 [2006], Robi K.,
2002–2006 [2006]), and a novel
(Vita activa [2005]), all of which
have explored the dark side of
Croatia’s war for independence and transition to
democracy. Ivančić’s latest short novel Mountain Air
fictionalizes his experience in a
military camp, where he was
sent to be “punished” for his
journalist work.
Viktor Ivan~i}
Saša Ilić (1972) is the author of short fiction
(Predosećanje građanskog rata [2000]) and a novel
(Berlinsko okno [two editions;
2005 and 2006]). He has edited
a selection of contemporary
Serbian fiction Pseći vek (2000)
and is one of the founders and
editors of “Beton,” a literary
supplement to Danas, a
Belgrade daily newspaper,
which questions dominant
values in contemporary
Serbian literature and culture.
Berlin Window narrates the tale of a young man who
is trying to expose the horrible events that occurred
on the borders between Serbia and Bosnia after the
collapse of Yugoslavia. Detailing Serbia war crimes,
this novel has been both acclaimed for its style and
narrative skill and condemned for its central themes.
Gaïa Éditions has published a French translation of
this novel, La fenêtre berlinoise, in September 2009.
Dejan Ilić
(social sciences and humanities,
domestic literature)
[email protected]
Slavica Miletić
(translated fiction)
[email protected]
Radovan Popović
(graphic novels)
Fabrika knjiga / Book Factory
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