DynamicQuery 2014
DynamicQuery 2014
• Dynamic query 2014 is a self service dynamic reporting solution
which Works with every sector and every database.
• With Dynamic Query 2014 , user doesn’t need to know high
query techniques or programming languages.
DynamicQuery 2014
Static cobol forms allow you to
choose, multi selections,dynamic
filters and data list-tables with
dynamic widths from all of your
DynamicQuery 2014
Dynamic report design brings us to
create relative queries between many
different tables in the database.
HTML lists,Pivot tables,Shape reports ,
Forms and dashboards can be created
with this technology.
DQ can be integrated to security
models of projects.
Many export options added and DQ
2.8's design parts have rewritten.
Besides HTML Form exports ; dynamic
grid,pivot grid, multi graphical
report,list report,drag&drop
design,improved dashboard design and
1-n relative data forms are added to
Dynamic Query 2014.
DynamicQuery 2014
Reporting Abilities ;
Integration of Project Security,
Creating User Profiles,
Project, Module, subject, Grouping of Subtopic Reports ,
Line Security,
Column Security,
Publishing Reports Opportunity,
Report import and export(XML based),
User friendly Drag-Drop design,
Report Runner Reminder,
Excel,Word,PDF,XML,CSV export,
Excel sheet updates,
OracleReports,XML import,
Manuel SQL queries ,
CTE (Recursive),
Dynamic Relation ve Creating queries,
Mobile interface and Mobile shortcuts on Main interface,
Classic (HTML );
• List Reports
• Pivot Reports
• 1-n Shape Reports
• Single Record Forms
• Multi Records (x,y) Form design
• 1-n table Form design
• Chart,
• Dashboard,
• Grids,
• Pivots,
• Drill-Down Grids
• Infinite Charts in every report,
Report Run Reminder (infinite reminder for each
DynamicQuery 2014
Yönetici özet rapor ekranı (Dashboard)
• Dashboard can display many report results in one page.Dashboards designed
exculesively for Management staff and all reports works spontaneously in one dashboard
• This Web based reports can be opened remotely from company and can be used over
the internet.
•Prepared sheets can be
printed or saved as Word &
PDF files.
DynamicQuery 2014
Düz Listeler ve İşlemli raporlar
•. Can create girds with or without Transacted report items.
• Images in your system can be used your in web reports as you like .
• Every numeric field can be used when creating charts.
• Excel,Word,XML,CSV exports.
• Date/Number and Text fields will keep their formats after exporting to excel.
*Barcode fontlarını kullanabilirsiniz.
EAN, UPC, Code39
DynamicQuery 2014
Çapraz (Pivot) raporlar
• Pivot raporlar 10 sol ve üst, derinliği aşacak şekilde
• Excel’e aynı şekilde ve formülleri ile çıkış alınabilir.
• Verilerin başlık çeşitliliği dinamik oluşur.
•DinamikPivot grid üzerinde istenilen değişiklik anında
yapılabilir ve rapor kombinasyonları oluşturulabilir.
DynamicQuery 2014
Terfi Nakil hareketleri
Parent-Child (Shape) Raporlar
Eğitim hareketleri
İzin hareketleri
•Form tasarımında 1-n olan tabloların ilgili
kayıtlarındaki her bir bloktan;
• tek bir satır,
•istenilen satır,
•x-y arası satır veya
•tamamı bir tablo şeklinde
• Shape reports will show only different values , won’t select
•Tables with multi records can be show in one line.
• Shape reports will keep report format after exported to Excel
DynamicQuery 2014
• Created Reports can be more than one page. It can be different types, different sizes
and also can contain your images,logos,signatures and banners. Java Script is
• HTML form design feeds from prepared list report or shape reports so you can print
collective forms.
•Education invite form,Personal information form,promotion / transfer motion
information forms and also CV forms with multi sheets can be created..
• Shape report helps us to create bill forms that contains multine.
Form tasarımı
DynamicQuery 2014
•Every numeric field can be used when creaitng charts.
• Chart types can change dynamically on running reports without re-run.
•One or Many numeric fields can be drawn in same or differnt charts.
•Excel chart types are supported from Excel 2007 and later versions.
•BoxPlot Chart
•Error BarChart
•Funnel Chart
•Radar Chart
•SpackedArea Chart
•RangeColumn Chart
•SplineArea Chart
•Point Chart
•Range Bar Chart
•StackColumnChart %100
•Line Chart
•Pyramid Chart
•Fast Point Chart
•SpackedArea %100 Chart
•Doughnut Chart
DynamicQuery 2014
Kullanıcı Profil Sayfası
DynamicQuery 2014
Rapor listeleri
DynamicQuery 2014
Yeni rapor
DynamicQuery 2014
DynamicQuery 2014
DynamicQuery 2014
Rapor çalıştırmak
•DynamicQuery 2014’te tasarlanmış
olan raporlar, Ana sayfa üzerinde
yönetilebilir ve QR Code sayesinde
anında mobil cihazlar üzerinde de
görüntülenebilir .
DynamicQuery 2014
It’s easy to manage ; datasource definitons,database updates and user securities in new Management Panel.
Yönetim paneli
DynamicQuery 2014
Yönetim paneli
DynamicQuery 2014
• Granted users can copy SQL queries from reports.
• When Grid reports,Pivots and Shape reports queries run in SQL , results are designed to be exact.
• All reports members abideed in general grammar and syntax for
easy reading and replacing.
• Used tables and their relations can be shown in a diagram to give
users visual informations.
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DynamicQuery 2014